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Who has time for a starring role these days? These super talented, and super fine, A-listers did things the best way possible: stopping by the set of their favorite films and TV shows and owning the set. There parts may have been small, but the impact they left was huge.

  1. Johnny Depp#NNNAJohnnyDepp Johnny Depp #NNNAJohnnyDepp
    (21 Jump Street, Sony Pictures)

    Johnny Depp is a full-fledged acting chameleon and can be seen flexing his abilities in movies such as N'ightmare on Elm Street', 'Edward Scissorhands', and '21 Jump Street'.

  2. 2 Chainz#NNNA2chainz 2 Chainz #NNNA2chainz
    (2 Broke Girls, CBS)

    Sure he was kind of sleeping through most of his appearance and he's definitely a much better rapper than he is an actor, but we still fell head over heels for 2Chainz in '2 Broke Girls'. For a good reason too, when else were we going to get the opportunity to hear Caroline sing the Birthday Song?

  3. Adam Levine#NNNAAdamLevine Adam Levine #NNNAAdamLevine
    (American Horror Story, FX)

    Adam Levine's episode was so scary even he couldn't sit down and watch it all the way through. Considering what 'American Horror Story' is about, though, we guess that's actually a good thing. Admit it, you were screaming too when he got his freaking arm ripped off.

  4. Joan Collins#NNNAJoanCollins Joan Collins #NNNAJoanCollins
    (Happily Divorced, TV Land)

    Anybody else scream like a little girl when Joan Collins showed up on 'Happily Divorced'? Come on now, don't be shy, we know we weren't the only ones. The rapport between her and Fran Drescher was the stuff of legends and enough to leave us begging for more.

  5. Joe Biden#NNNAJoeBiden Joe Biden #NNNAJoeBiden
    (Parks and Recreation, NBC)

    Okay, can Joe Biden be anymore awesome? He falls asleep during the president's speeches, curses on national television, and flirts with biker chicks. Well apparently so, since he made an appearance on 'Parks and Recreation' and not only made Amy Poehler swoon, but us as well.

  6. Ryan Reynolds#NNNARyanReynolds Ryan Reynolds #NNNARyanReynolds
    (Ted, Universal Pictures)

    In 'Ted', Not only did we get to see Ryan Reynolds kiss a guy, but he was compared to Van Wilder and there were jabs made at that awful Green Lantern movie. Small miracles make it worth the while.

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