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There are a lot of TV shows out there. It's hard to keep track of them all, and you have only so many hours in the day, but here are six under-viewed gems you really need to be DVR-ing. Which one is the ultimate must-see? Find out on April 11th!

  1. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

    Who knew this seemingly girly teen mystery series would become such a dishy/dirty hot-pot of intrigue and smarts? Plus, we love a secret lesbian. Go Emily!

    Pretty Little Liars Official Site »

  2. 1 Girl 5 Gays (Logo)
    1 Girl 5 Gays

    Could the concept be simpler? Put a cool chick and 5 gay guys around a table and let the discussion fly about sex, dating, queer issues, celebs and more sex. This no-holds-barred talkfest is the perfect late-night brain candy.

    1 Girl 5 Gays Official Site »

  3. Skins (MTV)
    Skins Teaser

    As soon as the U.S. version of this addictive Brit series premiered the controversy ignited. Is it too racy? A bad influence? Shocking in its depiction of teen sex, drugs and bad behavior? Let's hope!

    Skins Official Site »

  4. The Game (BET)The Game (BET)

    Given a new life on BET after CW cancelled it, The Game hit screens in 2011 and became the biggest sitcom on cable. Football wife realness? Yes, please.

    The Game Official Site »

  5. Tosh.O (Comedy Central)
    Tosh.0 TV You Betta Watch

    Um, yes, he did just say that. Thankfully, nothing is sacred to Daniel Tosh as he riffs on the sickest videos and keeps us guessing with homo-tastic innuendo and non-PC-wrongness galore.

    Tosh.O Official Site »

  6. The Vampire Diaries (The CW)The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

    Love bites. And it sucks. Just ask the toothy hot vampire brothers and the rest of the townsfolk of Mystic Falls. Fang-tastic eye candy (Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley) was never so addictive.

    The Vampire Diaries Official Site »