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The NewNowNext Awards isn't like other awards shows (Thank goodness!). The whole purpose of this festive annual affair is to celebrate all the freakily fabulous stuff in pop culture which you'll be living for in the coming year. Or, perhaps it's stuff that’s slightly under-the-radar that you really should know about. New music talent destined to make it big? Check the "Brink of Fame: Music Artist" category. Want to know which summer blockbuster flick you should pre-order tix for? Check the "Next Must-See Movie" nominees! Want to clue in to the best TV show you've maybe not DVR'd yet? Consult our "TV You Betta Watch" list. And by all means, please go ogle the sexy subjects of our "Cause You're Hot" nominations. Scroll down for the full combo platter of categories. Voting's now closed, but see the winners you picked on April 11th at 10/9c!