May 22 2015

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6:00 AM
Positive Youth
Positively Frisky
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
A Prince of a Guy
Tabatha brings Sleeping Beauty's Prince Charming to life. Darrin's cousin, Helen, falls in love with the mythical character, while Ralph, her fiancee, isn't to crazy about the idea. Larry wants to hire Mr. Charming for TV spots.
9:30 AM
Aunt Clara learns her old warlock boyfriend Ocky has opened an old castle in England. McTavish , an ancestral ghost, is ruining business by scaring the guests. Sam reluctantly agrees to help Ocky and suggests that McTavish find a more comfortable place to haunt. He does - - her house.
10:00 AM
How Green Was My Grass
During a hectic morning, a boy asks if the Stephens want the lawn mowed. Darrin sees pancakes flipping themselves and argues with Samantha about witchcraft. He slams out of the door and the number flips over from 462 to 492. While Samantha is out with Tabatha, two men install a synthetic lawn intended for 492.
10:30 AM
To Twitch or Not To Twitch
As Darrin rushes Samantha to an unexpected dinner party, they argue when she uses witchcraft to get dressed. Darrin also has words with Endora, who is teaching Tabatha, about witchcraft.
11:00 AM
Tabitha turns a friend of the family into a dog. Sam persuades her daughter to retransform Michael back to his original self.
11:30 AM
Tabitha's Cranky Spell
Louise's Aunt Harriet baby-sits for Tabitha. Tabitha leads Aunt Harriet to believe that she's contacted her dead fiancee, Mr. Henderson. Sam assures Harriet that it was all a dream.
12:00 PM
I Confess
Sam uses witchcraft to fend off a man in the street. Darrin, thinking her only defense in life to be magic, gets angry and decides to end his opposition to her power usage. He's ready to tell the whole world that his wife is a witch. Sam uses a dream spell to show him what life would be like if everyone knew her...
12:30 PM
A Majority of Two
In Darrin's absence, Larry Tate asks Samantha to invite Kensu Mishimoto, a Japanese client, to dinner, disclosing that his favorite dish is Hung Ai Wan Goo Rash.
1:00 PM
Shower the People You Love With Stuff
As the baby's birth approaches, the Conner family makes plans for the new arrival. On a shopping spree with Jackie, Roseanne schemes a way to buy an expensive new crib. While painting the baby's room and making plans for Roseanne's shower, Darlene and Becky wind up in a hair-pulling fight. And David's attempt to have a 'guy shower' for Dan and his...
1:30 PM
An Oreo cookie leads Roseanne and Jackie into a major argument over parenting issues. Jackie's upset that Roseanne gave little Andy an Oreo while she was baby-sitting, but her biggest blow is dealt when she expresses her fear that Andy might turn out like Roseanne's kids. Darlene and Becky confront Jackie with their hurt feelings, but she manages to...
2:00 PM
Roseanne in the Hood
A new restaurant opens up across the street from the Lunch Box and, while Jackie is worried sick, Roseanne seems unconcerned -- that is until she learns they have a luncheon special that's a direct rip-off of her loose meat sandwich. Then it's all-out war! Heading out in the dark of night, Roseanne drags Jackie into their competitor's place after hours...
2:30 PM
Dreading the prospect of "baby jail," Roseanne insists Dan go out with her for one last Saturday night "date" before their baby arrives. But while waiting to be served dinner at a fancy hotel, they wander into a Bar Mitzvah celebration and have a fabulous time. Even Uncle Sol (the only one who's discovered they're party crashers) is having fun chatting...
3:00 PM
Roseanne tells the audience that they are about to see the original pilot for the "Roseanne" show. It's the Conner family, '50s-style, with the addition of little brother "Stinky" Conner, Mark as Rebecca's boyfriend, and David as Davide, a French Canadian exchange student. The plot centers on Rosey helping "The Deej" achieve his dream of playing the...
3:30 PM
While Jackie, Roseanne and baby Jerry head out for the outlet mall, Dan seizes a rare opportunity to have the house to himself. But first, he has to bribe D.J., Darlene and David to disappear. Then, just as he settles in with a brew and the TV remote control, Mark arrives and complains about his frustrations being married to Becky. Heading home,...
4:00 PM
Facts of Life
Growing Pains
The pressures of adolescence become painfully clear to Tootie when older girls Blair, Natalie and Jo exclude her from their revelry and begin to treat her like a little kid-- behavior which prompts Tootie to an act that threatens the future of all Mrs. Garrett's girls.
4:30 PM
Facts of Life
Fear Strikes Back
The ugliness of sexual violation rocks the Eastland School when the headmaster's secretary is raped, but the personal trauma of the violent crime doesn't hit home until "unlikely" target Natalie is assaulted on her way home from a campus party.
5:00 PM
Facts of Life
A Baby in the House
Blair is forced to reexamine her friend's "perfect" life when the ex-Eastland student-turned teenage wife and mother stops by for a visit and leaves behind more than just reminiscences.
5:30 PM
Facts of Life
A Friend in Deed
Gorgeous and wealthy Blair and her equally attractive mother Monica have an enviable relationship-- they seem to share secrets, shopping spree and gossip as if they were the best of friends-- but that unique kinship is unceremoniously shattered when Blair inadvertently learns that her mother has a lump in her...
6:00 PM
Facts of Life
Front Page
Jo painfully learns the tenets of journalism when her enthusiasm for writing a "hot" news story turns into an opportunity for revenge against her journalism teacher, who she is convinced has "got it in" for her.
6:30 PM
Facts of Life
Give and Take
An unexpected the financial disaster befalls Mrs. Garrett and she finds herself on the brink of an emotional break down when the girls prove totally insensitive to her personal crisis.
7:00 PM
Facts of Life
Sweet Sorrow
A class in simulated marriage teaches Jo some real-life decisions in love when she suddenly finds herself more attracted to her class "beau" than to her longtime boyfriend.
7:30 PM
Facts of Life
From Russia With Love
Natalie has cooked up plans for a private weekend, until a surprise visit from her over-adoring grandmother who threatens to spoil her recipe of intrigue.
8:00 PM
Stan has finally hit it big with a new invention, but still Dorothy can't be happy for him. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche fight over some war bonds that, if cashed, could bankrupt St. Olaf.
8:33 PM
Dorothy decides to help Sophia with the Meals on Wheels program and runs across a reclusive man who hasn't stepped out of his apartment since the 1960's. Meanwhile, Blanche's birthday is coming up and Rose becomes determined to find out her real age.
9:05 PM
The Golden Girls
Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy
Blanche gets an unexpected visit from her childhood "mammy" (nanny) but Blanche is reluctant to even speak to her since she deserted her when she was a child. Meanwhile, Sophia hires a matchmaker for Dorothy who experiences a date with a convict.
9:38 PM
Dorothy receives threats after failing a football star, which means he can't play in an upcoming football game. Meanwhile, Rose must deal with her dentist who she thinks fondled her during her last visit.
10:10 PM
Dorothy finds herself being wooed by Stan and it seems her old feelings for him are resurfacing. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with an annoying co-worker.
10:43 PM
The Golden Girls
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?
After the death of a friend, who had been a nun, Sophia decides she would like to become one. So she joins a convent and moves out. Meanwhile, Blanche gets into a car accident with Rose's car, which leaves Rose with a lawsuit.
11:15 PM
Blanche has a secret admirer and is shocked when she meets him: her supposedly dead husband, George. Meanwhile, Dorothy is being wooed by two men, Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.
11:48 PM
The Golden Girls
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die
Both Sophia and Rose take advice from Blanche that lands each of them in hot water. Due to a drought in St. Olaf, Rose swears to be celibate and Blanche advises her not to tell Miles the truth. While Sophia takes Blanche's tips to lure a man to bed but when she tells him she loves him, he doesn't respond with what she...
12:20 AM
Facts of Life
Gamma Gamma or Bust
College freshman Blair recommends newly independent businesswoman Mrs. Garrett to cater a rush party for the sorority she's pledging, but then, in a fit of anger, fires her with little regard for either the social or personal consequences.
12:54 AM
Facts of Life
Just My Bill
Jo's in love, but when her "regular" guy turns out to be a rich kid, resentment seta in and so does Blair's plan for masking Jo's rough edges.
1:27 AM
Facts of Life
What Price Glory
When Tootie discovers that her boyfriend, a college-bound star athlete, is illiterate, she faces a dilemma-encouraging him to learn to read, or helping him cheat to pass an important academic rest in order to graduate.
2:00 AM
Facts of Life
The Halloween Show
Mrs. Garrett, possessed? Halloween hysteria sets in when a customer mysteriously disappears and the girls fear that Edna may have ground him into her famous bratwurst.
2:30 AM
Facts of Life
Advance Placement
When high school junior Natalie is permitted to enroll in a Langley College course, her overblown feeling of superiority becomes an irritant that threatens to destroy her friendship with Tootie, Blair and Jo.
3:00 AM
Facts of Life
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Blair and Jo plan a birthday surprise for Mrs. Garrett-a night out at a male exotic dance club-that unexpectedly uncovers a shocking surprise for Blair.
3:30 AM
Facts of Life
Small But Dangerous
Disregarding Jo's instincts and her warning, Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend Kelly, a fast-talking street punk, and wind up victim's of the young vandal's scheme to extort protection money.
4:00 AM
Facts of Life
Store Games
The girls resort to espionage in their efforts to save Edna's Edibles from financial ruin, when a competing store woos away all of Mrs. Garrett's customers.
4:30 AM
Facts of Life
The Second Time Around
Jo's plan to reunite her divorced parents hits a snag when her father announces he's contemplating marriage to another woman.
5:00 AM
Facts of Life
The Christmas Show
Blair fails to trick Jo into accepting a monetary gift that would allow her to spend the holidays with her mother, but she does devise an offer in the true spirit of Christmas that Jo can't refuse.
5:30 AM
Facts of Life
The Chain Letter
The girls' haphazard work habits initiate a chain of "horrors" that could lose them their jobs and lead to Edna's Edibles (Mrs. Garrett's gourmet shop) being closed down by the Board of Health.