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The envelopes have been opened. The glass and golden trophies have been handed out. PricewaterhouseCoopers ballot counters might be on holiday, but we're not. It's time to start thinking about the next big films. From shirt-ripping Southern studs and quirky ensemble comedies, to crime-fighting superheroes and deadly alien encounters we predict a very entertaining summer. Which of these nominees will be taking home the awards next year?

  1. Man of Steel#NNNAManofSteel Man of Steel #NNNAManofSteel
    (Warner Brothers)

    Here at NewNowNext, we have kind of a soft spot for comic books. So obviously after a barrage of Batman movies and an abysmal Green Lantern movie we're in denial of actually existing, we want the new Superman flick 'Man of Steel' right now.

  2. Fruitvale#NNNAFruitvale Fruitvale #NNNAFruitvale
    (Weinstein Company)

    Are you ready to cry? No, really, are you ready to sob your eyes out and have your heart ripped to shreds? Well then pull out the tissues and comfort food, because 'Fruitvale' is heading straight to the top of your "movies to watch" list.

  3. Pacific Rim#NNNAPacificRim Pacific Rim #NNNAPacificRim
    (Warner Bros)

    Giant robots?! That should be enough to convince you to start lining up for this movie yesterday. Seriously, it's giant robots fighting giant monsters, this movie is every action fan and nerd's wet dream come to life.

  4. Star Trek Into Darkness#NNNAStarTrekDarkness Star Trek Into Darkness #NNNAStarTrekDarkness

    Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the Enterprise are back ladies and gentlemen, it's about damn time! They've got some new allies (and enemies) joining them too. We're super jealous that the UK gets to see it before we do and you should be too.

  5. The Great Gatsby#NNNAGreatGatsby The Great Gatsby #NNNAGreatGatsby
    (Warner Bros)

    It's the movie we've all been waiting to see. Drama, booze, and literature all combine to make this amazing film that we hope will win over audiences across the nation.

  6. The Heat#NNNATheHeat The Heat #NNNATheHeat

    We've all heard the story before, stiff FBI agent and lose-cannon cop have to take down a great villain, yadda yadda yadda, dullsville right? Wrong! This film starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy promises to be much more than that. Especially since it has the same director as Bridesmaids.

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