November 27 2015

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6:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Adhering to a fad diet from the Other Realm, Sabrina becomes so thin she literally disappears.
6:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Love in Bloom
Valentine's Day gets complicated when Sabrina learns two boys are vying for her heart.
7:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Salem's Daughter
As Maid of Honor, Sabrina pays the price for reuniting Salem with his daughter in time for her wedding.
7:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Dreama, The Mouse
Brad's witch hunting gene goes into overdrive when Sabrina comes down with Spring Fever.
8:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Wild, Wild Witch
The West gets even wilder when Sabrina takes the reins as town sheriff.
8:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
She's Baaack!
Cousin Amanda returns to give Sabrina a little competition in the teenage witch --and love-- department.
9:00 AM
The Mother-in-Law of the Year
Darrin comes up with a new ad campaign for Bobbins Bob Bons which Samantha likes and Endora doesn't. The meddlesome mother-in-law comes up with a campaign of her own, modestly called "Bobbins' Mother-in-law of the Year!"
9:30 AM
Mary the Good Fairy Part 1
Tabitha excitedly runs next door to tell Sidney, the Kravitz' nephew, that she lost her first tooth, but her excitement disappears when Sidney tells her there's no good fairy. She tells her mother and Samantha explains that if she really believes, the good fairy will come.
10:00 AM
The Good Fairy Strikes Again Part 2
Gladys Kravitz sees Mary (the former good fairy) leaving the house and, to get information about what's happening at the Stephens', she invites her in for some brandy.
10:30 AM
The Return of Darrin the Bold
Endora and Serena think it terrible that Samantha is not permitted to use her witchly powers. They decide to take the situation into their own hands and solve everything by turning Darrin into a warlock!
11:00 AM
The House That Uncle Arthur Built
Uncle Arthur is in love -- hopelessly in love -- with Aretha, a snobbish witch who can't and won't tolerate a practical joker. Uncle Arthur casts a spell which transfers all his pranks to the Stephens' home...literally turning it into a fun house.
11:30 AM
Samantha and the Troll
When Samantha discovers she's losing the zip in her zap, Serena tells her shell have to go for a ten thousand twitch overhaul. This "witches lube job" requires Sam to leave the mortal world for twelve hours, being incommunicado with her mortal mate for the whole time.
12:00 PM
This Little Piggie
Darrin has prepared two ad campaigns for Col. Bringham's spareribs and cannot decide which one to present to the prospective client. Hearing this, Endora decides to show Samantha how indecisive Darrin is by casting a spell on him.
12:30 PM
Mixed Doubles
Louise Tate gives Samantha a book entitled "Marital Unrest," complete with her rave reviews and makes Samantha promise to read at least the first chapter.
1:00 PM
Darrin Goes Ape
When Darrin continues to be openly hostile to the witchy whims of Samantha's cousin, Serena, the spiteful "cousin" decides to get even with Sam's mortal-in-law.
1:30 PM
Money Happy Returns
Endora sees Tabitha and Adam swimming in their backyard plastic wading pool and accuses Darrin of being too cheap to buy the kids a swimming pool.
2:00 PM
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Darrin gets changed into a little boy again when he bans Endora from taking Tabitha to a supernatural event.
2:30 PM
Samantha's Psychic Pslip
Darrin's mother calls and makes plans to go shopping with Samantha. Samantha is in the middle of cleaning her kitchen and since Mrs. Stephens is to arrive momentarily, she pops everything back into place.
3:00 PM
Roseanne has a difficult time accepting the fact that Jackie is going away to police training camp. As a matter of fact, she tries everything to talk Jackie out of leaving. Meanwhile, Becky decides to take younger sister Darlene to a cool teen party by passing Darlene off as her sophisticated cousin from...
3:30 PM
Dan's buddies come over for a night of poker and camaraderie, but when Dan isn't watching, one of his buddies (guest star Tom Arnold) gives a shocked Roseanne a very affectionate kiss. Roseanne wonders to Jackie - should she tell Dan, or is she just overreacting? At the show's conclusion, Dan sings a rousing rap version of "The Beverly Hillbillies"...
4:00 PM
Experience the secret desires of a domestic goddess in Roseanne's ultimate dream fantasy. An exhausted Roseanne has only one wish - to take a long hot bath. But the kids are calling for her, and Dan won't leave the bathroom until he fixes the sink. While waiting, Roseanne falls asleep and dreams she is in paradise being pampered by studly slave boys,...
4:30 PM
Brain-Dead Poets' Society
Much to her discomfort, Darlene writes a poem for school and wins a prize. And to make things more embarrassing for the tough, sports-minded teenager, her teacher asks her to recite the poem in front of the entire school. When Dan and Roseanne get wind of this, they are overcome with pride. Unfortunately, Darlene doesn't feel the same way and, in no...
5:00 PM
Roseanne and Dan realize they are drifting apart after she takes a second job working nights at the Lobo Lounge. They're both confused about the situation, and each of them turns to their best friend for advice. Dan gets an earful from his friend, Andy, and Roseanne leans on her little sister, Jackie. After some careful thought and some tears, Dan...
5:30 PM
When Roseanne lays down the law of the land, Becky goes on a rampage. Becky is fighting for her freedom, and wages a rebellious teen-age war of silence against her mother. Roseanne tries to gather up allies in Dan and Jackie, but comes up empty handed. In a desperate attempt to find out what's gotten into Becky, Roseanne comes across her diary....
6:00 PM
Love is in the air as Will's (ERIC McCORMACK) slightly eccentric new client(DAVE FOLEY) falls for Jack (SEAN HAYES) after he interrupts their meeting,but when Jack refuses to accept the romantic offer, Will sinks to bribing him inthe hopes of furthering his career.Elsewhere, Grace (DEBRA MESSING) and Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) take atrip to Leo's cabin in...
6:30 PM
Will & Grace
Looking for Mr. Good Enough
Will (ERIC McCORMACK) decides to further his cooking skills by taking a classand invites Jack (SEAN HAYES) to join him in the kitchen. However, when Jackdecides to include his new boyfriend Stuart (DAVE FOLEY) the gourmet attorneyfinds himself the sad single in a cooking class full of couples.Elsewhere, Karen's (MEGAN MULLALLY) mother Lois (SUZANNE...
7:00 PM
Dynamic entrepreneurs Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Grace (DEBRAMESSING) begin a new business venture, buying old apartments to refurbishand resell for a tidy profit. When budding student nurse Jack (SEAN HAYES)bumps into his former acting mentor Zandra (EILEEN BRENNAN), the pair ofentrepreneurs finds their first project apartment.Meanwhile, Karen (MEGAN...
7:30 PM
Enjoying the success of their new business venture, entrepreneurs Will (ERICMcCORMACK) and Grace (DEBRA MESSING) help their apartment buyers Jack(SEAN HAYES) and Stuart (DAVE FOLEY) settle into their new life under oneroof. However, when Grace receives a higher offer on the apartment, the"friendly flippers" attempt to break-up the happy couple by...
8:00 PM
The Golden Girls
Henny Penny - Straight, No Chaser
Dorothy is in charge of directing a school play, Henny Penny, but when the cast is quarantined, she gets Rose, Blanche, and herself to perform as the leads. But when Rose reads the ending, she wants no part in the play.
8:30 PM
Dorothy is all excited when she learns that 'Jeopardy' is having tryouts in Miami. This leads her to begin cramming for the audition test and later proves to be an annoyance to everyone at the audition.
9:00 PM
The Golden Girls
Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan
It is the annual "Buy Sophia New Shoes" day, and Dorothy is forced to take her. Blanche also tags along, mentioning that it might be fun. Meanwhile, Uncle Angelo drops by and Rose is there. Since she is trying to find a good story to report on, she is more than happy to hear Angelo's story. Apparently, his apartment building is infested with huge bugs....
10:00 PM
The Golden Girls
Midwinter Night's Dream (2)
The full moon and festivities prompt strange happenings including Blanche's jewelry being swiped, Sophia trying to break a curse, and Dorothy and Miles sharing a passionate kiss.
10:30 PM
It's Miles's birthday and Rose is planning on giving him a golf club. However, Blanche gives her an idea that would spice up her relationship - naughty pictures. Meanwhile, Dorothy begins a new job.
11:00 PM
Facts of Life
Just My Bill
Jo's in love, but when her "regular" guy turns out to be a rich kid, resentment seta in and so does Blair's plan for masking Jo's rough edges.
11:30 PM
Facts of Life
What Price Glory
When Tootie discovers that her boyfriend, a college-bound star athlete, is illiterate, she faces a dilemma-encouraging him to learn to read, or helping him cheat to pass an important academic rest in order to graduate.
12:00 AM
Facts of Life
Advance Placement
When high school junior Natalie is permitted to enroll in a Langley College course, her overblown feeling of superiority becomes an irritant that threatens to destroy her friendship with Tootie, Blair and Jo.
12:31 AM
Facts of Life
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Blair and Jo plan a birthday surprise for Mrs. Garrett-a night out at a male exotic dance club-that unexpectedly uncovers a shocking surprise for Blair.
1:03 AM
Facts of Life
Small But Dangerous
Disregarding Jo's instincts and her warning, Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend Kelly, a fast-talking street punk, and wind up victim's of the young vandal's scheme to extort protection money.
1:34 AM
Facts of Life
Store Games
The girls resort to espionage in their efforts to save Edna's Edibles from financial ruin, when a competing store woos away all of Mrs. Garrett's customers.
2:05 AM
A Different World
Risk Around the Dollar
Whitley has to cut into the tuition check from her father to cover her share of the rent. She looks for a job, but turns down every offer. She is especially repulsed by the possibility of working at a mortuary with Kim. Whitley helps Ron organize a party (with cover charge) at a local warehouse. The event is a huge success, but the fire marshal shuts...
2:34 AM
A Different World
Love, Hillman-Style
As her marketing project, Whitley organizes a "Men of Hillman" calendar. Dwayne is offended when she doesn't ask him to participate; she doesn't consider him brawny enough. She finally lets him pose for the calendar, but superimposes his face on someone else's body. Ron finds himself juggling three Valentine's dates, as one of his girlfriends gets the...
3:03 AM
A Different World
A Word in Edgewise
Matthew arranges for some friends from the National Theatre of the Deaf to perform for the children from the community center outreach program. Kim feels embarrassed by Matthew's free-spirited behavior, which she considers too silly. Matthew insists that his passion for acting is as great as Kim's devotion to medicine, and offers the opinion that art...
3:32 AM
A Different World
Ms. Understanding
Shazza Zulu, a student in his sixth year of undergraduate work, publishes a book discussing the sexist behavior of men at Hillman. The women take his words to heart; they get really worked up and decide to boycott all men. The men respond with a boycott of their own. Everyone gets upset with Dwayne and Whitley for refusing to take part, and Whitley's...
4:00 AM
A Different World
The Cash Isn't Always Greener
Dwayne receives an incredible job offer from Kinishewa. Although Whitley and Ron insist that he should jump at the offer, Dwayne is torn between the job and grad school. He finally accepts, only to change his mind after his words of wisdom dissuade Terrence from dropping out of school. He decides to attend grad school and keep teaching, as he believes...
4:30 AM
A Different World
How Great Thou Art
Whitley gets a job as an assistant art buyer for E.H. Wright Industries. She attends an auction in Washington, D.C. as an observer. When her boss steps out to take a phone call, Whitley disobeys her wishes by bidding on a painting from a promising young artist. Whitley fears that she will lose her job, but the painting turns out to be a great...
5:00 AM
A Different World
It's Showtime at Hillman
The community outreach program loses funding after a corporate buyout, so Walter organizes a three-hour telethon to raise the $15,000 it needs to remain in operation. Jaleesa, Kim and Kinu sing, and Mr. Gaines tap dances (with musical accompaniment from Col. Taylor). Whitley's tribute to Josephine Baker falls apart when her male dance partners begin...
5:30 AM
A Different World
Sister to Sister, Sister
Whitley is placed in charge of pledges for her sorority. She lets the power go to her head, and is especially hard on Kim. Kim leads a revolt and gets all of the pledges to walk out on Whitley. News of Whitley's humiliation spreads across the campus, so she becomes furious and challenges Kim to a fight. They eventually settle their differences, and Kim...