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These are the jams you just can't get out of your head, not that you would ever want to. These are those delectable ditties, those sensational songs, those rockin' riffs that make you dance. Not to mention those super sexy crooners who bring them to life.

  1. Ke$ha#NNNAKesha Ke$ha #NNNAKesha
    "C'mon", Kemosabe Records/RCA Records

    Don't sell her off as some no good party girl, Ke$ha actually kicks some serious ass. She's smart, sassy, musical, and crazy. And that's why we can't help but love her.

  2. Bruno Mars#NNNABrunoMars Bruno Mars #NNNABrunoMars
    "When I Was Your Man", Atlantic Records

    Somewhere along the line, Bruno Mars swooped in and became a favorite to one and all. In an industry where throwbacks are trying too hard to seem genuine, it just comes easy to this guy.

  3.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis #NNNAMacklemore Macklemore & Ryan Lewis #NNNAMacklemore
    "Can't Hold Us", Macklemore

    You thought "Thrift Shop" was the best this duo could offer? Well brace yourselves, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have something new up their sleeves with "Can't Hold Us". With a catchy beat you can't help but tap your fingers to and fast rhymes, this song just screams summer jam.

  4. P!nk feat. Nate Ruess#NNNAPink P!nk feat. Nate Ruess #NNNAPink
    "Just Give Me a Reason", RCA Records

    P!nk is absolutely amazing, but you should know that already. With a voice somewhere between rock hard and heavenly, she knows how to either get you up and moving or gently pull at your heartstrings.

  5. Solange Knowles#NNNASolangeKnowles Solange Knowles #NNNASolangeKnowles
    "Losing You", Terrible Records

    She's more than just Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles is an artist in her own right. If you don't believe us, just listen to her song "Losing You".

  6. Tegan & Sara#NNNATeganSara Tegan & Sara #NNNATeganSara
    "Closer", Vapor/Sire Records

    At this point, Tegan & Sara are pretty much iconic. "Closer" is just another notch in the belt of ever growing hits.

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