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Big reality breakout stars aren't born. They're made. And usually, they're bossy, or freakishly gorgeous, uncensored or just downright hilarious. Occasionally, they're sweet and they'll steal our hearts. The list below is some mad mosh of all of those things... But who's your fave?

  1. Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Bravo) Tabatha Coffey (Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Bravo)

    Is it the white pixie hairdo? The evil eyes and harsh delivery? Or is it the balls-to-the-wall gusto with which she calls inept salon owners on their stupid sh*t? Whatever... It works, 'cause Tabatha's the toughest cookie on TV, and we love her.

    Tabatha Coffey Official Site »

  2. Tyler & Catelynn (Teen Mom, MTV)Tyler & Catelynn (Teen Mom, MTV)

    Yes, you can be on reality TV and not be scary messes. Teen Mom's Tyler & Catelynn have won legions of fans for how they dealt with Catelynn's pregnancy, the adoption process and the way they kept their dignity and relationship intact.

    Teen Mom Official Site »

  3. Carmen Carrera (RuPaul's Drag Race, Logo)
    Carmen Carrera: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 Contestant

    Yes, she's a pretty face. And she's also got a banging body. Is Carmen the hottest queen ever to work the runway of RuPaul's Drag Race? Hard to say... We can't look away long enough to think about it.

    RuPaul's Drag Race Official Site »

  4. Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge (The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Planet Green)Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge (The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Planet Green)

    What do you get when two urbane NYC gays move upstate and start a farm? You get laughs, sweetness, endless bickering, eccentric farmhands and goats. A lot of goats.

    The Fabulous Beekman Boys Official Site »