July 5 2015

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6:00 AM
When Darlene surprises everyone with an unannounced visit home from college, David moves out of the Conner household to supposedly make a life with his estranged mother. He actually ends up secretly moving in with Darlene at school. Meanwhile, D.J. enters the experiences of puberty.
6:30 AM
Guilt by Imagination
When one of Dan's old girlfriends, Phyllis, drops back into his life for a lunch date, there are sure to be some fireworks. Meanwhile, Fabio, who gained fame as the gorgeous, hunky cover model for romance novels, appears as a figment of Roseanne's romantic fantasies.
7:00 AM
Sarah Chalke takes over the role of Roseanne and Dan's oldest daughter, Becky. She returns with her husband, Mark, to celebrate the 25th anniversary ofnDan's brightest moment as a football player. While visiting, Becky takes the opportunity to seek marital advice from Roseanne.
7:30 AM
It's a balancing act for Roseanne when D.J. is caught stealing the family automobile and, at the same time, Leon tries to take control of the diner. Roseanne has her hands full as she is torn between her responsibilities to D.J. while also fighting for the business.
8:00 AM
When Roseanne joins a stuffy women's group with the intention of increasing business at the diner, it puts D.J. in a tough spot with a schoolmate. Meanwhile, Becky and Mark squabble over Mark's attendance at school.
8:30 AM
On the homefront, Becky and Mark are feuding and Dan does his best to help them to reconcile their relationship. Meanwhile, when Roseanne learns that David and Darlene are living together at college in Chicago, she hits the highway in a fury.
9:00 AM
Dan flies into a towering rage after finding out that David and Darlene secretly lived together in Chicago. Meanwhile, Jackie rejects Fred's attempts to help monetarily with her pregnancy, and Becky tries to convince Dan to hire Mark at the garage. In other developments, David misreads Jackie's affection as...
9:30 AM
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
When Roseanne and pregnant Jackie visit a gay bar with Nancy and her friend, Sharon, Roseanne feels pretty smug and cool - until she is overwhelmed by a surprisingly affectionate admirer.
10:00 AM
Facts of Life
Graduation, Part 1
Blair and Jo have finally achieved a common bond-they are both graduating Eastland with disdain for the endless preparations and the over-reaction of their parents and younger friends to the significance of the ceremony.
10:30 AM
Facts of Life
Graduation, Part II
Mrs. Garrett, Natalie and Tootie's reassuring calm during the hectic last-minute graduation preparations opens Blair and Jo's eyes to see how much more they learned at Eastland than just academics.
11:00 AM
Facts of Life
Brave New World Part 1
Mrs. Garrett's fed up, Tootie and Natalie are distraught, Jo faces expulsion from college and Blair is oblivious to it all, in the first of a special two-part story.
11:30 AM
Facts of Life
Brave New World Part II
Opening her own gourmet shop solves Mrs. Garrett's problems with Eastland-but leaves in her wake a tidal wave of housing troubles for Tootie, Natalie, Blair and Jo in the conclusion of a two-part episode.
12:00 PM
Facts of Life
Gamma Gamma or Bust
College freshman Blair recommends newly independent businesswoman Mrs. Garrett to cater a rush party for the sorority she's pledging, but then, in a fit of anger, fires her with little regard for either the social or personal consequences.
12:32 PM
Facts of Life
Just My Bill
Jo's in love, but when her "regular" guy turns out to be a rich kid, resentment seta in and so does Blair's plan for masking Jo's rough edges.
1:04 PM
Facts of Life
What Price Glory
When Tootie discovers that her boyfriend, a college-bound star athlete, is illiterate, she faces a dilemma-encouraging him to learn to read, or helping him cheat to pass an important academic rest in order to graduate.
1:37 PM
Facts of Life
The Halloween Show
Mrs. Garrett, possessed? Halloween hysteria sets in when a customer mysteriously disappears and the girls fear that Edna may have ground him into her famous bratwurst.
2:09 PM
Facts of Life
Advance Placement
When high school junior Natalie is permitted to enroll in a Langley College course, her overblown feeling of superiority becomes an irritant that threatens to destroy her friendship with Tootie, Blair and Jo.
2:42 PM
Facts of Life
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Blair and Jo plan a birthday surprise for Mrs. Garrett-a night out at a male exotic dance club-that unexpectedly uncovers a shocking surprise for Blair.
3:14 PM
Facts of Life
Small But Dangerous
Disregarding Jo's instincts and her warning, Mrs. Garrett and the girls befriend Kelly, a fast-talking street punk, and wind up victim's of the young vandal's scheme to extort protection money.
3:46 PM
Aliens have never been so campy! A group of Martians unleash havoc on Earthlings everywhere after a miscommunication with the President (Jack Nicholson). In a rip-roaring turn of events, a sexy Martian assassin dresses in disguise to attempt to kill the President. Can the extra-hot extra-terrestrials be stopped before they take over the world?...
6:30 PM
Aliens have never been so campy! A group of Martians unleash havoc on Earthlings everywhere after a miscommunication with the President (Jack Nicholson). In a rip-roaring turn of events, a sexy Martian assassin dresses in disguise to attempt to kill the President. Can the extra-hot extra-terrestrials be stopped before they take over the world?...
9:10 PM
Austin Powers in Goldmember
11:20 PM
Absolutely Fabulous
Pill-popping boozehounds Patsy and Edina are back and once again making everyone around them miserable. Saffy has just come out of prison and invites her friend from the slammer, Baron, to stay with them. But Patsy realizes that she has a history with Baron and scrambles to settle things.
12:03 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Edina takes on a celeb client who wants to sing. But when she discovers how awful her voice really is, she'll need to recruit some help from her other clients, Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls and Lulu, to help prepare her for her upcoming debut.
12:45 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Eddy is annoyed when fashion designer Stella McCartney refuses to let her wear her designs. To make matters worse, she runs into Bo and Marshall and somehow ends up in the Olympic Stadium.
1:27 AM
Quinn decides she needs cosmetic surgery, and drags Daria to the doctor with her. The surgeon is happy to consult with Quinn, but very interested in Daria, whom she views as a long-term project and potential masterpiece.
2:00 AM
Daria and Jane hitch a ride to the "Alternapalooza" festival with Jane's brother Trent (Daria's heartthrob!) and his friend Jesse. Their van doesn't work so well, but it's an interesting trip.
2:30 AM
Daria reluctantly gets involved in a poster contest in which she and Jane depict "Student Life At The Dawn Of The Millennium."...rather negatively.
3:00 AM
The students of Lawndale High go on a paintballing trip to learn about history, psychology and shooting people.
3:30 AM
A (very) brief burst of intellectual activity by Quinn gets her an instant reputation as a "brain."
4:00 AM
Eating Out: Drama Camp
In the fourth installment of the super popular and always sexy Eating Out series, we head to drama camp for the summer. Jason is determined to direct the best show, but drama CAMP soon turns into a dramatic SUMMER. Zack and Casey are dating...that is until Benji comes along. In an attempt to keep the peace, Benji pretends to be straight, but can he...