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"Beautiful People" is "The Wonder Years" meets "Absolutely Fabulous". Beautiful People, the hit British series based on the childhood of Simon Doonan, comes stateside.

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  1. Ep. 206 | ‘How I Got My Gash’Ep. 206 | ‘How I Got My Gash’

    Simon decides to run away after being bullied, but returns after finding he has something in common with the new boy at school. Debbie launches her acting career. Ashlene reveals startling news as her baby is about to arrive.

  2. Ep. 205 | ‘How I Got My Turner’Ep. 205 | ‘How I Got My Turner’

    Debbie becomes a muse for a Turner-Prize winning artist. Simon and Kylie take Indian dancing lessons. Aunt Hayley discovers a new career in telephone astrology.

  3. Ep. 204 | ‘How I Got My Camp’Ep. 204 | ‘How I Got My Camp’

    The Doonan's plans for a holiday abroad are ruined. Kylie's violent father visits after getting out of prison.

  4. Ep. 203 | ‘How I Got My Water Feature’Ep. 203 | ‘How I Got My Water Feature’

    Simon and Kylie get a job in a boutique to raise money to buy a water feature for the garden. A sexy personal trainer inspires everyone to get in shape.

  5. Ep. 202 | ‘How I Got My Plumes’Ep. 202 | ‘How I Got My Plumes’

    A hot new teacher and his boyfriend come to dinner. Simon and Kylie form a pop band and go to the Eurovision Song Contest.

  6. Ep. 201 | ‘How I Got My Groom’Ep. 201 | ‘How I Got My Groom’

    After returning to Reading, Simon remembers how he discovered his parents were unmarried. Simon plans a wedding for his parents, where his sister reveals some shocking news.

  7. Ep. 106 | ‘How I Got My Globe’Ep. 106 | ‘How I Got My Globe’

    Simon is homesick. With a beer in a bar that is about as English as Dick Van Dyke, Simon turns to the plastic London skyline of his snow-globe and thoughts of home.

  8. Ep. 105 | ‘How I Got My Tongs’Ep. 105 | ‘How I Got My Tongs’

    Simon admires the curls on his window display dolls. He is soon telling a bald celebrity that the secret to his curls is in his "special tongs".

  9. Ep. 104 | ‘How I Got My Posh’Ep. 104 | ‘How I Got My Posh’

    Designer pals float around Simon's apartment in awe until they clock the loo with its gaudy leopard print, glitterball and resident Posh Spice doll.

  10. Ep. 103 | ‘How I Got My Beads’Ep. 103 | ‘How I Got My Beads’

    Simon sports fetching black beads as he shares a bong with like-minded poncho-clad types. One toke annihilates him and he passes out. A crowd gathers over him and attempts to steal his beads.

  11. Ep. 102 | ‘How I Got My Nose’Ep. 102 | ‘How I Got My Nose’

    Simon knows he has good looks. People in the street tell him so. But when a one night Hunk notes Simon's broken nose, his world shatters.

  12. Ep. 101 | ‘How I Got My Vase’Ep. 101 | ‘How I Got My Vase’

    Dapper Simon ponders the accoutrements of his designer life. Britain might have been changing, but the Doonan family (Mum Debbie, Dad Andy, sister Ashlene and blind lodger Aunty Hayley) remain consistently nuts. But even the most splintered of families can function as a whole and Simon describes his family to classmates when he was 13 years old with mocking affection - which is exactly why "right old alkie" Debbie has reservations.

Full Summary

  1. Beautiful People

    It's 1997. Thirteen-year-old Simon and his best friend Kyle can't open a fridge door without belting out a show tune. And his family is even more eccentric. Simon's Mom, Debbie, is a whirlwind of matriarchal warmth in killer heels. His Dad, Andy, is a lovable Irish softy and avid wine maker and older sister, Ashlene, is a wannabe ghetto queen. Then there's Aunty Hayley who never seems to leave and grandma Narg, who lost God and found a foul mouth.

    Based on the childhood memoirs of window-dresser extraordinaire, style arbiter and writer Simon Doonan, the sitcom follows his childhood reminiscences of escaping the grey gloom of suburban England to live amongst the Beautiful People - before coming to the realization that true beauty, as ever, is closer than we think.

Meet the Cast

  1. Played by Samuel Barnett - Simon is twenty-four all grown up and happily living in New York as a window dresser for Barneys... 'one of the most glamorous stores in the world'. Fashionable and confident, he loves to recall his bonkers childhood - knowing that the beautiful people were really much closer to home than he thought.

  2. Played by Luke Ward-Wilkinson - Simon Doonan (thirteen), Born in Reading but cannot wait to escape to the Beautiful People - but happy to be the perfect son in the meantime...and occasional hairstylist. Thinks there is a better life to be had out there. He is going through what all teenagers go through trying to find out who he is. Simon knows that he is a tad different. Spends most of his time learning dance routines and idolising the Spice Girls or anything popular. Best friends with Kylie who lives across the street and whose real name is Kyle.

  3. Played by Olivia Colman - Debbie Doonan, a bottle-blonde barmaid in killer heels. Warm matriarch, forthright in her opinions to the point of foot in mouth. Would do anything for her family. Ever glamorous, Debbie likes a laugh and a drink. Allows her children to be whoever they want to be. Strong, loving, protective and funny. Doesn't look before she leaps. Has a great right hook.

  4. Played by Aidan McArdle - Andy Doonan, Self-employed plumber. A kind Irish gentle man. Encyclopedic knowledge of musicals and winemaking and very well read. Still madly in love with Debbie. A loving Dad... and a really nice bloke. Wants to make sure he brings his kids up better than he was. Attractive.

  1. Played by Layton Williams - Kylie (REAL NAME: KYLE), Simon's best friend Kylie is an extraordinary bundle of energy and smart dance moves. Small enough to get away with murder, he too wants to join the beautiful people who live in London. He's cheeky, fun and fabulous at all times. Life would be pretty bleak without Kylie.

  2. Played by Meera Syal - Aunty Hayley, Debbie's best friend and lodger. Hayley has been blind since birth but is perfectly happy about that. She's single and looking for love. A bit of an old hippie who was definitely one of the Greenham Common girls. Like a second mother to the Doonan kids. Into any new age therapy going, indeed anything that will brighten her life.

  3. Played by Sophie Ash - Ashlene Doonan, sixteen and over it. Thinks everyone else is a freak... totally embarrassed by her family. She's generally happiest when she is enslaving her little brother and getting together with all the local lads in the area. Truth to tell she would rather be down and dirty with the boys in the hood.

  4. Played by Sarah Niles - Reba, single mother of Kylie. Ballsy and straightforward. A force to be reckoned with though her son is far more of a princess than she is. Reba has a tempestuous relationship with her neighbors the Doonans and indeed with anyone else within firing range.

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