beCause will address issues that affect us all-regardless of sexual orientation, race, or creed-with a focus on empowerment, self-respect, and community. Each one of us has the power to make positive change, not only in the lives of others, but in our own as well.

Initially, beCause will focus on an issue that many of us have become all too casual about lately: HIV & AIDS. Logo believes we need to redouble our efforts as a community to slow the spread of HIV, and to ensure that we're all staying healthy regardless of status. We are proud to partner with Greater than AIDS on this effort, who bring a tremendous amount of expertise and resources to this effort.

Beyond HIV, beCause will soon examine other issues the Logo audience is concerned about, such as bullying, drug abuse, and homelessness. But Logo can't do it alone. We need you to take action.

Why? Why now? Why You?


Be a force greater than AIDS

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Know thyself: Get Tested

All men that have sex with men should get tested at least once a year. Find a local testing center near you. Get Tested »