The Arrangement

Ten designers, over the top challenges.

Episode 1, Season 1: The Arrangement

Ten of the most innovative floral designers from around the country come together for a fierce competition that will test their skills and teamwork.

Episode 2, Season 1: The Arrangement

The designers are inspired by the release of SAW VII: 3D and are asked to deliver a horrifically beautiful bouquet to the movie's number one fan.

Episode 3, Season 1: The Arrangement

The designers are challenged to recycle organic produce, locally grown flowers, and recycled floral elements into stylish spectacles.

Episode 4, Season 1: The Arrangement

From fabric flowers to blossoming bonnets, the designers hit the runway with their take on horticultural haute couture.

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Full Summary

  1. Ten floral artists compete in ten "over the top challenges" before crowning a champion.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Gigi Levangie Grazer has written numerous screenplays, among them the movie "Stepmom," starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon. Her first novel, "Rescue Me", was published by Simon and Schuster in June 2000. Her next novel, "Maneater", was published in June 2003. "The Starter Wife", her third novel, was published in June, 2005. Her fourth novel, "Queen Takes King", came out last June.

  2. - Eric Buterbaugh has earned the reputation as America's premier floral designer with a trademark elegance born of a melding of startling innovation to a sense of timelessness. Whether he designs for personal gifts, intimate gatherings or grandiose events, his creations convey a unique sense of opulence, luxury and freshness. His one of a kind creations have found their way into the hearts of Hollywood's beacons of Society, Fashion, Beauty and the Entertainment industries. Eric has an extensive list of celebrity clients such as Madonna, Tobey McGuire, Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Lopez.

  3. Orange County, California - At 19, Anil developed a passion for flowers accidentally when he took a part time job at a little florist shop to make some money while attending school. Now at 26 and after attending the Southern Institute of Floral Design in Anaheim, he does freelance floral art for weddings and events all over Orange County, CA, under his own business: Floral Artistry by Anil. Promiscuous, egotistical, talented, and handsome are just a few words he uses to describe himself. And with a big mouth and big balls (metaphorically speaking), Anil is always guaranteed to stir up some drama.

  4. Los Angeles, CA - Bonnie says she was born to design. 20 years ago, the first product this high school dropout designed was a floral container. At trade shows she would arrange flowers in them to dress up her booth. When she lost her job as the business consultant for a florist, she decided to start out doing flowers on her own. For 12 weeks, she has been running her own floral design business. New to the industry, Bonnie hopes to show the competition designs they've never seen before.

  1. Traverse City, Michigan - At 25, this small town boy from Michigan already has 10 years of experience in the floral industry. Living directly above his storefront, Derek is a one-man shop. He was recently inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design and business has never been better for him. Although he looks anything but intimidating, this edgy designer knows his stuff.

  2. Los Angeles, California - The best advice his floral design teacher taught him 15 years ago was, "Learn all the rules and then know how to break them." And Eddie breaks ALL the rules in his quest to be the best. With a long list of celebrity clientele and 22 years of experience under his belt, this flamboyant family man is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Chicago, Illinois - Don't let her happy-go-lucky sweetness fool you, this self-taught floral designer was once a Cook County Sheriff in Chicago. After working 4 years in a correctional facility, she started a floral business with her friend. When her friend left the company to raise a family, Gloria kept the company growing. After many years of successful business, Gloria moved the company to Los Angeles. She is here to have fun while sizing up the competition.

  4. Pasadena, California - Guillermo came to America from Argentina 10 years ago to learn English and study international business. Two years later he discovered the business of flowers and is now the head designer at Jacob Maarse in Pasadena, CA. Although his father was never supportive of his career decision, Guillermo is not a quitter. But will his sweet and calm demeanor clash in a studio full of hot heads?

  1. Redondo Beach, California - Jenny says that flowers make her heart happy. Self taught from working in a flower shop at 15, she proclaims to have magical hands and the ability to talk to flowers. Owner of Magical Blooms in Redondo Beach, CA, Jenny lives in the moment and follows her heart when it comes to designing.

  2. Chicago, Illinois - If you ever saw Russ walking through the streets of Chicago, you'd never think he worked with flowers. With a physique like the Harley he rides, this bandana wearing, tattoo covered competitive body builder is actual the CEO of a highly successful flower business. Russ on Flowers consists of 5 companies dedicated to the promotion of flowers. Immersed in flowers since birth, this third generation florist took his grandfather's little flower shop that was frequented by Al Capone in the 20's, and turned it into the powerhouse it is today. But at the end of the day, he just wants to do a good job and make his customers happy.

  3. Pasadena, California - The veteran of the group, Tara has been in the floral industry for 31 years. Inspired after taking a floriculture class in high school, she has never once received formal training. Now running the second location of Hidden Garden in Westlake Village, CA, Tara is the go to person for every aspect of the business. Although her confidence and competitive nature can be taken as bitchy, Tara can handle anything thrown at her.

  4. Burbank, CA - Everyone knows when Tenley's in the room. Her punk rock fashion, tall Mohawk, and infectious laugh will always capture your attention. Fun and outgoing, she first started working with flowers when she was 16. After losing her job, car, and apartment last year, she now lives with her parents and works out of their garage. She considers this competition her last opportunity to save her floral design business.