July 31 2014

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The World's Worst Place to Be Gay
DJ Scott Mills travels to Uganda, where homosexuality is illegal, gay rights activists are mudered and the punishment for those caught in the act are brutal. With his own life at risk, he reports on why this deeply religious country has become known as the world's worst place to be gay.
8:00 AM
The team has a hard time trying to understand Michael who has become a team member since Grissom's teaching hiatus. They investigate the murder of an unidentified girl who may have been killed by a serial killer who has been killing since the early 1970's.
9:00 AM
At Keppler's request Catherine uses a different approach to catch the killer, and in doing so she deceives the rest of the CSI team. The team soon discovers that something is amiss in Catherine's investigation.
10:00 AM
Nick and Keppler investigate the bizarre world of the black market sales of body parts after they find a body that has been burned and the organs removed. The rest of the CSI team investigates the death of rich woman who was killed in her own home.
11:00 AM
Law of Gravity
Grissom returns from his sabbatical; Keppler is put into a compromising position when the bodies of a Trenton police officer and a hooker are found in a hotel room. The man who found them is a retired New Jersey cop and close friend to Keppler, who doesn't reveal their relationship.
12:00 PM
The Nanny
The Two Mrs. Sheffields
A visit by Maxwell's mother results in an unexpected marriage proposal.
12:30 PM
The Nanny
Having His Baby
Fran decides to have a baby.
1:00 PM
The Nanny
The Unkindest Gift
Brighton's tape of a Fine family Bris leads him and his family to Hollywood for a TV appearance.
1:30 PM
The Nanny
The Kibbutz
Though Maxwell wants to send Maggie to a Swiss convent, Fran convinces her to try a kibbutz instead.
2:00 PM
Becky finds herself in a real jam when Roseanne invites her boyfriend Chip and his parents over for an impromptu dinner party. Unbeknownst to Roseanne, Becky's plans for the evening include another man. To make matters worse, Chip's parents are yuppies to the max, so when they show up, the battle of the classes erupts. Becky uses this as an opportunity...
2:30 PM
Life takes on a whole different meaning when Darlene's rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Now all Dan and Roseanne can do is wait and take time to think about what their daughter really means to them. In the end Darlene pulls through, but not without taking advantage of the situation.
3:00 PM
Roseanne's heavy overtime is about to push her over the edge. After two weeks of working every night and coming home to chaos, her only last resort is to run away. She winds up at a diner where she swaps stories with the waitress who works there. After a long discussion about the ills of balancing home life and work, Roseanne realizes that she isn't...
3:30 PM
Amid the hubbub of the family's weekend activities, including Dan trying to repair the refrigerator, a door-to-door salesman drops by - and then drops dead in the Conner kitchen.
4:00 PM
The Conner house is turned topsy-turvy when Roseanne's parents arrive unannounced, instantly stirring up hostility and pandemonium. Dan and Jackie try to persuade the suddenly timid Roseanne to stand up to her outspoken Mom and Dad. But nothing could brace the family for the news that her parents are moving to...
4:30 PM
A tough, nit-picking new supervisor at the factory makes life unbearable for all the employees, including a fed-up Roseanne. Pushed to her limit, Rosey cuts a "deal with the devil." She'll show him respect and cut out the wisecracks if he'll stop making unreasonable demands on the workers. But a broken bargain leads to the reappearance of the old...
5:00 PM
Becky suffers major public embarrassment at school, when she passes gas during a presentation before her fellow students. To make matters worse, one of the people in the audience is her date for that night. Roseanne and Dan blow all attempts to console her, while Darlene is particularly adept at rubbing salt in the wound. Meanwhile Roseanne makes one...
5:30 PM
Roseanne refuses to support Jackie when she decides to become a police officer. This rekindles an old sibling rivalry that leads to an all out wrestling match in the Conner living room. Meanwhile, sparks fly between two other siblings when Darlene tattles on Becky.
6:00 PM
RuPaul's Drag Race
Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza
The dolls must lip synch to the spoken word, as they recreate classic moments from Drag Race history in scene-stealing viral videos.With guest judges Natural Born Killers' Juliette Lewis and 3rd Rock from the Sun's Kristen Johnston.
7:00 PM
The queens connect with their inner child as they star in a fun-filled kids TV show.With guest judges Coco and supermodel Paulina Porizkova.
8:00 PM
RuPaul's Drag Race
Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?
The dolls enter the world of classical ballet, coached by Shaping Sound choreographer Travis Wall.With guest judges Chaz Bono and Travis Wall.
9:00 PM
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
11:00 PM
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
1:00 AM
The X-Files
2:00 AM
The X-Files
Red Museum
3:00 AM
The X-Files
Excelsis Dei
4:00 AM
Friendships are put to the test as Rodiney considers taking legal action against Austin. Meanwhile, Austin's upcoming nude Playgirl shoot is straining his relationship with Jake and Ryan's booming career is creating tension with best friend TJ.
5:00 AM
Betrayals and breakups push the group over the edge as Austin confronts his friends on their lack of loyalty and tries to prove that he is not an embarrassing drunk by throwing a cocktail party. Meanwhile, Derek thinks he has met the rich and handsome man of his dreams... until his dream man shows up in NYC and reveals a side Derek hasn't seen...