The Best of Patsy

We're celebrating the best of Patsy with these five episodes of Absolutely Fabulous.


Patsy tries to convince Minnie Driver to let her be her personal stylist.


Saffron, Edina, and Patsy get stuck in a room and exchange stories about where their own birth.


Patsy injects a dangerous chemical into her face to get rid of wrinkles and become more beautiful.

Huntin', Shootin', & Fishin'

Patsy spends a weekend at a country house hotel and things get a little wild.

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    • 8/02/11

Full Summary

  1. Sweetie darling, the hard partying, high living ladies of AbFab are finally right where they belong-on Logo! Edina's a publicist living the life of excess encouraged mainly by her best friend/enabler, fashion director Patsy Stone. The two middle-aged gals drink, snort and cavort their way through every latest craze, from soaking in isolation tanks to adopting Russian babies, anything to stay on the cutting edge of what's hip, hot and now. In a reversal of roles, Edina's daughter Saffy is the one reasonable person in the family, offering Edina a parental voice in contrast to Patsy's decandence-loving, substance-abusing influence. With an extended cast of characters including Bubble, Edina's babbling cartoon-like assistant, and her not-quite-there mother, AbFab brings you into the world of these fad-obsessed besties where nothing is sacred and no one is spared in their quest for fame and style.