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Every once in a while there's a new star that catapults into an unpredicted orbit. Whether it's from a small part in a blockbuster, a reoccurring character on a sitcom, or an under-the-radar role in an independent feature, some new talent's going to have a breakout role to remember. But Hollywood has already proved a successful launch pad for these nominees. Who's destined for intergalactic stardom?

  1. Andrew Rannells#NNNAAndrewRannells Andrew Rannells #NNNAAndrewRannells
    (The New Normal, NBC)

    This guy went from the guy behind the voice in Pokemon, to the man who can be caught in the forefront of 'The New Normal'.

  2. Allison Williams#NNNAAllisonWilliams Allison Williams #NNNAAllisonWilliams
    (Girls, HBO)

    It might be the battle of the family celebrities when Allison goes to dinner with her father NBC news anchor Brian Williams, but the actress has certainly proven herself when it comes to her role on HBO's Girls.

  3. Dave Franco#NNNADaveFranco Dave Franco #NNNADaveFranco
    (Warm Bodies, Summit Ent)

    He might look like someone you know, then again he might look better. Baby brother to James Franco started out in '7th Heaven' and will be seen getting toasty in 'Warm Bodies'.

  4. Julianne Hough#NNNAJulianneHough Julianne Hough #NNNAJulianneHough
    (Safe Haven, Relativity)

    We've seen her on TV with Dancing With the Stars and heard her voice on her debut album, now Julianne Hough is ready to tackle the big screen. And what better place to make her premiere than in the newest Nicholas Sparks inspired movie, 'Safe Haven'.

  5. Kerry Washington#NNNAKerryWashington Kerry Washington #NNNAKerryWashington
    (Scandal, ABC)

    Lip quivering queen Kerry Washington has transformed from playing strong teen-mom in Save The Last Dance to strong wives in 'Ray' and 'Django Unchained'. She is currently smashing ratings channeling Olivia Pope on ABC's Scandal.

  6. Rebel Wilson#NNNARebelWilson Rebel Wilson #NNNARebelWilson
    (Pitch Perfect, Universal)

    Smart and funny, Rebel Wilson is already stealing hearts across the globe with roles in "Bridesmaids" and 'Pitch Perfect'. Next on the list, a role in the film Pain & Gain, rock on Rebel!

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