November 26 2014

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6:00 AM
Secret Guide to Fabulous
Not your Typical Girl's Night In, Dance it Out, Juice Recovery, Interview Fashion
Theodore brings "girls night in" to the fabulous level by unlocking the secrets to serving a delicious seafood extravaganza at home. John braves a booty popping, shoulder shaking hip-hop dance class with Shaun T. Rob teams up with relationship expert and life coach Jordan Bach to dress up your wardrobe and your confidence before a job interview. And...
6:30 AM
Theodore shows Shaun T how to upgrade the traditional American barbecue. John and Jordan Bach save a couple's marriage by seamlessly blending their interior décor styles. Rob gets jealous as his friend Claire and John hit it off as he styles them in classic American fashion - his way. Shaun T and Theodore tie on their pink aprons and make delicious...
7:00 AM
Secret Guide to Fabulous
Vintage Fashion, Modern Workouts
John reveals how to fashion a home bar in the last place you'd imagine - your bookshelf. Rob and Ted Gibson provide one lucky lady with the clothes and the hair to make her high-style vintage from head to toe. Shaun T takes John to court, the tennis court - where he gives him a workout that's borderline insane. Theodore rescues his friend Allison,...
7:30 AM
I Love You Phillip Morris
10:00 AM
Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Jack (SEAN HAYES) awake in a precariousposition - sharing a bed in the nude - while at sea. Unable to remember everydetail from the night before, the two alleged bedfellows deny the possibility thatanything happened, but eachs grow concerned as to how to dump the other.Meanwhile, Grace's (DEBRA MESSING) discovery of a love...
10:30 AM
Earning a brief speaking role in an off-Broadway play, Jack (SEAN HAYES)shares the stage with legendary actor JAMES EARL JONES (as Himself).However, when the play's director rejects James' performance in favor of Jack'sone-line triumph, he turns to his co-star for instruction - enrolling in theMcFarland acting school.Meanwhile, new roommates Will (ERIC...
11:00 AM
Continuing his new role as caretaker for a disabled Marilyn (BLYTHE DANNER),a resentful Will (ERIC McCORMACK) takes his wheelchair-bound mother for anafternoon roll in the park and bumps into an attractive bachelor Tom (DYLANMcDERMOTT) wheeling an invalid of his own. Using his mother as a reason fora daily rendezvous in the park, Will attempts to...
11:30 AM
Pressured by her lawyer, Will (ERIC McCORMACK), Karen (MEGANMULLALLY) decides it's time for her annual Walker corporate physical, butbegins to regret this decision after being examined by a slightly unorthodoxphysician, Dr. Isaac Hershberg (JACK BLACK).Elsewhere, while accompanying Karen to her physical, Jack (SEAN HAYES)finds his true calling -...
12:00 PM
Happy Endings
The Ex Factor
Jane's ex comes to town for a visit, and Brad is shocked to discover that "Ryan" is a woman. Meanwhile, Max's cool new roommate works wonders with the apartment, but when he suddenly disappears, the gang investigates and digs into his private life.
12:30 PM
Happy Endings
The Marry Prankster
When the gang pranks Max into believing he won a lottery jackpot, he swears to exact revenge on them when they least expect it. Meanwhile, Penny suspects Pete has big plans for them; and Jane learns that Brad's new job is all fun and games after he lands a position at a kids' gym. Max's vow to play a series of vengeful pranks on his friends threatens...
1:00 PM
Happy Endings
Our Best Friend's Wedding
In order to get Pete to change his mind about eloping with Penny, wannabe matrimonial coordinator Jane spirits the whole gang to a wedding exposition. Once there, Max and Brad wind up at a gay-marriage part of the expo, while Alex and Dave contemplate their own commitment issues.
1:30 PM
Happy Endings
In the Heat of the Noche
Brad learns Chuckles and Huggs may be closing and sets out to save it, with help from the gang. Meanwhile, Penny and Max seek to put an end to their nocturnal problem of texting the men in their lives, and turn to a black-market cough medicine to help them sleep.
2:00 PM
Happy Endings
The Incident
Jane and Alex recommend Max to their longtime hairdresser, who dishes some juicy gossip about the ladies and triggers a sisterly war between them. Meanwhile, the Steak Me Home food wagon is truck-napped, and Penny and Dave go looking for the thief.
2:30 PM
Happy Endings
The Straight Dope
Max pretends to be straight when he meets an attractive woman who has Chicago Bulls season tickets. Meanwhile, Alex sets out to prove she's not a dumb blonde, but her newfound intelligence throws off the group dynamic.
3:00 PM
Happy Endings
Bros Before Bros
As her wedding approaches, Penny reaches out to her estranged father, and after an awkward reunion optimistic Alex offers encouragement, but Jane is skeptical. Meanwhile, Dave recruits Max and Brad to help sabotage his archrival's food truck, Max winds up falling for the competitor's son and faces a tough...
3:30 PM
Happy Endings
More Like Stanksgiving
It's Thanksgiving dinner at Alex and Dave's new place, but he goes a little overboard when he feeds his guests a heaping helping of his heritage in his efforts to have them experience the holiday in a Navajo way. Meanwhile, Max scores a copy of the lost season of "The Real World," in which he and Brad were cast members, and this sets off a trip down...
4:00 PM
Attending a local gallery opening, Will (ERIC McCORMACK) catches the eye of arich plastic surgeon (HAL LINDEN), who uses his vast fortune to provide themodest lawyer with a new level of material possessions. However, when Willrealizes that he has become a "lady of leisure," he decides to confront his sugardaddy/boyfriend.Meanwhile, Grace's (DEBRA...
4:30 PM
Love is in the air as Will's (ERIC McCORMACK) slightly eccentric new client(DAVE FOLEY) falls for Jack (SEAN HAYES) after he interrupts their meeting,but when Jack refuses to accept the romantic offer, Will sinks to bribing him inthe hopes of furthering his career.Elsewhere, Grace (DEBRA MESSING) and Karen (MEGAN MULLALLY) take atrip to Leo's cabin in...
5:00 PM
Dynamic entrepreneurs Will (ERIC McCORMACK) and Grace (DEBRAMESSING) begin a new business venture, buying old apartments to refurbishand resell for a tidy profit. When budding student nurse Jack (SEAN HAYES)bumps into his former acting mentor Zandra (EILEEN BRENNAN), the pair ofentrepreneurs finds their first project apartment.Meanwhile, Karen (MEGAN...
5:30 PM
Enjoying the success of their new business venture, entrepreneurs Will (ERICMcCORMACK) and Grace (DEBRA MESSING) help their apartment buyers Jack(SEAN HAYES) and Stuart (DAVE FOLEY) settle into their new life under oneroof. However, when Grace receives a higher offer on the apartment, the"friendly flippers" attempt to break-up the happy couple by...
6:00 PM
Kill Bill Vol. 1
8:30 PM
Kill Bill Vol. 1
11:00 PM
Wade temporarily moves in with Noah, causing much more tension than Noah expected. Meanwhile, Chance's special request to his boyhood church is met with a less than enthusiastic response; Alex ignores signs that his relationship with Trey is less than repaired; and Ricky smarts over the state of his affair with the handsome doctor,...
11:30 PM
As tensions mount between Noah and Wade, a handsome stranger threatens to rip them apart. Meanwhile, Chance and Eddie take a big step; Alex misreads the signs about his relationship; and Ricky tries desperately to forget about Junito.
12:00 AM
Noah and the gang experience more than just a physical shake-up! A traveler returns with some interesting 'baggage'.
12:30 AM
A shopping trip for new house furnishings goes awry when a family member disappears and blasts from the past threaten to reignite old flames. Ricky surprises himself, and a certain someone, with a revelation.
1:00 AM
What do you get when you mix a double-date with your ex, two scandalous encounters with hired help, a third wheel house guest and two desperate housewives? A recipe for disaster.
1:30 AM
Let the party begin! Noah's day is turned topsy-turvy when a British hip-hop star crash lands in town. His idea of a good time stirs up plenty of trouble, but leads to a budding reconnection...and a revelation!
2:00 AM
Ricky's love life gets complicated, Noah's new 'friend' turns up the heat, a desperate housewife struggles to find what she truly wants, a birthday boy gets offered more than slice of cake, and someone needs a straight jacket!
2:30 AM
Someone is fired, someone is fired up, and someone puts out a fire. Noah is invited on a popular talk show when a certain hot topic gets controversial, but he's got a few things to work out first.
3:00 AM
It's a dark day in the life of our guys as one of the friends experiences homophobia in the worst possible way. Resolutions may be found.but at what cost?
3:30 AM
If you thought the wedding at the end of Season 1 was a killer closer, wait until you see how this one ends! July 4th weekend in Los Angeles can only mean one thing.Black Gay Pride! There's no better way to end Season 2 than for Noah and the gang get themselves, and their outfits, together for a charity fashion show and the annual beach...
4:00 AM
5:00 AM