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Watching TV and going to see movies is so 2010. The stuff that drops our jaws is happening online RIGHT NOW. Check out our picks of the most hilarious and bizarre digital trendsetters that compel us to tweet #zOMG!


    Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek cried his eyes out in a hilarious clip that tore up the internetz. Funny or Die took it one step further, partnering with Van Der Beek to create animated gifs for any digital occasion. Download yours, or risk being a LOSER.

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  2. @CarrieFFisher on Twitter @CarrieFFisher on Twitter

    "I don't question reality I do my best to avoid it - I question reality T.V." Princess Leia's taken her hilarious one-woman show to theaters all over the world, but she unleashes her best lines on Twitter.

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    Be careful when texting on your iPhone--SMS texts can turn hilariously wrong with one stroke. This site compiles the funniest iPhone fails, many of them NSFW. #autoincorrect, indeed. »

  4. Mike TompkinsMike Tompkins

    Who can resist a cute guy doing tons of unique things with his mouth? This Canadian audio whiz beatboxes and sings covers, and then makes videos for them showing each oral instrument. We're waiting for the original material to drop--Eat your hearts out, Pomplamoose!

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  5. Sassy Gay FriendSassy Gay Friend

    "What what what are you doing?!" Second City's Brian Gallivan shows us how much better Shakespeare could have been if some of the more tragic characters had a fabulous bestie.

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