Life would be a whole hell of a lot more boring without these fabulous few indulgences to which we've recently succumbed. From naughty TV antics to Dynasty-esque scheming rich folks to the best new online sites for connecting with the world and getting what you want, when you want it (without leaving your chair), who said you had to feel guilty about these pleasures?

  1. 'Absolutely Fabulous' Revival

    Patsy and Eddy are back and are funnier and drunker than ever in the revival of this classic British sitcom that finds the dynamic duo adapting to life in the 21st century. From jailed daughters to royal weddings, the ladies have more going on now than ever before.

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    Just when we thought we had seen all we could see in the world of social media, along comes Pinterest, connecting members through images and photographs. Pining is the new tweeting. »


    We all gotta eat and Seamless makes it a breeze, connecting you to over 9,000 restaurants for near instant delivery. The one million members from NYC to London seem to be pretty big fans. »

  4. Winner'Revenge'

    Everyone wanted to pretend like they weren't going to watch the soap opera shenanigans of 'Revenge,' a show that traces one girl's quest to exact, you got it, revenge on those who ruined her life. Now the weekly dose of fights, murders and makeouts is all anyone can bring themselves to talk about.

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