December 18 2014

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6:00 AM
Three biological tomboys enroll at Drag U to be the first draguating class in school history. Drag Professors Raven, Jujubee and Ongina transform these manly women into drag divas! Mia Tyler guest stars.
7:00 AM
Three plus size ladies enroll at Drag U to learn that a fat ass is a terrible thing to waste. Jackee Harry joins the faculty and weighs in on who's the baddest bitch in school.
8:00 AM
A new class of single ladies refine their flirting techniques with assistance from Drag Professors Nina Flowers, Morgan and Raven. Pop singer Taylor Dayne helps decide who draguates with top honors.
9:00 AM
Three TV stars from the 60s, 70s and 80s attempt to revive their superstardom of yesteryear. With the help of Drag Professors Pandora Boxx, Jujubee and Raven, these stars shine bright once more.
10:00 AM
When Max's former flame Preston August becomes her new boss, they try to mix business and romance, but find that it is hopeless. They fail to get any work done, and each is insanely jealous when the other confers with co-workers of the opposite sex. They realize they must break up. Kyle is furious when a typo in his Flavor bio states that he is...
10:30 AM
Regine suffers through a disastrous dinner with Darryl's closest friends, and realizes that she and Darryl don't have very much in common after he shares his dream of one day taking his wife on a cross-country fishing trip via RV. A panicked Regine heads to the bowling alley to seek advice from her friends; but Khadijah is flirting, while everyone else...
11:00 AM
Max's mother, Nina, comes to town to accept an award. Max is confused when her mother insists on staying at her apartment and trying to bond with her, as they never had a particularly close relationship. When her mother decides to reveal that she once had an affair, Max can take no more. She explains that she has always been grateful to her mother for...
11:30 AM
Regine is the only juror holding up the potential acquittal of Sara McQueen, a beloved elderly movie star accused of arson. When her friends talk about the case and joke about the juror being an idiot, Regine cannot help but defend herself. Max (as an officer of the court) forces her to tell the judge that she discussed the case, and he throws Regine...
12:00 PM
Living Single
I've Got You Under My Skin
On her way out of the hospital following hemorrhoid surgery, Khadijah makes a date with a doctor named Charles. When she learns that he was her anesthesiologist, she becomes embarrassed and is unable to show any physical affection toward him. After he makes a fool of himself in the batting cage at the hospital's charity carnival, Khadijah's mind is...
12:30 PM
Synclaire lucks into a starring role in a play when the star drops out a day before the opening. (Synclaire had memorized all the lines while serving as an usher as a teenager.) However, the director offers the opinion that Synclaire stinks, and is certain that the play will end both of their careers. A jittery Synclaire flubs her lines and strikes one...
1:00 PM
Charles is the recipient of an award, but is reluctant to attend the ceremony, as he considers everyone in that social circle to be snobs. After the guests treat Khadijah rudely, Charles tells them what they can do with their award. Khadijah fears for Charles's career and asks his kindly boss to smooth things over. Charles is angry with Khadijah for...
1:30 PM
When her friends will not include her in their Saturday night plans, Regine takes her mother out to dinner. Laverne hits it off with the handsome man who picks up her napkin, who turns out to be millionaire Harrison Cushmore. Regine grows tired of seeing her mother in the society pages, and predicts that she will quickly be dumped. She turns out to be...
2:00 PM
It's No Place Like Home For the Holidays
It's a Christmas even the Conners will never forget. A terrible snow storm leaves Darlene snowed in at David's house, Dan and D.J. are stuck at home with Nancy and Marla, and Roseanne and Jackie are trapped at the diner with Nana Mary and their mother.
2:30 PM
Crime and Punishment (Part 1 of 2)
Dan is summoned to D.J.'s principal's office when D.J. is caught with obscene reading materials - which he got from Darlene! Meanwhile, Roseanne learns a shocking secret when she presses Jackie about spending all her time with Fisher.
3:00 PM
War and Peace (Part 2 of 2)
Dan's in jail for beating up Jackie's boyfriend, Fisher, and Darlene relishes the moment when she has to bail him out. Meanwhile, Roseanne convinces Jackie to leave her abusive boyfriend.
3:30 PM
The Lanford Days Celebration will surely be a day to remember. D.J. is preparing for a school play, Dan tries his hand at selling hot tubs, and Darlene is demonstrating her animal rights stance by lashing out against Roseanne's business.
4:00 PM
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home
Emotions run the gamut from grief to relief when Roseanne's father dies. As the family members cope in their own way, it's up to Roseanne to make arrangements, comfort Jackie, confront her father's mistress and come to grips with her troubled childhood.
4:30 PM
First Cousin, Twice Removed
Roseanne's rich and snooty cousin, Ronnie, makes an unannounced visit to Lanford. She reignites a long-simmering feud with Roseanne when she advises Darlene to leave home to pursue her dreams.
5:00 PM
7:30 PM
10:00 PM
The dolls design ship-shaped parade floats for a pride-filled runway extravaganza. With extra special guest judges Kelly Osbourne and NCIS' Pauley Perrette
11:00 PM
The queens turn the publishing industry on its wig as they launch their own magazines. With extra special guest judges actress Regina King & country legend Pam Tillis.
12:00 AM
Paired up with their best "frenemies," the dolls struggle through their differences to pull off live runway duets. With extra special guest stars Pamela Anderson & Jennifer Tilly
1:00 AM
The queens hit the campaign trail and debate to become the 2012 Wig Party candidate. With extra special guest judges political activist Dan Savage & Absolut Image Czar Jeffrey Moran.
2:00 AM
RuPaul's Drag Race
DILFs: Dads I'd like to Frock
The queens are paired up with sexy dads for a drag runway makeover. With extra special guest judges Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Jennifer Love Hewitt.
3:00 AM
The race goes to the dogs, when the queens compete in a pageant of canine inspired couture. With extra special guest judges Wynonna Judd & Rose McGowan
4:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
House of Pi's
Sabrina and Roxie team up to write an exposÚ for the college newspaper, but their story could land Morgan in hot water.
4:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Sabrina creates the event of the year when she rents real monsters from the other Realm to spice up her Halloween party.
5:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Welcome Traveller
Sabrina unwittingly pushes Miles to join a cult run by an eccentric leader who claims to be a witch.
5:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Some Of My Best Friends are Half-Mortals
Sabrina's romance with a handsome witch hits a snag when she finds out his parents are anti-mortal bigots.