Be Good Johnny Weir

Be Good Johnny Weir goes behind the sequins to examine the outrageous and outspoken three-time U.S. National Figure Skating Champion and World Medalist Johnny Weir.

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Tara runs into a few "snags along the way.'

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Johnny gets accredited!

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Johnny gets a pedi.

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Johnny meets his fans in Japan.

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Johnny takes his Mom to Russia.

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Full Summary

  1. "Be Good Johnny Weir" goes behind the sequins to examine the outrageous and outspoken Johnny Weir - the Lady Gaga of figure skating. Struggling to make it to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Johnny's controversial costumes and routines made him one of the most talked about figures on ice.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Johnny Weir discovered his passion for ice skating when he was 12 years old; his parents supported him by moving to Newark, Delaware so he could be near his coach.

  2. - Galina Zmievskaya has been a figure skating coach for over forty years. Formerly based in Odessa, Ukraine, Zmievskaya was part of the Soviet sports machine that produced multiple Olympic and World champions and made the Soviet Union the most powerful figure skating nation. She coached Viktor Petrenko and Oksana Baiul to Olympic and World gold medals in the early 1990s. After the 1994 Olympic season, Zmievskaya relocated to the United States. She currently coaches Johnny Weir at the Ice Vault in New Jersey.

  3. - Viktor Petrenko was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and competed for the former Soviet Union. He was coached by Galina Zmievskaya from the age of nine. Under her tutelage, Petrenko became 1984 World Junior Champion, 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1992 Olympic Champion and 1992 World Champion. After the 1992 season, Petrenko married Zmievskaya's daughter Nina. Petrenko coaches at the Ice Vault in New Jersey and still tours professionally.

  4. - Nina Petrenko was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine where she trained as a dancer at the Odessa School of Ballet. Though her mother Galina Zmievskaya was an important figure skating coach, she never pursued the sport. Instead, she became a dancer with the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater before turning to choreography. In 1992, she married her mother's star pupil, Viktor Petrenko and their daughter Viktoria was born in 1997. Petrenko has choreographed figure skating programs for Ekaterina Gordeeva, Lucinda Ruh, Silvia Fontana, Scott Davis, Johnny Weir and Ksenia Makarova, among others, and she coaches at the Ice Vault in New Jersey.

  1. - The Ultimate Skating Mom and unpaid manager, Patti accompanies Johnny to all of his competitions and gives him notes afterward in her straight talking approach.

  2. - Tara Modlin is a former national competitive figure skater and current coach, originally from Great Neck, Long Island. Since she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000, she has become Founder and President of Fireworks ICS, a New York-based sports and entertainment marketing firm.

  3. - Justin "Paris" Childers is a former figure skater and long-time friend of Johnny Weir. Johnny's former roommate, Paris now lives with a group of Johnny's friends known as The Dingles.

  4. - Stephanie Handler is a well-known costumer in the figure skating arena. She has been designing costumes with Johnny for twelve years. As a lover of fashion, Johnny designs all of his own costumes. Only one person, Handler, has been able to turn his sketches and ideas into masterpieces.