November 28 2014

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Designing Women
I Do, I Don't
10:30 AM
Designing Women
The IT Men
11:00 AM
Designing Women
The Slumber Party
11:30 AM
Designing Women
New Year's Daze
12:00 PM
Designing Women
Old Spouses Never Die (Part 1)
12:30 PM
Designing Women
Old Spouses Never Die (Part 2)
1:00 PM
The Golden Girls
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun... Before They Die
Both Sophia and Rose take advice from Blanche that lands each of them in hot water. Due to a drought in St. Olaf, Rose swears to be celibate and Blanche advises her not to tell Miles the truth. While Sophia takes Blanche's tips to lure a man to bed but when she tells him she loves him, he doesn't respond with what she...
1:30 PM
Blanche meets a man at the library and only after they make a date does she realize he's in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Rose wants to keep one of the puppies from Dreyfuss's litter despite Blanche's feelings.
2:00 PM
Rose wants more adventure in her relationship with Miles, so she signs them up for sky diving lessons. Meanwhile, Blanche's relationship with an abusive man causes Dorothy to speak her feelings.
2:30 PM
Dorothy has been sneaking around so that Sophia doesn't discover that she's been dating Stan. However, when Stan proposes, Dorothy must reveal the truth to Sophia.
3:00 PM
Totally against Dorothy and Stan's impending nuptials, Sophia vows to not let the ceremony go off. Meanwhile, Blanche begins interviewing for a new roommate since Dorothy is planning to move out.
3:30 PM
Wanting someone to watch after Sophia during the day, Dorothy gets Sophia a job under false pretenses. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose are all excited about being hired as models for a Penny Saver.
4:00 PM
Blanche wants to intensify her relationship with her infamous one-night-stand-man, Mel Bushman. Meanwhile, Rose tries her hand at TV reporting. Her assignment: a dog show.
4:30 PM
The Golden Girls
Even Grandmas Get the Blues
While babysitting for her granddaughter, a man mistakes Blanche as being the baby's mother and Blanche does nothing to set him straight. Meanwhile, Sophia gets ready for the Festival of the Dancing Virgins, a celebration of mothers and daughters but Dorothy wants no part of it.
5:00 PM
Happy Endings
The Girl with the David Tattoo
Dave and Alex regret their couples tattoos and decide to get them removed; Jane feels Max is missing out on a perfect date; Brad and Penny try to make things right with a waiter they accidentally had fired.
5:30 PM
Happy Endings
Like Father, Like Gun
After a health scare, Brad's uptight dad now has a new lease on life and just wants to have fun, which Brad is having a difficult time dealing with; Penny starts to date an attractive Italian, but she can only speak his language when she's drunk; Dave and Max have fun in their apartment with dart guns. After a health scare, Brad's uptight dad (Damon...
6:00 PM
Happy Endings
The Shershow Redemption
Being invited to the wedding of old friend Shershow creates unexpected consequences and feelings among the group. Brad and Jane discover unsettling news about their marital status; Alex agrees to act as Dave's wingman at the wedding; Penny pretends to be engaged to Derrick; Shershow's fiancé thinks that Alex is a "wedding...
6:30 PM
Happy Endings
Blax, Snake, Home
While Dave and Alex throw themselves into hobbies that the other hated when they were a couples, Max worries that Brad isn't making time for him anymore. Meanwhile, Penny struggles with the thought of growing old alone when she buys a condo.
7:00 PM
Happy Endings
Secrets and Limos
Brad struggles with whether to tell his new boss about an awkward personal hygiene problem, while "the universe" aligns in Penny's favor. And when Dave starts dating a new girl, he avoids introducing her to his judgmental friends.
7:30 PM
Happy Endings
Lying Around
Brad and Jane secretly enjoy separate "stay-cations" and Max convinces Dave to let him direct a commercial for his food truck. Meanwhile, Penny starts a low-key relationship only to become jealous of Alex's elaborate dates.
8:00 PM
Will's (ERIC McCORMACK) apartment resembles a disheveled boarding house when arattled Grace (DEBRA MESSING) seeks refuge after someone tries to break into herapartment, but her needy presence - combined with Jack (SEAN HAYES) and his latestentourage - forces the long-suffering Will to demand that one of them must go.Meanwhile, Will may yet earn a Nobel...
8:30 PM
Grace's (DEBRA MESSING) delight in having a bright intern (NATASHA LYONNE)whom she can mentor turns into horror when the young woman re-makes herself intothe spitting image of sassy, brassy Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) -- and that's at leastone too many Karens to handle.Meanwhile, Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Jack (SEAN HAYES) volunteer to act outscenes for a...
9:00 PM
Grace (DEBRA MESSING) has made up her mind to break up with Ben (GREGORYHINES) because she's convinced their relationship is going nowhere, but his charm andrefusal to call it quits tempt her to reconsider.Meanwhile, Jack's (SEAN HAYES) latest and most outrageous cabaret gig is anabsolute bomb until he frantically works an unwilling Will (ERIC...
9:30 PM
Grace (DEBRA MESSING) rejects an ex-boyfriend's (JEREMY PIVEN) suggestion thatshe participate with him and his girlfriend in a romantic escapade, but when sheconfides in Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY), who falls downlaughing at the prospect, the conservative Grace considers throwing caution to thewind.Meanwhile, Will tries to help a...
10:00 PM
10:30 PM
Regine suffers through a disastrous dinner with Darryl's closest friends, and realizes that she and Darryl don't have very much in common after he shares his dream of one day taking his wife on a cross-country fishing trip via RV. A panicked Regine heads to the bowling alley to seek advice from her friends; but Khadijah is flirting, while everyone else...
11:00 PM
Kyle grows weary of Synclaire's constant presence in his apartment, particularly after she ruins his iron by using it to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and scares away his date. He and Overton are at each other's throats, but have to talk things out when they get buried beneath Overton's new water bed (a suggestion of Synclaire's) while trying to...
11:30 PM
Kyle is thrilled when he is asked to serve as escort to a beautiful princess who is doing business with his company, but finds that security precautions cramp his style. Overton enlists the help of Khadijah and "secret weapon" Synclaire to gain revenge on a pair of pool hustlers. Regine exposes Max's jealousy concerning Kyle and the princess by...
12:00 AM
Khadijah vies with Marcus Hughes, a pompous reporter from the Village Voice, to break a story about a promoter who fixes fights. Khadijah appears to have the upper hand when she coaxes one of the fighters into granting an interview and providing details of the scandal. Marcus tricks the maid into letting him into Khadijah's hotel room, where he hides...
12:30 AM
Living Single
To Grandmother's House We Go
Khadijah and Regine send their mothers to the Bahamas as a Mother's Day gift, and Khadijah's grandmother comes to stay with her. Rita expresses concern about the fact that Nana has been wandering off, and fears that her age is showing. Nana vanishes, and Khadijah is stunned to find that she has returned to New Jersey for a rendezvous with her...
1:00 AM
1:30 AM
When her friends will not include her in their Saturday night plans, Regine takes her mother out to dinner. Laverne hits it off with the handsome man who picks up her napkin, who turns out to be millionaire Harrison Cushmore. Regine grows tired of seeing her mother in the society pages, and predicts that she will quickly be dumped. She turns out to be...
2:00 AM
Kyle and Max's attempts to sneak around are complicated when Overton takes a second job as a handyman in her building. She is evicted after he inadvertently exposes her illegal satellite dish to the landlord. She lays the blame on Overton, and storms out. Overton orders Kyle to come out of the bedroom to discuss the situation, but Kyle doesn't feel...
2:30 AM
As the girls reminisce in Synclaire's room the night before the wedding, a drunken Regine laments the fact that she hasn't been able to find a man. After Regine staggers off to bed, Max announces her intention to go buy some beer; but Khadijah and Synclaire are well aware of what she really wants. A defensive Max refuses to admit that her relationship...
3:00 AM
Living Single
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Max is burying herself in her work. She encourages her clients to plea bargain, so that she can get through as many cases as possible. Walter Jackson, a man accused of trespassing at a hospital, thwarts her plans by insisting on going to trial. He believes that he is the Son of God, and says he was only trying to comfort the sick. Khadijah researches...
3:30 AM
Khadijah dreams of kissing Scooter in a hot tub. Max forces her to join her at a New Age retreat, where she hopes to find the purpose of her existence. Synclaire tags along. Khadijah is bewildered when the hot tub at the facility resembles the one in her dream, and is shocked to find Scooter at the retreat. When she tells him about her dream, he...
4:00 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
My New Best Friend
After learning that two old friends are in town visiting, Eddy and Patsy set out to make new best friends.
4:40 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
White Box
Eddy decides to remodel her kitchen. She calls up her friends Bettina and Max to help her, but Eddy hates the transformation. Saffy returns from her wedding in Kenya.