July 24 2014

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6:00 AM
8:00 AM
Three tourists are beat up, badly. One is dead, Alfonzo. Jessica is badly beaten but is still alive. Stanley, the last tourist is saved by Greg who ends up severely hurt in turn and ends up hospitalized after having to make a life altering decision.
9:00 AM
Grissom and Sara may be secret lovers, but they still find ways to surprise each other like when their religious beliefs surface when two nuns find a body of a woman crucified on a makeshift cross. The woman was found in a church where the priest may be a man of sin instead of a man of God.
10:00 AM
Grissom attempts to get a confession from a neighborhood pedophile by having him help in locating two missing boys. The sex offender is the main suspect. The investigation is more complex than the team ever thought it would be.
11:00 AM
While investigating an elderly woman's murder, Grissom receives a miniature crime scene replica; Greg attends a hearing to ascertain his culpability in a teenager's accidental death.
12:00 PM
The Nanny
Fran Gets Mugged
Fran loses a rare Shakespearean manuscript when she's mugged in the park.
12:30 PM
The Nanny
Pen Pal
Fran worries about seeing a lifelong pen pal for the first time.
1:00 PM
The Nanny
Franny and the Professor
C.C.'s college professor brother bets he can make Fran a "Jeopardy" contestant.
1:30 PM
The Nanny
Dope Diamond
Much to Maxwell's dismay, a handsome doctor proposes to Fran.
2:00 PM
Comedienne Roseanne stars as Roseanne Conner, housewife, mother of three and factory worker. In the premiere episode, Roseanne must deal with complaints about her daughter Darlene, who's been barking in class. Then, Roseanne returns home from work to find that her husband Dan, an independent contractor, didn't fix the plumbing--even though he had the...
2:30 PM
When Dan gets a big cash advance from his new job, he and Roseanne agree: to pay off all of their bills before spending any of the money frivolously. Roseanne sees this as a challenge and comes up with an unforgettable lesson in paying bills. After the last check's been written, there's still a little money left in the kitty. The next day, Dan and...
3:00 PM
Date night for Dan and Roseanne turns into a brush with divorce, after they run into an old friend who has just been through one. Dan begins to fear the worst about their marriage and decides to put their relationship under a microscope. After a lot of "what ifs" they come to the conclusion that there's hope for them after all. Meanwhile, Roseanne's...
3:30 PM
Dan and Roseanne agree to take a body language test which will prove whether they can physically communicate their thoughts. But the plan backfires when Dan's true feelings about Roseanne's sister, Jackie, are laid bare - he thinks she is a meddlesome moocher. This forces a confrontation between the in-laws.
4:00 PM
As Darlene and Becky bicker over territory, Roseanne cheers and encourages Dan's decision to enter a country-western song writing contest in hopes of crooning his way to fame and fortune. The episode features a full length rendition sung by John Goodman. Meanwhile, the friction between Booker, the factory manager, and Jackie heats...
4:30 PM
On an evening out with the gang at the bowling alley, Roseanne sneaks a peek at her daughter Becky's first boyfriend. Meanwhile, Booker makes a bet with Jackie for very high stakes; if he wins she'll have to spend the night with him.
5:00 PM
Dan and Roseanne receive a notice in the mail announcing their fifteenth high school reunion. Dan's enthusiastic plan to take photographs for the high school reunion yearbook exposes a 15-year-old secret he has kept from Roseanne. His attempts to explain things to an angry Roseanne bring hilarious results.
5:30 PM
Here's to Good Friends
It's up to Roseanne and Jackie to console a broken-hearted Crystal when her boyfriend breaks up with her. It takes a night at the Lobo Lounge, reflecting on love and men, to set her straight. But while at the Lobo, a miffed Jackie notices Booker with another woman. Hours earlier, he told her he had to spend the evening with his...
6:00 PM
Batman Returns
9:00 PM
Batman & Robin
12:00 AM
Batman & Robin
3:00 AM
The X-Files
The Host
4:00 AM
The lovebirds of the A-List experience some fireworks of a different kind. While Reichen tries to focus on other sources of income, Rodiney makes a shocking discovery on Reichen's phone. Derek hopes to introduce the man of his dreams to his mother, but things don't go as well as planned. Featuring a cameo appearance by Margaret...
5:00 AM
The boys of the A-List get physical. When they try to plan a trip to Maine with Reichen, he receives an unexpected visit that thwarts their plans. Meanwhile, Austin's friendship with Reichen deepens but becomes strained when he opens up to him.