July 3 2015

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6:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Boy Was My Face Red
An embarrassing moment leaves Sabrina red in the face.
6:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Suspicious Minds
Jealousy gets the best of Sabrina when Harvey and Libby are paired together for a school project.
7:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Pom-pom Incident
Sabrina's good intentions go bad when she prevents Valerie from trying out for the cheerleading squad.
7:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Pancake Madness
An addiction to pancakes threatens to send Sabrina's life spinning out of control.
8:00 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Good Will Haunting
Halloween turns truly frightful when a demented doll takes charge of the festivities.
8:30 AM
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
You Bet Your Family
Salem's gambling debts get the best of him, but its Sabrina and her aunts who pay the price.
9:00 AM
Samantha Fights City Hall
A neighborhood playground is scheduled for destruction. A supermarket will replace it. Sam and her fellow housewives are upset and Darrin encourages her to organize a protest. He then finds out that the park is owned by Mr. Mossler, a client of McMann and Tate.
9:30 AM
Samantha Loses Her Voice
Samantha comforts Louise, who's had a fight with Larry. Uncle Arthur switches the voices of Sam and Darrin, and they try to keep the Tates from discovering the mishap.
10:00 AM
I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly
Darrin's mother insists on paying Tabatha's tuition at a nursery school. Worried about Tabatha's witchcraft, Samantha plans to spend the rest of the day with her.
10:30 AM
Weep No More My Willow
Gladys Kravitz gets the neighbors to petition for the removal of the willow tree Darrin gave Samantha when Tabatha was born. Samantha summons Dr. Bombay, the witches' physician. He chants a spell to restore the ailing tree and make it weep with every breeze.
11:00 AM
Instant Courtesy
Feeling Darrin has been rude to her, Endora resolves to teach him a lesson. She casts a spell on him making him the perfect gentleman.
11:30 AM
Samantha's Super-Maid
Feeling that Samantha needs time to cultivate people who might help darrin's career, Mrs. Stephens persuades her reluctant daughter-in-law to hire a maid.
12:00 PM
When the Conners' friends, Arnie and Nancy, suddenly decide to get married, Arnie invites an ecstatic Dan and Roseanne to be their guests for the wedding - in Las Vegas!
12:30 PM
Vegas, Vegas (Part 2 of 2)
The Conners are delighted to be vacationing in Las Vegas as guests of the soon-to-be-married Arnie and Nancy. But Roseanne's biggest thrill is not the wedding, but the prospect of finally seeing her idol - Wayne Newton - in person
1:00 PM
Roseanne tries to do the impossible: give up smoking cold turkey while working two jobs and getting virtually no support from her loving family! Also, Becky gets into big trouble for helping Darlene write a term paper for school.
1:30 PM
Kansas City, Here We Come
Since Jackie must drive her truck to Kansas City, she figures she might as well just pay a visit to her dad's mysterious girlfriend of 20 years! Although Roseanne is against the idea at first, she joins Jackie for a very uncomfortable truck ride. But the ride isn't as uncomfortable as they both feel when they're finally standing right outside the...
2:00 PM
Hoping to win big money, Roseanne becomes obsessed with playing Bingo. But her family is worried that her enthusiasm may turn into an addiction and leave her penniless! Meanwhile, Dan and the kids share the adventure of baby-sitting Crystal's infant son, little Ed.
2:30 PM
The household is turned topsy-turvy when Roseanne is bedridden with a bad back. Dan's put in charge of D.J.'s birthday preparations, Becky keeps begging for a new car, and Roseanne's mother decides to move in until Roseanne is better.
3:00 PM
Constantly troubled by a bad back, Roseanne's doctor suggests an operation that will relieve her pain, but it may cause new problems between her and Dan. Neil Patrick Harris, star of "Doogie Howser," makes a cameo appearance.
3:30 PM
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Becky's depressed but Roseanne is delighted: Becky and Mark's relationship is over! Becky is even more hurt when she discovers Mark is still working for Dan in the store. Meanwhile, Becky's new date, Dean, is a big hit with Dan.
4:00 PM
Facts of Life
Sex Symbol
After Natalie's first real date, with a boy from neighboring Bates Academy, the phone doesn't stop ringing with offers for dates from his schoolmates-- evidently his given for quite a reputation for a "good" time.
4:30 PM
Facts of Life
The Secret
Jo wants to share her pride at receiving a scholastic award with her father (guest star Alex Rocco), but is afraid if she invites him to the presentation ceremonies, her classmates will discover his disreputable past.
5:00 PM
Facts of Life
Pretty Babies
A top fashion photographer is coming to Eastland School to find the new face of the 80's and Blair's positive she's it. The photographer surprises everyone by choosing Tootie, but the demands of her first photo session may be a price greater than she's willing to pay for the glamour of the "big-time."
5:30 PM
Facts of Life
Bought and Sold
Blair joins Countess Calvet's (special guest star Zsa Zsa Gabor) cosmetic company as a sales representative and sets out to give plain Natalie a glamorous new image to prove the product's effectiveness to prospective buyers-- for classmates. Todd Bridges of "Diff'rent Strokes" makes a special appearance in his role as Willis...
6:00 PM
Facts of Life
Free Spirit
Mrs. Garrett's "famous" son Alex pays Eastland a long awaited visit, and no one is more taken with the young musician than Natalie, who thinks it might not be a bad idea to drop out of school and follow in his "free spirit" footsteps.
6:30 PM
Facts of Life
Brian and Sylvia
Tootie and Natalie set out for a fun weekend with Tootie's Aunt Sylvia in Buffalo, but end up in the middle of a marital squabble that may signal the dissolution of Sylvia and her husband Brian's seemingly perfectly integrated marriage. Sylvia, a top news anchor for a local station, gets a well-earned chance at the big-time, but Brian's not convinced...
7:00 PM
Facts of Life
Frustrated and her by her continual exclusion from the older girls' activities, Tootie's talents for eavesdropping and gossip ignites feuds and places Mrs. Garrett's future at Eastland School in doubt. As the rumors circulate, Tootie is so captivated by her new status in the center of the social circle, she fails to notice the real damage for loose...
7:30 PM
Facts of Life
Growing Pains
The pressures of adolescence become painfully clear to Tootie when older girls Blair, Natalie and Jo exclude her from their revelry and begin to treat her like a little kid-- behavior which prompts Tootie to an act that threatens the future of all Mrs. Garrett's girls.
8:00 PM
The Golden Girls
Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?
Dorothy's daughter, Kate, comes to Miami with an announcement. She's engaged to a podiatrist named Dennis. Dorothy is thrilled but her happiness quickly turns to anger when she realizes that ex-husband, Stan, is going to be invited. After 38 years of marriage, Stan had left Dorothy for a woman half her age. Dorothy threatens to make a scene at the...
8:33 PM
Having not dated since her husband died, Rose reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date. This date turns into a serious relationship when she is invited on a cruise which would involve sharing a stateroom.
9:05 PM
Blanche's sister, Virginia, comes to Miami for a visit and Blanche is convinced she's after something. Later, while out to dinner, she learns just what Virginia is after, Blanche's kidney. Meanwhile, Rose and Dorothy babysit for an infant.
9:38 PM
Dorothy is dating Dr. Elliot Clayton. Dr. Clayton makes a pass at Blanche, but Dorothy doesn't believe her when Blanche tells her about it. After a fight over the subject, Blanche orders Dorothy to leave the house. When Rose tricks Elliot into telling the truth about the situation where Dorothy overhears, Dorothy breaks up with Elliot and makes amends...
10:10 PM
Blanche's 14-year old grandson comes to Miami for a visit and brings a new meaning to the term "generation gap." Meanwhile, Dorothy studies for her French final.
10:43 PM
In a bowling competition, it's Dorothy and Blanche verses Rose and Sophia. If Sophia and Rose win, Dorothy will allow Sophia to go back to Sicily for a visit with an old beau and if Dorothy and Blanche win Sophia will give her a pair of antique earrings.
11:15 PM
After a Madonna concert, the girls arrive home, one evening, to discover their house has been broken into. This leads the girls to seek out means to protect themselves, including a security system, guard dog and mace. Meanwhile, Rose becomes so paranoid that the robbers will come back she goes so far as to purchase a...
11:48 PM
After a dinner party, Sophia suffers an apparent heart attack, with a heavy storm delaying the paramedics.
12:21 AM
Facts of Life
Ain't Miss Beholden
Jo's future at Eastland is in jeopardy when she learns for scholarship funds are drying up and that her rival Blair may hold the only key to replenishing the coffer for her continuing education.
12:53 AM
Facts of Life
The Source
Natalie is under pressure to reveal her source for a controversial article she has written for the school paper, but her staunch refusal to do so codes spell her suspension from Eastland.
1:26 AM
Facts of Life
The Sound of Silence
A normally high-spirited Tootie suddenly has a changed personality, is failing in school and is alienating her friends, all the result of her refusal to acknowledge and seek help for a disturbing medical problem-- she's losing her hearing.
1:58 AM
Facts of Life
The Oldest Living Graduate
Eastland's oldest living graduate, a rich eccentric, returns to school to announce the bequeathment of her alma mater, until she comes face to face with straight talking Jo who's honesty wins of a woman's heart-- and for money.
2:30 AM
Facts of Life
Different Drummer
A well meaning Blair thinks she's doing a good deed by tutoring a mentally retarded young man, but her efforts could cause more harm than good when for naive student misinterprets her good intentions.
3:00 AM
Facts of Life
Dearest Mommie
An emotional confrontation with her adoptive mother sends Natalie on a desperate search for the woman she believes "dumped" her fifteen years ago-- her natural mother.
3:30 AM
Facts of Life
A Woman's Place
Jo's got a new job, a new boyfriend and a new problem when her exceptional ability gains her a quick promotion and her boyfriend and unexpected new boss.
4:00 AM
Facts of Life
Daddy's Girl
Blair's close relationship with her father is put on the line when she becomes the "victim" of a tax audit which reveals she's also the unsuspecting victim of her father's questionable accounting.
4:30 AM
Facts of Life
The Big Fight
An and unsuspecting Natalie becomes was a strategic pawn in a young military school cadet's battle to win of the respect of his rough and tough father.
5:00 AM
Facts of Life
For the Asking
An outspoken Natalie is determined to "stand up and be counted" by boycotting a school dance, but her "one-sided" attitude could leave for the odd woman out-- in more ways than one.
5:30 AM
Facts of Life
September Song
Mrs. Garrett's intent on shaping up through her personal fitness program, by what she didn't plan on was a marriage proposal from her jogging partner, an "older" professor.