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Who's the next singing high school TV heartthrob? Who's the next studly yet sensitive superhero? Who's the next film femme fatale or tattooed movie badass? Or who's the sitcom sidekick turned breakout scene-stealer? And which of them will be the next big Hollywood player? Check out our "Brink of Fame: Actor" nominees, and vote for your pick to make it big - and then you can say you knew them when...

  1. Darren Criss Darren Criss

    The breakout gay boyfriend from Glee has us all feeling like we're living a "Teenage Dream." Is it even legal to be so handsome and so talented?

    Darren Criss Official Site »

  2. Andrew GarfieldAndrew Garfield

    L.A. born and Brit-raised, his brooding/badass turn in The Social Network scored him the Spidey suit for 2012. Who doesn't love it when smarts and sex appeal meet so perfectly?

    Andrew Garfield on IMDb »

  3. Donald GloverDonald Glover

    He wrote for 30 Rock, stars on Community, does stand-up, makes music... Expect much more from this hilarious and foxy Renaissance man.

    Donald Glover Official Site »

  4. Emma StoneEmma Stone

    Is it the husky voice? The wry sexiness? The killer comic timing? Yes, yes and yes. From Easy A and Zombieland to Spider-Man reboot and The Help, Ms. Stone is rolling...

    Emma Stone on IMDb »

  5. Nicholas HoultNicholas Hoult

    Tom Ford loved him so much he made Hoult his star model and put him in A Single Man. Soon you'll see him in X-Men: First Class. We're all about this boy, folks.

    Nicholas Hoult on IMDb »

  6. Rooney MaraRooney Mara

    She made an impression when she dumped Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. And soon she'll be showing off her dragon tattoo, chasing bad Swedes and kicking ass on movie screens globally.

    Rooney Mara on IMDb »