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These folks know how to command a room, and a set, while still getting laughs. They may have a revolving door of guests and contestants, but we're more excited to see their sassy faces when we tune in. They're also often the only people we would consider falling asleep with.

  1. Chelsea Handler#NNNAChelseaHandler Chelsea Handler #NNNAChelseaHandler
    (Chelsea Lately, E!)

    How is Chelsea Handler not already a beloved part of American culture? After all, she is one of the most charming hosts of late night TV currently on the air, maybe even ever. Johnny Carson, eat your heart out.

  2. Chris Hardwick#NNNAChrisHardwick Chris Hardwick #NNNAChrisHardwick
    (Talking Dead, AMC)

    If you aren't 'Talking Dead' after watching 'The Walking Dead', then you're missing an experience only Chris Hardwick can give. Nerds are taking over, and it's about damn time.

  3. Heidi Hamilton#NNNAHeidiHamilton Heidi Hamilton #NNNAHeidiHamilton
    (That Sex Show, Logo)

    You see her every night on Logo's 'That Sex Show' and can't get enough of her! Heidi Hamilton screams charisma, in between making her audience and fellow panelists scream with laughter.

  4. Michelle Buteau#NNNAMichelleButeau Michelle Buteau #NNNAMichelleButeau
    (Best Week Ever, VH1)

    Sometimes you have to ask yourself, panties on or panties off. Well, Michelle Buteau of VH1's 'Best Week Ever' can help you find the answer, with a decent helping of sass to boot.

  5. Padma Lakshmi#NNNAPadmaLakshmi Padma Lakshmi #NNNAPadmaLakshmi
    (Top Chef, Bravo)

    More than just a pretty face, Padma Lakshmi is also a connoisseur of fine dining. It's only natural that she's not only a wiz in the kitchen, but as the host of 'Top Chef' too.

  6. Stephen Colbert#NNNAStephenColbert Stephen Colbert #NNNAStephenColbert
    (The Colbert Report, Comedy Central)

    He is America, and so can you! Stephen Colbert needs no introduction, his captivating personality and brand of humor he shows us every night on the 'Colbert Report' says it all.

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