Let's not even pretend: We know you know we like you. You've got that certain je ne sais quoi... But appeal it isn't just about making hearts flutter or wanting to get tangled up in the sheets. These nominees command attention on- and off-camera for their talent, for their professional body of work and their undeniable potential, and that's sexy. We just want to breathe the same air with them, if only for one night. Just respect us in the morning...

  1. Channing TatumChanning Tatum

    From his debut in 'Step Up' to the upcoming 'Magic Mike,' Mr. Tatum has always been a delight to look at. And to watch act as well, of course.

    Tatum in 'The Vow' »

  2. Henry Cavill

    This British actor is about to put his ripped physique to good use as he dons the famed pair of blue tights to play Superman. Not that we haven't already appreciated his amazing work, and looks in 'Immortals' and 'The Tudors.'

    Cavill on 'Superman' »

  3. Jessica LangeJessica Lange

    She may be in her sixties but the star of 'American Horror Story' proves that hotness knows no age, especially when you look and act this good.

    Lange's Golden Globe acceptance speech »

  4. Naya Rivera WinnerNaya Rivera

    The baddest bitch at McKinley High, this girl can act, sing and look amazing while doing it all. A triple threat if ever there was one.

    10 Things You Don't Know About Naya »

  5. Novak Djokovic

    The only reason a large number of the world's women show any interest in tennis is thanks to this sexy Serb who is quickly making a case as the greatest player of all time.

    Djokovic's Player Profile »

  6. Paula PattonPaula Patton

    Anyone who caught this stunner in 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' knowns what we have known for some time now—husband Robin Thicke is one very, very lucky man.

    Patton in 'MI4' »