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Your Mom already knows: Don't call Monday through Friday at primetime. You won't answer. Even the weekends aren't a given. You have a busy life to lead, and these days, way too much TV to watch. If your seasons are Fall, Fall sweeps, Winter, Spring and Spring sweeps, if you're sneaking missed episodes online at the office when you should be working, if you need a staycation just to catch up on your DVR'ed shows, we feel you. Which of these nominees can you not live without?

  1. Scandal #NNNAScandal Scandal #NNNAScandal

    Drama and politics are a delicious mixture that can never go wrong, and 'Scandal' knows exactly how to serve it up. With ties in reality and fiction, it's hard to resist turning it on every week. And why would we want to, it's too perfect for words.

  2. Catfish: The TV Show #NNNACatfishShow Catfish: The TV Show #NNNACatfishShow

    Most people are supposed to grow out of creating fake profiles upon the onset of puberty, aren't they? Well, obviously some people didn't get the memo and we get to see the hilarious results every week on MTV's 'Catfish'.

  3. House of Cards #NNNAHouseOfCards House of Cards #NNNAHouseOfCards

    Some people might have been just a bit wary when Netflix decided to pursue some original programming. But never fear, Netflix proved them wrong by giving us a series filled with drama, thrills, and an enticing cast. Looks like there's another series to marathon.

  4. The Americans #NNNATheAmericans The Americans #NNNATheAmericans

    The series that just might make you a little suspicious of your friends and neighbors. Sure, the KGB hiding in America thing has been done before (what is this, the 50's?) but 'The Americans' brings a whole new spice to what should be an outdated idea and makes people want to keep watching.

  5. Veep #NNNAVeep Veep #NNNAVeep

    HBO stoooopp, we don't have time for more of your amazing shows. Oh, okay, fine, just one more. The perfect blend of comedy, politics and drama, Veep knows exactly what we want to see in a sitcom, without the overbearing political anvils dropped on our heads.

  6. Workaholics #NNNAWorkaholics Workaholics #NNNAWorkaholics
    (Comedy Central)

    Three best buds band together after college to work as telemarketers while maintaining their party-hardy, stoner lifestyles in this high-larious Comedy Central original.

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