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Talk show host Wendy Williams calls them a "friend in my head." Boy, do we know what she means. They are the friends (or frenemies) we talk about to our other friends. They're the TV stars we hang out with at home, that we obsessively Facebook and tweet to, that we want to dish with over drinks... if only they knew we existed. From trainwrecks and tantrum-throwing divas, to a sassy stiletto-wearing scene-stealer, to a real friend to all the other 'friends in our head,' these are the nominees we can't seem to get enough of.

  1. Reza Farahan#NNNARezaShahs Reza Farahan #NNNARezaShahs
    (Shahs of Sunset, Bravo)

    Reza, Reza, Reza. You make us want to hold you close and tell you everything is gonna be okay. He came onto the show to give a positive portrayal of not only the gay community, but Middle Easterners as well and won us over in no time.

  2. Abby Lee Miller#NNNAAbbyDanceMoms Abby Lee Miller #NNNAAbbyDanceMoms
    (Dance Moms, Lifetime)

    Okay, so she gets a little scream-y sometimes, but we know it's only because she cares. In a show that's really supposed to be about the mothers of a dance company of young girls, this choreographer is the real star of the show. We love Abby Lee and so should you!

  3. Kris Jenner#NNNAKrisJenner Kris Jenner #NNNAKrisJenner
    (Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E!)

    You're looking at TV's most captivating mom. She's more than the matriarch of American Royalty, Kris Jenner is a media giant. The show may be called 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' but it should be called 'Keeping Up With Kris'.

  4. Naomi Campbell#NNNAAllisonWilliams Naomi Campbell #NNNAAllisonWilliams
    (The Face, Oxygen)

    Supermodel of our hearts Naomi Campbell has an ever-growing resume, from modeling to activism to coaching on 'The Face'. So far, we're already seeing how obvious it is that Naomi will always be the queen of the modeling world as her team barrels through the competition.

  5. Tamar Braxton#NNNATamarBraxton Tamar Braxton #NNNATamarBraxton
    (Tamar and Vince, WE tv)

    If you didn't know Tamar Braxton before now, you better check yourself. Or just tune into WE and check out her show 'Tamar & Vince', that works too. Viewers can not only see her rise to even greater stardom, but the more intimate moments between Tamar and her husband, Vince. What are you waiting for, get on it!

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