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Nothing is hotter or sexier than some good ink. Be it on your arms, your back, your legs or your neck, these are the stars we are begging to take it off so we can just see more. Of their tattoos that is.

  1. Adam Levine#NNNAAdamLevineInk Adam Levine #NNNAAdamLevineInk

    How many tattoos does Adam Levine have? Goodness we don't even care, just as long as he keeps taking his shirt off to show them off, we're pretty content.

  2. Adele#NNNAAdeleInk Adele #NNNAAdeleInk

    When it comes to tattoos, Adele likes to keep it simple. While she isn't covered from head to toe, they are enough to make a statement.

  3. Colin Kaepernick#NNNAColinKaepernick Colin Kaepernick #NNNAColinKaepernick

    Think Tim Tebow is vocal about his faith, then you haven't been introduced to Colin Kaepernick. This football player has multiple tattoos on his arms, most of them bible verses.

  4. David Beckham#NNNADavidBeckham David Beckham #NNNADavidBeckham

    With somewhere around 20 tattoos covering his body, this soccer player's skin is a work of art in motion. It's harder to list them all than it is to list the number of teams he's played for.

  5. Rihanna#NNNARihanna Rihanna #NNNARihanna

    Can you name all the tattoos on Rihanna's body? Each one is simply beautiful in their own way, though, and holds a close meaning to the singer.

  6. Zoe Saldana#NNNAZoeSaldana Zoe Saldana #NNNAZoeSaldana

    They might be kind of hard to see, but the search is what makes them sexy, right? At least, that's what attracts us to Zoe Saldana's tattoos, especially that one on her back.

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