October 10 2015

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6:00 AM
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Roseanne is confronted by a daunting proposition: Becky wants to start using birth control pills. A stunned Roseanne pulls herself together - and agrees to take Becky to the doctor. Secretly, Roseanne hopes her calm attitude will convince Becky to change her mind. Meanwhile, Dan keeps a close watch on Becky's boyfriend, Mark, by giving him a job fixing...
6:30 AM
Take My Bike...Please!
The going is tough as Dan and Roseanne struggle to sell even one motorcycle in their new store. And while their parents work at the store from morning 'til night, Becky is put in charge at home - which spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Darlene and D.J.
7:00 AM
Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker
Depressed over seeing her old boyfriend, Gary, with his new fiancée, Jackie is driven into the arms of another man.
7:30 AM
Darlene Fades to Black
The usually spunky Darlene, who may have a case of the high school freshman blues, rebels against parental expectations. All she wants is to be left alone in her room. Meanwhile, Becky wants a motorcycle, but she tells Dan and Roseanne she'll settle for a car.
8:00 AM
Tolerate Thy Neighbor
While their next-door neighbors (the Rubbles) are on vacation, the Conners notice the contents of their house being moved out. Roseanne assumes that the men are from the local charity, but later finds out the truth when the shocked Rubbles return to an empty house! (Bob Hope appears in end credits only)
8:30 AM
Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down
It's Dan and Roseanne's favorite holiday, Halloween, and they get in the spirit by scaring their obnoxious neighbor, Kathy, with a gruesome trick. Later, Kathy and her husband unexpectedly show up at Dan's annual Halloween party at the lodge, and Roseanne is sure Kathy has come to seek revenge on the Conners.
9:00 AM
When the Conners' friends, Arnie and Nancy, suddenly decide to get married, Arnie invites an ecstatic Dan and Roseanne to be their guests for the wedding - in Las Vegas!
9:30 AM
Vegas, Vegas (Part 2 of 2)
The Conners are delighted to be vacationing in Las Vegas as guests of the soon-to-be-married Arnie and Nancy. But Roseanne's biggest thrill is not the wedding, but the prospect of finally seeing her idol - Wayne Newton - in person
10:00 AM
Will & Grace
Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore
A whacked-out Grace (DEBRA MESSING) is wracked with guilt over the death of a highschool classmate whom she once tormented. She drags Will (ERIC McCORMACK)along to the funeral - and gets the surprise of her life, while Will offers a sympatheticshoulder to a handsome grieving relative (TODD STASHWICK).Elsewhere, an ecstatic Jack (SEAN HAYES) asks Karen...
10:30 AM
Will & Grace
Last of the Really Odd Lovers
Grace (DEBRA MESSING) hates herself for her fatal attraction to a boorish neighbor(WOODY HARRELSON) and wants to keep her newborn romance with him a secret;likewise, Will (ERIC McCORMACK) prefers to maintain discretion in his relationship witha much younger man (BRANDEN WILLIAMS).Meanwhile, Jack (SEAN HAYES) revels in the attention lavished on him by...
11:00 AM
Will & Grace
Sons and Lovers (Part 1)
In the one hour season finale, an exasperated Grace (DEBRA MESSING) tries tomediate between a resentful Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Nathan (WOODYHARRELSON), her sloppy, free-spirited boyfriend.Meanwhile, Jack (SEAN HAYES) is in a royal dither as he plans to finally meet hisunseen father face-to-face. However, Grace grows nervous when the two...
11:30 AM
Will & Grace
Sons and Lovers (Part 2)
In the one hour season finale, an exasperated Grace (DEBRA MESSING) tries tomediate between a resentful Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Nathan (WOODYHARRELSON), her sloppy, free-spirited boyfriend.Meanwhile, Jack (SEAN HAYES) is in a royal dither as he plans to finally meet hisunseen father face-to-face. However, Grace grows nervous when the two...
12:00 PM
Dorothy's son, Michael, shows up on her doorstep with news that he's separated with his wife and needs a place to stay. However, Dorothy quickly gets tired of his freeloading and dumps him on Stan. Meanwhile, Rose's stress is getting terrible and is reluctant to talk to her boss about cutting back on her "things-to-do"...
12:32 PM
Blanche is shattered after her father, Big Daddy, passes away. However, when she goes back to her childhood home, she gets into a big argument with her sister, Virginia, and decides not to attend the funeral.
1:05 PM
The Golden Girls
Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas
It's the Christmas season and the girls are fed up with Christmas shopping in a heat wave. So they decide to buy gifts for the one person they pick from a hat. Later, the girls decide to serve Christmas dinner for the homeless, including a recently homeless Stan.
1:37 PM
The girls take in a 15-year-old girl who has just found out she's pregnant and scared to tell her father. Meanwhile, Blanche's prison pen pal has just been released and is looking for her.
2:10 PM
Rose joins a positive thinking group and tries to get a pessimistic Dorothy to join. Meanwhile, Blanche is scared to get serious with her latest boyfriend, especially after he has a heart attack.
2:42 PM
Blanche tries to lure men by placing a fake ad in the paper trying to sell a Mercedes. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with meeting Miles' daughter who makes it clear she wants their relationship to be no more and Dorothy discovers Sophia is hoarding Social Security money, thanks to a computer error.
3:15 PM
Elaine's bodyguard escorts her to meet Danny's family. The Campbells behave in their everyday, insane fashion, and Elaine thinks they are pretending to be crazy for Danny's sake. She vows that she will marry Danny. Father Timothy Flotsky, high atop a cold mountain at his religious retreat, is stunned to find that Corinne has braved incredible...
3:48 PM
Mary takes Burt to a hospital mental ward, and the two bid each other a tearful goodbye. Later at home, Maryconfesses to Danny that she cannot stand his obnoxious fiancée Elaine; Danny confides that he can't either. Carol and Jodie share a platonic dinner date, during which she feels rejected because he is not romantically interested in her. Jodie...
4:21 PM
Eunice, awaiting Walter in a restaurant, is stunned when Walter's wife Marilyn arrives. Walter himself soon shows up, and Marilyn explains that she has purchased the incrim¬inating photos from Walter's blackmailer and intends using them to ruin his political career unless he stops seeing Eunice. On hearing this ultimatum, Walter tenderly turns to...
4:54 PM
At Carol's cabin on Cape Cod, Jodie spurns her romantic advances, When she cries, he comforts her. The next morning, he is angry because of the intimacy to which the comfort has led as Carol had hoped it would. "Well, it's not some¬thing I'm gonna do again," he warns her, "It's like the piano lessons I took when I was younger. I never play, but it's...
5:27 PM
Elaine and Mr. Lefkowitz visit the Campbell house to discuss wedding plans. Mary and Burt love each other more than ever, and Burt no longer suffers from the delusion that he can disappear at will. "Wonderful," observes Lefkowitz, "People drop like flies from heart attacks, but they've licked invisibility." Danny has his hopes renewed when Burt...
6:00 PM
While the Tates and the Campbells discuss the murder for which Jessica has just been convicted, Chester goes into the kitchen to commit suicide. Despondent over the loss of Jessica and the end of his career, Chester tries several methods, each of which Burt unwittingly foils. As he ponders his next move, Chester comments to himself, "Wonderful. What am...
7:00 PM
Facts of Life
Dream Marriage
A startling marriage proposal ignites a dream into the future and forces Blair to re-evaluate her goals.
7:30 PM
Facts of Life
Mother and Daughter
Tootie and her mother's inability to communicate with each other sparks an explosive confrontation when it becomes obvious that the only one Mrs. Ramsey has trouble talking to is her daughter. Director, teacher and actress Chip Fields, who's also the real-life mother of Kim Fields, guest stars as Tootie's...
8:00 PM
Facts of Life
All By Herself
When Blair's overzealous efforts usurp all of cousin Geri's responsibility for organizing a charity auction, the ramifications are disastrous.
8:30 PM
Facts of Life
Seems Like Old Times
Jo's love for her former Brooklyn beau is re-ignited during his unexpected visit, but a sobering secret could extinguish any possibility of a future for them.
9:00 PM
Facts of Life
Joint Custody
The future of Edna's Edibles is unexpectedly jeopardized by the troubled marriage of Mrs. Garrett's son.
9:30 PM
Facts of Life
The Summer of '84
When Mrs. Garrett and the girls return from their vacation, they reminisce about their summer's dining, dancing and desires-something new is learned about all. In a rare musical moment, John Astin makes a guest appearance as a "piano bar" entertainer.
10:00 PM
Facts of Life
A Slice of Life
Jo's hope for a successful new business using the family recipe for pizza becomes pie in the sky when demand far exceeds production.
10:30 PM
Facts of Life
Love At First Byte
When Natalie uses computer dating as the inspiration for her term paper with the belief a microchip is the perfect matchmaker, she takes a risky turn when she uses Jo and Blair in her experiment without their permission.
11:00 PM
Designing Women
My Daughter, Myself
11:30 PM
Designing Women
And Now, Here's Bernice
12:00 AM
Designing Women
Pearls of Wisdom
12:30 AM
Designing Women
High Noon in a Laundry Room
1:00 AM
Designing Women
How Long Has This Been Going On?
1:30 AM
Designing Women
The Emperor's New Nose
2:00 AM
Charlie Harper, Winner
Samantha and darrin await Charlie Harper, who has outstanced Darrin ever since college.
2:30 AM
Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory
Aunt Clara fondly remembers her days as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria and tries to return to the Victorian Age. Instead, the Queen, with throne and all, appears in Sam and Darrin's living room. Sam reveals to the real Her Highness that she and Clara are witches. Victoria is furious. Clara becomes angry and attempts to zap the queen back to...
3:00 AM
The Crone of Cawdor
Samantha and Darrin plan to lunch at La Bella Donna to celebrate the anniversary of their first date. Then Darrin encounters Terry Warbell, a pretty brunette, who handles the advertising for her fatherÆs dress firm.
3:30 AM
No More, Mr. Nice Guy
Endora casts a spell on Darrin that makes everyone hate him. Upset, Darrin seeks the council of a psychiatrist. Sam finds out his job is in jeopardy and demands Endora to remove the spell.
4:00 AM
It's Wishcraft
Worried that Tabatha will make her toys fly artound during his parents' visit, Darrin warns Samantha not to leave his parents alone with the baby.
4:30 AM
How to Fail in Business With All Kinds of Help
Darrin is sure his campaign for Madam Marushka lipstick will earn a bonus. Endora sarcastically remarks that he needs more than mere encouragement.
5:00 AM
Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated
Aunt Clara pops up a ten-year-old newspaper hat reveal how Larry Tate broke his leg on his honeymoon with Louise. Sam and Darrin think it's today's paper. Darrin encourages Sam to use her powers to prevent Larry from breaking his limb.
5:30 AM
Nobody But a Frog Knows How to Live
A frog has been turned into a man named Fergie by a witch. Samantha learns that a girl frog is waiting for him back at the lily pond. Sam takes pity on him and changes him back into a frog.