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Hey there, this is Marc from Programming with answers to the questions you ask the most on Facebook and Twitter. Since a lot of your questions are hard to answer in under 140 characters here's the full scoop; and feel free to hit us up with more questions on Twitter at @LogoTV or at

Logo TV 101
Who watches Logo TV?
People who identify themselves as gay, straight, either, neither, or both. We get pop culture enthusiasts and new culture fanatics, from big cities to college towns, LGBT people, straight people with gay friends and family, or anyone who's open-minded and looking for the next big thing. Or little thing.
Where can I see Logo TV programming?
The Logo TV channel has been on the air since 2005, is in more than 50 million homes across the United States, and is available to digital cable and satellite subscribers. Some of Logo TV's programming is also available on our Logo TV On Demand channel (available in most homes that get Logo TV), on our web sites, on leading download-to-own services (like iTunes), and on mobile phones. The collection of web sites includes and The most Logo TV video content is on, but all our sites offer unique video content of their own.
How do I get the Logo TV channel?
Logo TV is a digital channel, available across the United States to everyone, as long as your satellite or cable operator chooses to provide it. If your local provider believes enough people want Logo TV they'll be sure to offer it, so let them know and get your friends and family to do the same. Click here to find out if Logo TV is carried by your cable or satellite provider.
Why did you choose the name "Logo TV"?
At the end of the day all our programming is about being your fierce, unconventional self (it's true think about it). We chose the name "Logo TV" because a logo is an identity and nothing's more important than having your own, unique identity, and making it work for you. Your logo is your symbol, it's what you put forward with pride, it's who you are, and it's what we are.
Will Logo TV be offered in HD?
We're working on it but the cost of HD-friendly drag queen make-up alone is staggering. But seriously it's an expensive process and one that'll take a while to complete. We've just started shooting all our original series in HD, and it will take time to get everything else upgraded. We're looking into a possible HD channel launch in the future but don't have a date yet.
Will the Logo TV channel be offered in countries outside the US?
I keep saying they need to send me to launch one in Rio de Janeiro but it never seems to happen. I suppose we're still a fairly young channel in the US so it'll likely be a while before we get to expand to other countries. The good news is that other countries do license our content so depending on where you live you can find shows like RuPaul's Drag Race in your country.
Why can't I watch videos outside the US?
Entertainment companies own programming rights by territory, it's just how the business works. So if a video only works in the US it's because we only have the US rights, and someone else has the non-US rights, or the non-US rights are available for sale in that territory. If we have a video with global rights we'll always make it available to everyone. It's not feasible for most entertainment companies to own all global rights for all their properties, you'll probably find that's the case with most sites.

What kinds of programming does Logo TV show?
Short answer: Stuff we like, and we like a lot of stuff. Long answer: We have a thing for the magic makers, the innovators, and the oddballs who make life interesting for the rest of us—think RuPaul's Drag Race, Misfits, Tim Burton movies, and Gaga. We also love us some underdogs, because we have a profound respect for the outsider and know what it's like to be misunderstood. It's why we root for Buffy, movies like Muriel's Wedding, shows like Teen Mom, the cops of RENO 911!, and frankly Patsy and Edina may think they're cool but we know the truth. Speaking of Absolutely Fabulous we love legendary shows, meaning timeless shows that broke the mold and rewrote the rules. It's why we love Nip/Tuck, movies like 9 to 5 and Best In Show, and it's why we're bringing Golden Girls and Will & Grace to Logo TV soon. We love stuff that manages to surprise and be outrageous but still have heart. We love the indefinable world beyond labels where shows and people aren't reduced to this or that. We love our exciting creative future and our secret plan is to bring it to you early.
Is Logo TV a "gay channel"?
Yes! No! It depends on what you mean. If you mean TV that appeals to a gay audience, and their friends, and their families, and people who are beyond labels, and people who just happen to like a smart, well designed, often outrageous sensibility, then yes, absolutely. If you mean, like, in a more polarizing sense of a channel only for gay viewers, and that only shows programs that only have gay characters, then no, not so much. We've found that the majority of our viewers are happier with inclusive TV that reflects their lives and that which they can share with friends.
Why does Logo TV edit its programming?
Logo TV is an advertiser–supported cable channel available to a wide audience, in other words you're not subscribing to us like HBO. So like other channels in our category we're obliged to edit our programming to an appropriate degree. Our editing standards are the same as those that apply to other Viacom Media Networks channels geared toward an adult audience, like Spike TV or Comedy Central.
Why does Logo TV rerun programming?
We'd love to run new shows all day but it's cost prohibitive for any cable channel to pull that off. Our first priority is producing as many new shows as we can, then we track down our favorite shows we think you'll like. We're a relatively young channel and as we grow we'll make more original shows every year, promise
Why do some shows run more often than others?
You know how this works, TV is basically a big ol' democracy. The shows that are watched the most air the most, it's simple TV math and you can see it at work on any channel. So if we're airing a couple shows more than other ones it means you all have spoken and we've listened. It doesn't mean we have fewer shows though, just that we repeat other shows less often.
Why does Logo TV acquire existing series like Buffy and Nip/Tuck?
We have to fill our schedule 24 hours a day and it's not possible for us to do that with all new programming (or even repeats of new original programming). We look for series that we love and we think you'll like too, and use these series to supplement our original shows. The acquired shows don't take the place of original shows, on a cost basis they're like apples and oranges... well actually they're more like expensive Faberge apples and economy bags of oranges. I mean you gotta look pretty but you gotta eat too, right?
Where can I download Logo TV shows online?
Good question! You can download our shows from either iTunes or Amazon.

Businessy Stuff
Who owns Logo TV?
Logo TV is owned by Viacom Media Networks along with channels like MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, TV Land, and Spike TV. Sometimes we get asked if that means that Logo TV is run by people at other channels and the answer is no; like other channels Logo TV has its own staff and we make our own decisions.
How can I advertise on Logo TV?
To advertise on any of the web sites, or to reach an online ad sales representative, please visit our online ad specs page.
How can I get a job or internship at Logo TV?
All Logo TV job openings are posted on the MTV Networks Careers site. If you see something that interests you, follow the instructions on how to apply.

MTV Networks Internship Programs in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA have internships in various departments at Logo TV including Creative, Press, Production, Programming, and Marketing.

Internship Candidate Eligibility:
Students must be registered for an internship for academic credit with their college or university, and must provide official documentation upon acceptance of this internship.
Open to college upperclassmen (juniors/seniors) and eligible sophomores.
Must be available at least 2 full days a week for a minimum of 10 weeks (no weekends).
The program runs during the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Application dates for resume submissions are rolling.
To apply, please send a resume and cover letter indicating the semester you are applying for and the area(s) of interest: (MS Word attachments only or cut and paste resume in an email message)

MTV Networks Internship Program / East Coast
1515 Broadway - 35th floor
New York, NY 10036
Fax: 212-846-1320

MTV Networks Internship Program / West Coast
2600 Colorado Ave. - 5th floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Fax: 310-752-8811

How can I pitch a show idea to Logo TV?
Unfortunately we can only review materials submitted through franchised agents (if you don't know what that is then you probably don't have one). Also unfortunately we have a policy to return all unsolicited submissions without reading them or considering their merit. Most companies in the entertainment industry have a similar policy, and it's to protect us from misunderstandings that can come up if we did read your ideas. So many similar ideas and concepts are developed by writers and producers that the only sure way to avoid conflicts regarding possible similarities is to adopt a strict policy of not accepting unsolicited submissions... sorry.
How can I be cast on a Logo TV original production?
So you wanna be on TV eh? If we're casting for any shows at the moment we'll post something about it on our Casting Call page. Go on, go there now! Go go go!

Video Player Questions
I'm outside of the US, why can't I watch videos in your player?
Entertainment companies own programming rights by territory, it's just how the business works. So if a video only works in the US it's because we only have the US rights, and someone else has the non-US rights, or the non-US rights are available for sale in that territory. If we have a video with global rights we'll always make it available to everyone. It's not feasible for most entertainment companies to own all global rights for all their properties, you'll probably find that's the case with most sites.
I'm in the US, why can't I watch videos in your video player?
You may be experiencing technical issues either on our end (our apologies!) or your end. Here are some tips to help troubleshoot:
  1. What is your internet speed? Sometime if you don't have enough bandwidth our player will stall.
  2. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser when watching video on; also, please close out any other browsers or browser tabs as they may be running in the background and hindering your bandwidth while trying to stream video.
  3. Clear out your browser history or cache to free up any additional space.
  4. Delete unwanted files from your "recycling bin" or on your computer itself to free up space.
  5. Close any programs that could be taking any bandwidth from streaming video.
  6. Is your flash player updated to the most current version?
  7. If you're on a tablet or mobile device, please see the next question.
Can I watch your full episodes on my phone or tablet device?
Yes, you can! Watch full episodes, clips and original content in our brand new LogoTV App! Download it now for iOS/Apple devices. A version for Android devices is coming soon, so hang tight!

What if my question isn't addressed here?
We're frequently monitoring our Facebook page and we answer Twitter questions @LogoTV daily so you can also try us there!