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Time is money, and we never have enough of either. But when we should be spending the former making the latter, we're actually tuning in to the nominees below. These things may be so wrong, but how come they feel so right?

  1. New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys Summer Tour 2011 New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys Summer Tour 2011

    In case you missed their reunion on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve, these bois are touring across the US this summer. Get ready to Hang Tough, because I Want It That Way. Especially Jonathan Knight.

    NKOTBSB Official Site »

  2. Angry BirdsAngry Birds

    The #1 paid app in 67 countries is more than a timekiller -- it's an obsession. If you haven't seen this physics-based puzzle game yet, you will: 20th Century Fox is featuring Angry Birds in it's animated film Rio, with an accompanying sequel to the popular mobile game.

    Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile »

  3. Netflix Watch InstantlyNetflix Watch Instantly

    Blu-Ray players, HDTVs, Tivo, Roku, and Apple and Windows mobile devices stream Netflix movies and TV shows instantly. TV's not just for cable subscribers any more. Welcome to entertainment in the 21st century, kids.


    "Every brownie has an EDGE!!!" We might have seen the last of Oprah's favorite things; but our new favorite thing is that she launched her own network. Gayle and Dr. Phil have their OWN shows, which means more lolz for us.

    OWN Official Site »

  5. TJ KellyTJ Kelly

    This "A-List: New York" sidekick stole almost every scene, from reading Austin up and down while extolling his sexy physique to rocking impromptu bedsheet drag in Maine. We can't wait to see what kind of trouble he gets himself into next season...

    The A-List: New York Official Site »