April 27 2015

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6:00 AM
Maude's Problem
Maude, a woman who believes in fighting city hall or anything else in her Bath tangles with a psychiatrist who is treating her daughter. When Maude learns that Carol is being psychoanalyzed, she feels this is direct attack on her image as a model mother. Getting no help from Walter, Maude pays an unexpected call on the psychiatrist, determined to...
6:30 AM
Love and Marriage
The news that Carol is remarrying is taken in stride by Walter, but Maude considers it a disastrous affront to her position as her daughter's best friend and confidante. When Carol announces that she plans to marry George Snyder (guest star Frank Aletter), an old friend whom she's been dating for two years, Maude accuses Carol of marrying for...
7:00 AM
Arthur is watching the national election results on television with Maude and Walter and reminds them of their stormy courtship days. In a flashback sequence, guest star Van Johnson appears as Henry, one of Maude's suitors. Maude was as worked up over the previous election as she is now, and Walter's refusal to see her point of view caused Maude to...
7:30 AM
Maude's Dilemma - Part I
Maude canes home from a routine visit to her doctor with the unexpected news that she is pregnant, which brings strangely divergent reactions from both her daughter and her husband.
8:00 AM
Maude's Dilemma - Part II
Maude's unexpected pregnancy wreaks havoc in the lives of Maude and Walter while they try to decide what to do about it, in the conclusion of a two part story. Along with morning sickness and a sudden urge for pickles, Maude gets advice about her problem from Carol and Florida while Walter commiserates with Arthur in anearby...
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Aunt Clara learns her old warlock boyfriend Ocky has opened an old castle in England. McTavish , an ancestral ghost, is ruining business by scaring the guests. Sam reluctantly agrees to help Ocky and suggests that McTavish find a more comfortable place to haunt. He does - - her house.
9:30 AM
How Green Was My Grass
During a hectic morning, a boy asks if the Stephens want the lawn mowed. Darrin sees pancakes flipping themselves and argues with Samantha about witchcraft. He slams out of the door and the number flips over from 462 to 492. While Samantha is out with Tabatha, two men install a synthetic lawn intended for 492.
10:00 AM
To Twitch or Not To Twitch
As Darrin rushes Samantha to an unexpected dinner party, they argue when she uses witchcraft to get dressed. Darrin also has words with Endora, who is teaching Tabatha, about witchcraft.
10:30 AM
Tabitha turns a friend of the family into a dog. Sam persuades her daughter to retransform Michael back to his original self.
11:00 AM
Tabitha's Cranky Spell
Louise's Aunt Harriet baby-sits for Tabitha. Tabitha leads Aunt Harriet to believe that she's contacted her dead fiancee, Mr. Henderson. Sam assures Harriet that it was all a dream.
11:30 AM
I Confess
Sam uses witchcraft to fend off a man in the street. Darrin, thinking her only defense in life to be magic, gets angry and decides to end his opposition to her power usage. He's ready to tell the whole world that his wife is a witch. Sam uses a dream spell to show him what life would be like if everyone knew her...
12:00 PM
A Majority of Two
In Darrin's absence, Larry Tate asks Samantha to invite Kensu Mishimoto, a Japanese client, to dinner, disclosing that his favorite dish is Hung Ai Wan Goo Rash.
12:30 PM
Sam's Secret Saucer
Aunt Clara is minding Tabatha, who is playing witha flying saucer. The toy flies outside and Aunt Clara zips it back, but it turns into a real spaceship and she can't shrink it.
1:00 PM
Glengarry, Glen Rosey
Roseanne and Dan fear they may be wiped out financially. The old house they fixed up to sell languishes on the market, and their business partner, Roger, abruptly skips town. Jackie saves the day when she gets so fed up with living with her mother, that she decides to buy the old house herself!
1:30 PM
Tooth or Consequences
Darlene must choose between David and her future when she gets accepted to a college for the arts in Chicago. Meanwhile, Dan accidentally knocks Roseanne's tooth out the day she has to meet with the health inspector - who turns out to be her old boss, Leon!
2:00 PM
Daughters and Other Strangers
Dan and Roseanne decide to let Darlene go to art school in Chicago, but will Darlene leave David to pursue her future? Meanwhile, at a birthday party, "Seven Minutes In Heaven" turns D.J. into a new man.
2:30 PM
Darlene is going away to college in Chicago and, as a result, Roseanne is faced with saying goodbye to another daughter. In the hope of keeping Darlene from moving, David makes a last minute attempt and proposes marriage.
3:00 PM
Let's make a deal! Jackie agrees to date Dan's co-worker, Fred, if Roseanne agrees to fire Bev from working at the diner. Later, Roseanne is horrified to learn that Bev has sought revenge - she plans to sell her share of the diner to Roseanne's nemesis, Leon Carp!
3:30 PM
Roseanne suspects that D.J. is "up to something" and grills Darlene for information. To her horror, she sees that the two are teaming up against her! Meanwhile, Fred manages to finagle an invitation to Jackie's housewarming party in hopes of convincing her to come back to him.
4:00 PM
The queens have to sing in parody music videos. With guest judges Jessica Alba (Sin City) and RuPaul's music producer Lucian Piane.
5:00 PM
The queens' comedy skills are tested as they act as presenters at a glitzy awards show. With comedian Kathy Griffin and fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi.
6:00 PM
The queens star in a mystery behind-the-scenes reenactment series. Pop sensation Ariana Grande and former Drag Race panelist Merle Ginsberg guest judge.
7:00 PM
The queens impersonate celebrities in a bawdy quick-witted TV game show. With guest judges Tamar Braxton (Tamar & Vince) and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty).
8:00 PM
RuPaul's Drag Race
Social Edition: Conjoined Queens
The queens pair up to give each other conjoined drag-twin makeovers. With guest judges LeAnn Rimes and Nelsan Ellis (True Blood's Lafayette). Featuring tweets and comments from viewers, the cast, and crew.
9:00 PM
The queens perform in musical versions of cult director John Waters' most iconic films. With guest judges Demi Lovato and John Waters.
10:00 PM
Cucumber & Banana
Cucumber: Henry permanently moves into a new apartment and discovers a new way to make money after Lance empties their joint banking account. At the same time, secrets rise to the surface after Freddie bumps into an old teacher. Banana: Opposites attract for uptight Sian and wild-at-heart Violet, causing a collision that can only be described as...
11:30 PM
The queens perform in musical versions of cult director John Waters' most iconic films. With guest judges Demi Lovato and John Waters.
12:30 AM
1:30 AM
2:00 AM
Facts of Life
Growing Pains
The pressures of adolescence become painfully clear to Tootie when older girls Blair, Natalie and Jo exclude her from their revelry and begin to treat her like a little kid-- behavior which prompts Tootie to an act that threatens the future of all Mrs. Garrett's girls.
2:30 AM
Facts of Life
Fear Strikes Back
The ugliness of sexual violation rocks the Eastland School when the headmaster's secretary is raped, but the personal trauma of the violent crime doesn't hit home until "unlikely" target Natalie is assaulted on her way home from a campus party.
3:00 AM
Facts of Life
A Baby in the House
Blair is forced to reexamine her friend's "perfect" life when the ex-Eastland student-turned teenage wife and mother stops by for a visit and leaves behind more than just reminiscences.
3:30 AM
Facts of Life
A Friend in Deed
Gorgeous and wealthy Blair and her equally attractive mother Monica have an enviable relationship-- they seem to share secrets, shopping spree and gossip as if they were the best of friends-- but that unique kinship is unceremoniously shattered when Blair inadvertently learns that her mother has a lump in her...
4:00 AM
Facts of Life
Front Page
Jo painfully learns the tenets of journalism when her enthusiasm for writing a "hot" news story turns into an opportunity for revenge against her journalism teacher, who she is convinced has "got it in" for her.
4:30 AM
Facts of Life
Give and Take
An unexpected the financial disaster befalls Mrs. Garrett and she finds herself on the brink of an emotional break down when the girls prove totally insensitive to her personal crisis.
5:00 AM
Facts of Life
Sweet Sorrow
A class in simulated marriage teaches Jo some real-life decisions in love when she suddenly finds herself more attracted to her class "beau" than to her longtime boyfriend.
5:30 AM
Facts of Life
From Russia With Love
Natalie has cooked up plans for a private weekend, until a surprise visit from her over-adoring grandmother who threatens to spoil her recipe of intrigue.