November 30 2015

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6:00 AM
The Ryan White Story
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Nobody's Perfect
Soon after Dr. Koblin reports that Tabitha is a perfectly normal baby, Samantha sees a toy pony floating in the air to Tabitha when she wiggles her fingers, and realizes that the baby has inherited her witchcraft. Samantha still hasn't found the courage to tell Darrin about Tabitha.
9:30 AM
The Moment of Truth
Aunt Clara visits. Sam wonders how to tell Darrin about Tabitha, who makes a magic mess of the living room. Darrin discovers Tabitha's powers.
10:00 AM
Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
Tabitha's powers are put to the test by her aunts. Just as Darrin arrives home, Tabitha impresses the coven, which decides who's a superior talent who must be enrolled a school for little witches. Sam calls on Maurice for help.
10:30 AM
Accidental Twins
Aunt Clara accidentally turns Jonathon Tate, preschool son of Larry and Louise, into a set of twins. Somehow, Darrin and Sam persuade the Tates into allowing their offspring to sleepover. Aunt Clara has problems reversing the spell.
11:00 AM
A Most Unusual Wood Nymph
Endora suspects the visiting Gerri O'Toole to be a witch-hating wood nymph. Sam freezes Darrin and confronts Gerri, who's out to curse Darrin's family. To reverse the curse, Endora sends Sam back to fifteenth century Ireland to meet with Darrin's ancestor, Darrin-the-Bold.
11:30 AM
Endora Moves in for a Spell
Uncle Arthur and Endora clash over Tabitha's powers and debate who's to live across the street. They keep zapping a house there until Sam insists they make up.
12:00 PM
Dangerous Diaper Dan
Diaper Dan, secretly working for the A.J. Kimberly Advertising Agency, gives Samantha a baby rattle.
12:30 PM
The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara
Darrin lets Aunt Clara baby-sit when he and Sam are invited to the Tates to meet Mr. MacElroy, a shoe client. The picture darkens. Aunt Clara accidentally knocks out the lights across the Eastern Seaboard. Desperate for help, she summons Ocky, her old warlock boyfriend. He's able to keep the lights on only by raising his...
1:00 PM
Roseanne finds it difficult to treat her new boss at Chicken Divine with any respect - he's a spiteful, unpleasant 17-year-old. But trying to improve relations and hopefully get off the weekend shift, Roseanne invites him over for dinner with the family. She then tries to win him over by having Dan complete an auto class project for him. Dan sees this...
1:30 PM
When Dan and Roseanne are away at Grandma's, Becky and her friend Karen decide to get plastered. When Darlene comes home she is startled to find Becky and Karen drunk. She tries to cover for her sister, but when Karen's mom complains to Dan and Roseanne about her 15-year-old with a hangover, Becky's problems have just begun. Roseanne and Dan are fit to...
2:00 PM
An Officer and a Gentleman
Roseanne gets called out of town to help her parents and she's forced to leave the family with Jackie. But when Jackie fills in, she amazes Dan and the kids by performing like a model homemaker, doing everything from the cooking to the cleaning perfectly. The kids turn into the Cleavers. Dan gets a sandwich for work..and Jackie gets a boost of...
2:30 PM
An old biker-buddy of Dan's blows into Lanford and brings with him pictures of the old days, and memories of the past. Dan and Roseanne are hit with the realization that they have forsaken their wild rebels-on-wheels days for the "peacefulness" of household domesticity. Rosey wants the old feelings back, Dan wants to pull his old bike out and sell it....
3:00 PM
Roseanne believes she's sunk to an all-time low when she applies for a job at a beauty salon sweeping floors, making coffee, and answering phones---three of the things she does at home. What she discovers at the beauty shop, however, are great friends and foils for her barbed tongue.
3:30 PM
Roseanne's new co-workers start to nag her about her weight. She takes their remarks to heart and decides to go on a vigorous diet and workout program. For support, she drags Dan into her fitness craze too, and together they attempt to lose weight and increase their health.
4:00 PM
Riding the success of their new real-estate venture, Will (ERIC McCORMACK)and Grace (DEBRA MESSING) decide to expand to the east side clashing withthe reigning team of lesbian apartment flippers - Deirdre (EDIE FALCO) andMonet (CHLOË SEVIGNY).Meanwhile, Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) seeks the spiritual guidance of JOHNEDWARD (as Himself) regarding her recent...
4:30 PM
Searching for a movie-watching pal after Stuart (DAVE FOLEY) opts out, Jack(SEAN HAYES) invites Grace (DEBRA MESSING) for an afternoon at thetheatre. However, when the duo discovers Stuart and mystery man secretlycatching a matinee, Jack is left questioning their relationship.Elsewhere, Will (ERIC McCORMACK) attempts to teach Karen (MEGANMULLALLY) the...
5:00 PM
Tiptoeing through his budding relationship, an apprehensive Will (ERICMcCORMACK) makes the mistake of taking Grace's (DEBRA MESSING) adviceon love, playing hard-to-get with his new pseudo-boyfriend (BOBBYCANNAVALE). However, when his game-playing causes a rift in this buddingromance, Will is left questioning Grace's wisdom in matters of the...
5:30 PM
Will & Grace
Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken
Smitten with his new boyfriend Vince (BOBBY CANNAVALE), Will (ERICMcCORMACK) puts his relationship to the test introducing him to the overlycritical Grace (DEBRA MESSING) for her approval. However, when Graceabruptly cuts the introduction short, Will is convinced of her disapproval of Vinceand thus begins to question his own feelings.Meanwhile, Karen...
6:00 PM
Troop Beverly Hills
8:30 PM
Troop Beverly Hills
11:00 PM
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
1:30 AM
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
4:00 AM
It Gets Better 2
Dan Savage and Terry Miller introduce us to three teens who explain the struggles and joy of being open about their sexuality.
5:00 AM
Positive Youth
Positively Frisky