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Sponsorship test Let's not even pretend: We know you know we like you. You've got that certain je ne sais quoi... But appeal isn't just about making hearts flutter or wanting to get tangled up in the sheets. These nominees command attention on- and off-camera for their talent, for their professional body of work and their undeniable potential, and that's sexy. We just want to breathe the same air with them, if only for one night. Just respect us in the morning...

  1. Barry Sloane#NNNABarrySloane Barry Sloane #NNNABarrySloane
    (Revenge, ABC)

    We love 'Revenge' enough as it is, but having Barry Sloane to stare at while we're watching too? Don't twist our arms, ABC, we'll totally keep tuning in.

  2. Adan Canto#NNNAAdanCanto Adan Canto #NNNAAdanCanto
    (The Following, Fox)

    Do we really, honestly have to say anything, the man's face should be a case in and of itself. He may not be the only reason we tune into 'The Following', but he makes it easier for us not to hide under the bed.

  3. Henry Cavill#NNNAHenryCavill Henry Cavill #NNNAHenryCavill
    (Man of Steel, Warner Brothers)

    Man of Steel, more like man of pure muscle and a gorgeous face, are we right or are we right? Superman just got a whole lot more attractive (sorry Tom Welling).

  4. Mahershala Ali#NNNAMahershalaAli Mahershala Ali #NNNAMahershalaAli
    (House of Cards, Netflix)

    Did you ever just want to rub your hands all over someone's face and head because they're just that attractive? No, just us? Maybe you should check out Netflix's 'House of Cards', because when you see Mahershala Ali you'll understand where we're coming from.

  5. Richard Madden#NNNARichardMadden Richard Madden #NNNARichardMadden
    (Game of Thrones, HBO)

    Dear Richard Madden, your face is stunning and we love watching you on 'Game of Thrones'. Anyone that doesn't have HBO is clearly missing out and we can't wait to see more of you.

  6. Stephen Amell#NNNAStephenAmell Stephen Amell #NNNAStephenAmell
    (Arrow, CW)

    Sure, yeah, Oliver Queen is already kind of a ladies man in the comic books, but that's not always very obvious in print. Now, with Stephen Amell portraying him in 'Arrow', we totally get the picture. Sweep us off our feet, Green Arrow!

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