'Matt Is My Son And Always Will Be.' - Dennis Shepard

'Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine' Premieres Tonight at 9/8c.

Cyndi Lauper Shares Support For Matt Shepard Documentary

There is an entire generation of allies that need to be made aware of the history of the movement.

Alaska talks 'Anus' (The Album) Available on iTunes

The Season 5 fan fave spills all the T about her hot new album, plus why no one says 'wig' in her house.

Get Ready For The Most Gag-Worthy Season Of 'Drag Race' Yet

We have a very special announcement from Mother Ru herself that is going to blow your wig sky high!

Willam Is The Hottest Video Vixen At The Pool Party

Willam knows that 'Boys Just Want To Have Fun' and brings a whole platter of fish to this summer bash.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4: RuVealed!

RuPaul herself is pulling back the lace front and spilling the T starting Friday, July 31 at 8/7c.

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