September 22 2014

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6:00 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
My New Best Friend
After learning that two old friends are in town visiting, Eddy and Patsy set out to make new best friends.
6:40 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Eddy's biggest fear is to be poor. After having her ex threaten to cut her off, Saffy teaches Eddy how to cut back.
7:20 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy sets the kitchen on fire with a cigarette. The girls get locked in the living room.
8:00 AM
The Nanny
Val's Apartment
Fran decides to get a place of her own.
8:30 AM
The Nanny
The news of her ex-fiance's engagement sends Fran into a shopping frenzy.
9:00 AM
The Nanny
Oy Vey, You're Gay
Maxwell falls in love with his publicist, unaware that she's gay.
9:30 AM
The Nanny
The Party's Over
Fran throws a singles party while Maxwell is away.
10:00 AM
Nancy thinks that Dan doesn't like her, so to convince her otherwise, Roseanne persuades Dan to pull a Halloween prank. After all, Dan would never waste a "cool" prank on someone he doesn't like! Meanwhile, David and Darlene don't hesitate a moment to spook the master prankster of them all - Roseanne!
10:30 AM
When Darlene surprises everyone with an unannounced visit home from college, David moves out of the Conner household to supposedly make a life with his estranged mother. He actually ends up secretly moving in with Darlene at school. Meanwhile, D.J. enters the experiences of puberty.
11:00 AM
Guilt by Imagination
When one of Dan's old girlfriends, Phyllis, drops back into his life for a lunch date, there are sure to be some fireworks. Meanwhile, Fabio, who gained fame as the gorgeous, hunky cover model for romance novels, appears as a figment of Roseanne's romantic fantasies.
11:30 AM
Sarah Chalke takes over the role of Roseanne and Dan's oldest daughter, Becky. She returns with her husband, Mark, to celebrate the 25th anniversary ofnDan's brightest moment as a football player. While visiting, Becky takes the opportunity to seek marital advice from Roseanne.
12:00 PM
In the midst of the Conner clan's Thanksgiving celebration, a fight breaks out and a long hidden, dark family secret is revealed. As a result, emotions fly and Bev flees the house.
12:30 PM
It's a balancing act for Roseanne when D.J. is caught stealing the family automobile and, at the same time, Leon tries to take control of the diner. Roseanne has her hands full as she is torn between her responsibilities to D.J. while also fighting for the business.
1:00 PM
On Christmas Eve, Grace (DEBRA MESSING) is torn when she has only twotickets to The Nutcracker musical and can't take both her best friend, Will (ERICMcCORMACK) and new husband Leo (HARRY CONNICK JR.). But her backand-forth indecision leaves Will spinning like a Hanukkah dreidel between adithering Grace and his previous plans with Jack (SEAN HAYES) and...
1:30 PM
When Jack (SEAN HAYES) convinces tangle-footed Will (ERIC McCORMACK)to join him on a gay soccer team, Will's inept play leaves him warming the bench,which allows him to bond with teenaged Elliot (MICHAEL ANGARANO), who alsois the last man called upon with his own youth team. Meanwhile, Grace (DEBRAMESSING) is delighted that Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) is...
2:00 PM
Will & Grace
Fagmalion Part Three: Bye, Bye, Beardy
Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Jack's (SEAN HAYES) transformation of Karen's(MEGAN MULLALLY) schlubby cousin, Barry (DAN FUTTERMAN) is complete,but his coming - out party, leaves Will with mixed emotions about his new"creation," prompting some unwanted advice from Grace (DEBRA MESSING).Elsewhere, Karen duels with her flamboyant rival Beverley (LESLIE...
2:30 PM
Will & Grace
Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me
A jealous Will (ERIC McCORMACK) keeps a wary eye on the re-modeled Barry(DAN FUTTERMAN), when he spies him disappearing with Jack (SEANHAYES). Meanwhile, Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) switches roles with Rosario(SHELLEY MORRISON) and pretends to be a maid, in order to court ahandsome maintenance worker (BRUNO CAMPOS). Elsewhere, Grace (DEBRAMESSING) finds...
3:00 PM
5:00 PM
Troop Beverly Hills
7:30 PM
Ruthless People
9:30 PM
11:30 PM
Troop Beverly Hills
2:00 AM
Ruthless People
4:00 AM
In the seventh season premiere, when Sean and Christian win a prestigious award from their alma mater, Sean recalls their college years and endures past pains. Plus, a new patient who self-mutilates due to a genetic disorder comes to McNamara/Troy for reconstructive surgery.
5:00 AM
Christian refuses to perform surgery on a model who wants to drastically alter her beauty. Awakening after a coma, a new patient seeks surgery from Sean in order to regain his lost youth.