Bad Sex Season 2

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Watch Dr. Chris Donaghue treat Jennifer with her sex addiction online and on the app!

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Watch Vince finally get over his past and move on.

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What happens when you find out it's not just a sex addiction? Find out NOW!

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Full Summary

  1. His clients' issues range from dangerous promiscuity to clinical frigidity, from porn addiction to compulsive public sex. Their disorders are out of control, and that's why they've come to noted sex specialist, Christopher Donaghue in search of help. Under his supervision, they'll join a unique sex therapy group where they'll finally address their deep-rooted issues around infidelity, trust, relationship intimacy and sexual addiction. The cameras will be there too, capturing these dynamic group sessions and the sometimes explosive exchanges among clients. Each episode will also feature a deeper examination of the treatment process & progress of each individual group member. Can Chris lead them away from sexual destruction & addiction, and toward healthier lives?

Meet the Cast

  1. - Christopher Donaghue is a sexuality expert specializing in the sexuality spectrum and addictive behaviors such as sexual compulsivity/sex addiction, as well as mood and relational intimacy disorders.