Your Mom already knows: Don't call Monday through Friday at primetime. You won't answer. Even the weekends aren't a given. You have a busy life to lead, and these days, way too much TV to watch. If your seasons are Fall, Fall sweeps, Winter, Spring and Spring sweeps, if you're sneaking missed episodes online at the office when you should be working, if you need a staycation just to catch up on your DVR'ed shows, we feel you. Which of these nominees can you not live without?

  1. 'Game of Thrones'

    Based on the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels and starring Sean Bean of 'The Lord of the Ring's fame, this HBO medieval epic takes place in the fictional world of Westeros where varioes families and factions compete for control of the throne.

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  2. Winner'GCB'

    The initials standing for both "Good Christian Bitches" and "Good Christian Belles," this new dramedy stars Broadway and TV-favorite Kristen Chenoweth as the "GCB Queen" who resides in Dallas, where she grew up, alongside her high school friends.

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  3. 'Homeland''Homeland'

    The Golden Globe-winner for Best Drama Series, 'Homeland' tells the story of a CIA agent (Claire Danes) who is alone in suspecting that a US Marine and former Al-Qaeda P.O.W. has been turned by the enemy and now seeks to cause another terrorist attack.

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  4. 'Portlandia''Portlandia'

    Quirky and sheer fun, this sketch-comedy show starring SNL's Fred Armisen and musician Carrie Brownstein features vignettes and recurring characters that poke fun at the artsy, 90s-esque Portland, Oregon.

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  5. 'Savage U' (MTV)'Savage U' (MTV)

    Columnist and sexuality expert Dan Savage hosts this new documentary series where he tours college campuses all across the nation and candidly answers all questions students have about sex.

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  6. 'Shameless''Shameless'

    Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, this remake of the successful British series circles around Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic and self-centered father of six who illegally collects disability checks and participates in other forms of mischief.

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