February 14 2016

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6:00 AM
Pillow Talk
Mary and Sandra go into the pillow business, but their partnership is jeopardized by their differing positions
6:30 AM
Come Into My Parlor
Taking a cue from Sandra's book, Brenda "mistakenly" invites an attractive man to a party on the wrong night.
7:00 AM
Father's Day
Calvin decides to live with his pilot father, even if it means moving to Iceland.
7:30 AM
Author, Author
Sandra's novel inspired by the residents of 227 could hurt Mary's chance to become president of the Ladies' Auxiliary.
8:00 AM
Jackie is restless and complains to Fred that their sex life is predictable. Meanwhile, David receives high scores on his college entrance exams. Mark, jealous of his brother, spitefully attempts to foil David's romantic interest in Stacy, the diner's new waitress. Never one to be left out, Roseanne exploits the situation by manipulating David into...
8:30 AM
Single Married Female
After discovering Jackie cavorting with another man, Dan makes the difficult decision to tell Fred. Ironically, Jackie realizes her wrongdoing in time to catch Fred moving out of the house.
9:00 AM
Roseanne is up to her usual schemes. First, she cons Darlene out of a portion of her monthly allowance. Then, she plots to reunite Fred and Jackie. There's one glitch - Jackie's not sure she wants Fred back!
9:30 AM
Roseanne and Dan secretly attempt to help Becky and Mark with money after they move into a shabby trailer. A further case for concern is the couple's boozy trailer-park neighbor, Sharon.
10:00 AM
The Blaming of the Shrew
Dan disapproves of D.J.'s first date, a domineering young girl he's escorting to the school dance. However, Roseanne's fond of the girl's spunky attitude.until she manipulates D.J. into a troubling situation. More upsetting is Jackie's suggestion that D.J.'s attempting to mimic his parents' relationship. In the meantime, Fred and Jackie try to work...
10:30 AM
The Birds and the Frozen Bees
When D.J. reveals that he can bring frozen bees back to life, Jackie decides to conduct a few experiments of her own. Also, Darlene realizes that she's never stopped loving David, but does she have the guts to confront him with the news?
11:00 AM
It's the final months of Roseanne's pregnancy, and she's on a home improvement rampage. Everything must be right for the new baby. So, it's no surprise that Roseanne insists everyone watch only educational programming when the Conners become a Nielsen television research family. And, sadly, Jackie and Fred agree that it's time to call their marriage...
11:30 AM
Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute
Dan's dream of building a boat leads to an episode full of fantasy and fun - Gilligan's Island style. Additionally, David graduates high school, and Darlene's unhappy about his summer plans.
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12:00 AM
Saturday Night Live
Lindsay Lohan/Jack White
Lindsay Lohan/Jack White
1:00 AM
Saturday Night Live
Emma Stone/Coldplay
Emma Stone/Coldplay
2:00 AM
Saturday Night Live
Maya Rudolph/Sleigh Bells
Maya Rudolph/Sleigh Bells
3:00 AM
Saturday Night Live
Sofía Vergara/One Direction
Sofía Vergara/One Direction
4:00 AM