November 21 2014

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6:00 AM
Three women with dirty jobs are put to the test with Drag Professors Pandora Boxx, Ongina and Shannel cracking the whip. Hollywood's hardest working mom Kris Kardahsian-Jenner joins the faculty for the draguation ceremony.
7:00 AM
It's a family affair when RuPaul's three sisters show up for class at Drag U. Drag Professors Jujubee, Raven and Shannel get to the bottom of the family rivalries. No stranger to family drama herself, Kelly Osbourne guest stars.
8:00 AM
Three moms on the brink of emotional breakdowns connect with their long-lost inner divas. Visiting Professor Debi Mazar cheers on these brave mothers. Drag U Professors Morgan McMichaels, Pandora Boxx and Shannel spread a little magic on their tired souls.
9:00 AM
A family of three is put to the test, as two daughters and one mother compete for top honors. Iconic TV mom Meredith Baxter sets their family ties straight as Visiting Professor.
10:00 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Week In Provence
Eddy and Patsy take a trip to France. After a little booze and no understanding of French, their trip quickly turns into a disaster. Saffy and Bubble come to rescue them.
10:40 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy, the 'Executive Fashion Director' of a magazine, has a blowout with her models. She tries to convince Saffy and her grandmother into taking their place on a fashion makeover TV appearance.
11:20 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy becomes involved with a sex scandal. Eddy goes to the hospital.
12:00 PM
An old biker-buddy of Dan's blows into Lanford and brings with him pictures of the old days, and memories of the past. Dan and Roseanne are hit with the realization that they have forsaken their wild rebels-on-wheels days for the "peacefulness" of household domesticity. Rosey wants the old feelings back, Dan wants to pull his old bike out and sell it....
12:30 PM
Roseanne believes she's sunk to an all-time low when she applies for a job at a beauty salon sweeping floors, making coffee, and answering phones---three of the things she does at home. What she discovers at the beauty shop, however, are great friends and foils for her barbed tongue.
1:00 PM
Roseanne's new co-workers start to nag her about her weight. She takes their remarks to heart and decides to go on a vigorous diet and workout program. For support, she drags Dan into her fitness craze too, and together they attempt to lose weight and increase their health.
1:30 PM
All of Me (Part 1 of 2)
Jackie has finally gotten lucky. She's started an exciting new relationship with an interesting man, but Roseanne sees things differently, and can't resist getting involved. Rosey feels Jackie is trying to be someone else and Dan keeps telling Rosey to stay out of it. When she doesn't, it causes a rift between them that is hard to...
2:00 PM
To Tell the Truth (Part 2 of 2)
Roseanne's unwanted meddling into Jackie's new love affair has caused the two sisters to stop speaking to each other. But when Jackie gets engaged, she breaks the silence so she can break the news. As Roseanne goes ahead with the wedding plans, Jackie and her fiancé decide to postpone the wedding indefinitely. Now she has to break the news to...
2:30 PM
Roseanne gets into a car crash with Mrs. Wellman, her former employer. After a visit to the hospital, Roseanne comes home to spend a few agonizing days recuperating. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to get some cash out of Mrs. Wellman, Dan calls on a favor from a lawyer friend of his. This lawyer turns out to be a complete loser, and pretty...
3:00 PM
Income tax deadlines find Roseanne and Dan giving the kids a frantic lesson in "One-Minute" family accounting. Roseanne adds to the problem by never receiving a 1099 form for work she had done with a former employer. Dan goes into panic and Jackie feeds it even more with her police tales of those who messed with the IRS. Fearing the worst, Dan and...
3:30 PM
Fathers and Daughters
In an effort to get closer to Becky and Darlene, Roseanne and Dan stray into strange new terrain: Roseanne watches a basketball game with Darlene, and Dan goes clothes shopping with Becky at the mall.
4:00 PM
When her friends will not include her in their Saturday night plans, Regine takes her mother out to dinner. Laverne hits it off with the handsome man who picks up her napkin, who turns out to be millionaire Harrison Cushmore. Regine grows tired of seeing her mother in the society pages, and predicts that she will quickly be dumped. She turns out to be...
4:30 PM
Kyle and Max's attempts to sneak around are complicated when Overton takes a second job as a handyman in her building. She is evicted after he inadvertently exposes her illegal satellite dish to the landlord. She lays the blame on Overton, and storms out. Overton orders Kyle to come out of the bedroom to discuss the situation, but Kyle doesn't feel...
5:00 PM
Living Single
Living Single Undercover
Max enlists Khadijah's help in exposing an embezzlement scheme at City Hall. Ty Richardson, Flavor's cocky new reporter, demands the story, but is arrested in a barroom brawl. With the deadline approaching, Khadijah and Max decide to handle things themselves. They break into the office of a woman who had taken a suspicious vacation, and discover that...
5:30 PM
As the girls reminisce in Synclaire's room the night before the wedding, a drunken Regine laments the fact that she hasn't been able to find a man. After Regine staggers off to bed, Max announces her intention to go buy some beer; but Khadijah and Synclaire are well aware of what she really wants. A defensive Max refuses to admit that her relationship...
6:00 PM
The Phoenix Suns come to town, and Max convinces Khadijah to visit the team's locker room and ask out Cedric Ceballos, with whom she has often flirted during interviews. Khadijah becomes so nervous over the date that she gets a splitting headache. Max tries to get her some aspirin, but accidentally gives her four herbal tranquilizers. (Regine had a...
6:30 PM
Synclaire auditions for a role in a prominent comedy troupe, whose alumni include Whoopi Goldberg and a guy from Good Times. Although her audition is extremely impressive, she learns that all the spots for women have been filled. Synclaire disguises herself as a man and assumes the role of James "Jimmy" Overton. She wins the part and (thanks to...
7:00 PM
Living Single
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Max is burying herself in her work. She encourages her clients to plea bargain, so that she can get through as many cases as possible. Walter Jackson, a man accused of trespassing at a hospital, thwarts her plans by insisting on going to trial. He believes that he is the Son of God, and says he was only trying to comfort the sick. Khadijah researches...
7:30 PM
Khadijah dreams of kissing Scooter in a hot tub. Max forces her to join her at a New Age retreat, where she hopes to find the purpose of her existence. Synclaire tags along. Khadijah is bewildered when the hot tub at the facility resembles the one in her dream, and is shocked to find Scooter at the retreat. When she tells him about her dream, he...
8:00 PM
Grace contemplates having an affair with a married man. Elsewhere, Jack begins new career as a host of his new talk show "Jack Talk." Will (Eric McCormack) gets some advice from Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) and tries to hide from Karen (Megan Mullally) the fact that Stan is alive. Shelly Morrison also stars.
8:30 PM
Will (Eric McCormack) makes it his own personal mission to emotionally heal Karen (Megan Mullally) when he suspects that she is more upset about Stanley being alive than she's actually letting on. Surprisingly for him, he discovers a few areas where he needs some healing of his own. Meanwhile, Grace (Debra Messing) becomes the target of rage from gay...
9:00 PM
When Jack (Sean Hayes) learns that Will (Eric McCormack) never learned to swim, Jack insists that he teach Will how. Meanwhile, Karen (Megan Mullally) sets Grace (Debra Messing) up on a blind date with one of Malcolms (guest star Alec Baldwin) friends, but Grace can't stand him or his penchant for bad poetry during their seemingly never-ending...
9:30 PM
Karen (Megan Mullally) is finally forced to come to terms with her feelings for her presumed-dead husband when Jack (Sean Hayes) surprisingly tells her he thinks she belongs with Stanley, not Malcolm (guest star Alec Baldwin). Karen is adamant that she will never forgive Stan and wants nothing to do with him-until Malcolm informs her that Stan has...
10:00 PM
10:30 PM
Rose has a new man, Carl, in her life but suddenly out of the blue Miles returns, still undercover in the Witness Protection Program. However, things get hairy when Carl reveals himself to be the mobster that is after Miles. Meanwhile, Sophia loses her glasses.
11:00 PM
The Golden Girls
What a Difference a Date Makes
The man who stood Dorothy up for her senior prom contacts her and they make a date. After learning why he stood her up, Dorothy unleashes her wrath on the person at fault, Sophia.
11:30 PM
The girls prepare for the Children's Hospital Bachelorette Auction and a reluctant Dorothy decides to participate. She is in for a quick surprise when Stan walks in and begins bidding. Meanwhile, Sophia's brother, Angelo, comes to Miami, broke and with no place to live.
12:00 AM
The Golden Girls
Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (1)
The deathbed confession of an ex-patient at Shady Pines means bad news for Sophia, since in her confession she stated that she and Sophia started the 1985 Shady Pines fire.
12:30 AM
The Golden Girls
Henny Penny - Straight, No Chaser
Dorothy is in charge of directing a school play, Henny Penny, but when the cast is quarantined, she gets Rose, Blanche, and herself to perform as the leads. But when Rose reads the ending, she wants no part in the play.
1:00 AM
1:30 AM
Living Single
The Hand That Robs The Cradle
While the girls are at the cafe, an attractive young man named Brendan approaches Max. He is an NYU freshman who met her at the job fair, and asks for the opportunity to discuss points of the law. Khadijah insists that Brendan is hitting on Max. Max later admits that Brendan asked her out. After her friends make many, many jokes, Max claims that she...
2:00 AM
Kyle convinces Overton to double date with his old girlfriend and her cousin, Summer. Overton and Summer hit it off at dinner, but he feels as though he is cheating on Synclaire. Kyle reminds him that Synclaire has never shown any romantic interest in him, and encourages him to ask Summer out. When the girls run into Overton and Summer, Synclaire...
2:30 AM
Living Single
Hot Fun In The Wintertime
Synclaire wins a trip for two to the Bahamas from a radio trivia contest, but cannot decide who should accompany her. Khadijah and Overton irritate her so much with their petty bickering and attempts to manipulate her that it nearly drives her crazy. Regine advises her to stand up for herself and not let the duo's behavior affect her. Synclaire becomes...
3:00 AM
Khadijah's college friend Jackie comes to town for an audition. She stays at the girls' apartment, and convinces Khadijah to give her a job at Flavor. Max is extremely jealous, and warns that Jackie is an opportunist who will hit Khadijah up for a loan. In college, Jackie convinced Max and Khadijah to start a sandwich business, only to drop it after...
3:30 AM
When Khadijah is stricken by the flu, she reluctantly allows Synclaire to take charge of the office. However, she enlists Regine (who is on a paid vacation while the boutique undergoes remodeling) to go into the office to keep an eye on Synclaire. Russell, the music editor, is furious when his column is cut (although it was Khadijah's decision). He...
4:00 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Week In Provence
Eddy and Patsy take a trip to France. After a little booze and no understanding of French, their trip quickly turns into a disaster. Saffy and Bubble come to rescue them.
4:40 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy, the 'Executive Fashion Director' of a magazine, has a blowout with her models. She tries to convince Saffy and her grandmother into taking their place on a fashion makeover TV appearance.
5:20 AM
Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy becomes involved with a sex scandal. Eddy goes to the hospital.