Remember when you were a member of your favorite star's fan club? Ever write away for an official photo or an autograph? That is so 2001. Thanks to Tumblr, Blogger and the power of The Internets, you don't need a fan club membership anymore. You're running your own outfit now. The World Wide Web is at your fingertips, and these superb fan sites are so creative, so connected, so buzzworthy and so influential, even the stars they worship actively take notice.


    Simple and to-the-point, this Adam Lambert fansite features top news concerning the singer, along with a forum and online store. »


    Boasting being around since 2009, Little Monsters can get access to Gaga's tweets, photos, facebook page, and any pertinent news regarding the worldwide sensation. »

  3. lipsyncforyourlifelipsyncforyourlife

    Featuring a glamorous layout that does the show justice, this RuPaul tumblr has the most up-to-date GIFs, photos and clips of Season 4's beautiful contestants. »


    As promised, this site has GIFs of all your favorite reality tv shows, everything from RuPaul to 'Real Housewives' to 'Jersey Shore'. »


    With slogans such as "the place to feed your obsession" and "a 'True Blood' fan(g) site," this is the site to explore for all the latest happenings with the cast and crew of the beloved series, as well as a tribute page for deceased members of the production team and episode guides for the most recent seasons. »


    "Feeding your bloodlust since 2009", this is the place to be whether you're looking for more info on the show, the books, or just simply wanting to chat with other avid fans on a forum. »