October 1 2014

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6:00 AM
Pornography: A Thriller
This mind-bending thriller connects three unique narratives in a dark and sexy mystery where all is not what it seems. A photography student, a New York couple, and an ambitious Los Angeles filmmaker are each haunted by their pasts and inevitably inspired by their imaginations.
8:30 AM
Living Single
The Hand That Robs The Cradle
While the girls are at the cafe, an attractive young man named Brendan approaches Max. He is an NYU freshman who met her at the job fair, and asks for the opportunity to discuss points of the law. Khadijah insists that Brendan is hitting on Max. Max later admits that Brendan asked her out. After her friends make many, many jokes, Max claims that she...
9:00 AM
Kyle convinces Overton to double date with his old girlfriend and her cousin, Summer. Overton and Summer hit it off at dinner, but he feels as though he is cheating on Synclaire. Kyle reminds him that Synclaire has never shown any romantic interest in him, and encourages him to ask Summer out. When the girls run into Overton and Summer, Synclaire...
9:30 AM
Living Single
Hot Fun In The Wintertime
Synclaire wins a trip for two to the Bahamas from a radio trivia contest, but cannot decide who should accompany her. Khadijah and Overton irritate her so much with their petty bickering and attempts to manipulate her that it nearly drives her crazy. Regine advises her to stand up for herself and not let the duo's behavior affect her. Synclaire becomes...
10:00 AM
Will & Grace
The Kid Stays Out of the Picture
Grace (DEBRA MESSING) is so entranced by her budding romantic relationshipwith a handsome doctor (HARRY CONNICK JR.) that she asks an impatient Will(ERIC McCORMACK) for an extra month to re-consider her commitment toconceiving their child through artificial insemination - resulting in a verbalsparring match.
10:30 AM
While Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Grace (DEBRA MESSING) are feuding,Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) and Jack (SEAN HAYES) hatch a wobbly plan topatch up their differences about not co-parenting a baby by tricking each one intoattending the same child's birthday party. After arguing over who brought thebetter gift, the feathers continue to fly as the best friends...
11:00 AM
Will & Grace
It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
On Halloween, Grace (DEBRA MESSING) allows her new beau, Leo (HARRYCONNICK JR.) to drag her into the rustic fall countryside for a long and scarybike ride - along with a reluctant Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and his new foundfriend (JASON MARSDEN). But Grace finds that she can't pretend to be theoutdoorsy type just to please her man. Meanwhile, Jack (SEAN...
11:30 AM
Will & Grace
Boardroom and a Parked Place
Will's (ERIC McCORMACK) budding interest in a fellow lawyer in his office isnipped upon the arrival of his firm's aggressive new boss (GENE WILDER), whowhips the troops into shape and orders Will to fire his friend until Will discoversthe real reason behind the false bravado. Meanwhile, Grace (DEBRAMESSING) and Jack (SEAN HAYES) are shocked to discover...
12:00 PM
The Nanny
I'm Pregnant (Part 1)
After catching her and Michael in bed, Fran learns that Maggie may be pregnant.
12:30 PM
The Nanny
Mom's the Word (Part 2)
Fran tells Maxwell that she's pregnant and Brighton loses Yetta at the movies.
1:00 PM
The Nanny
Making Whoopi (Part 3)
Fran turns to a Chinese herbalist in an effort to get pregnant.
1:30 PM
The Nanny
Oh, Say, Can You Ski
Maxwell uses a ski trip with the President to take Fran's mind off trying to get pregnant.
2:00 PM
Designing Women
Ms. Meal Ticket
2:30 PM
Designing Women
The Engagement
3:00 PM
Designing Women
Come On and Marry Me, Bill
3:30 PM
Designing Women
The Women of Atlanta
4:00 PM
Will & Grace
The Needle and the Omelet's Done
When Grace (DEBRA MESSING) accompanies Leo (HARRY CONNICK JR.) todinner with some "friends," she doesn't realize that he's tricked her and insteadintroduced her to his real parents - and she soon regrets her earlier saltydialogue and suggestive attitude. Elsewhere, Jack (SEAN HAYES) is againconfronted by Zandra (EILEEN BRENNAN), his gruff acting...
4:30 PM
Will & Grace
Marry Me, Marry Me A Little More (Part 1)
After Grace (DEBRA MESSING) impulsively accepts a marriage proposal fromLeo (HARRY CONNICK JR.), there seem to be a million roadblocks between herand an actual wedding, not the least of which is her best friend Will's (ERICMcCORMACK) unease about the whole idea.
5:00 PM
Will & Grace
Marry Me, Marry Me A Little More (Part 2)
After Grace (DEBRA MESSING) impulsively accepts a marriage proposal fromLeo (HARRY CONNICK JR.), there seem to be a million roadblocks between herand an actual wedding, not the least of which is her best friend Will's (ERICMcCORMACK) unease about the whole idea.
5:30 PM
On Christmas Eve, Grace (DEBRA MESSING) is torn when she has only twotickets to The Nutcracker musical and can't take both her best friend, Will (ERICMcCORMACK) and new husband Leo (HARRY CONNICK JR.). But her backand-forth indecision leaves Will spinning like a Hanukkah dreidel between adithering Grace and his previous plans with Jack (SEAN HAYES) and...
6:00 PM
Secret Guide to Fabulous
Destination Wedding: What to Wear and What to Gift and How To Do Your Hair! Old Furniture Revamp
Rob and Theodore reveal their secrets for how to dress, and what standout gifts to give, for a destination wedding. Hair and Beauty expert Ted Gibson elevates the updo and shares tricks for more fabulous locks for both gals and guys. Things get lava hot as John and Rob bring an outdated piece of furniture back in...
6:30 PM
Secret Guide to Fabulous
Not your Typical Girl's Night In, Dance it Out, Juice Recovery, Interview Fashion
Theodore brings "girls night in" to the fabulous level by unlocking the secrets to serving a delicious seafood extravaganza at home. John braves a booty popping, shoulder shaking hip-hop dance class with Shaun T. Rob teams up with relationship expert and life coach Jordan Bach to dress up your wardrobe and your confidence before a job interview. And...
7:00 PM
Mike has had a string of setbacks in his life. His father left when Mike was 13, and he had to get a job to help pay rent. In his early 20s, he lost all of his possessions after his young family moved into apartment infested with bed bugs. A couple years ago, he lost his grandmother (who was a huge part of his life) to Alzheimer's. Most recently, his...
7:30 PM
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
9:30 PM
12:00 AM
I, Robot...You, Jane
A demon is unleased onto the internet after an old book is scanned into a computer. Willow develops an online romance with a boy who is not what he appears to be.
1:00 AM
When one of the dancers in Sunnydale High's talent show is found dead, Buffy suspects a strange student with a ventriloquist dummy.
2:00 AM
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
4:00 AM