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A witch, her mortal husband and trouble-making mother find that behind its seemingly perfect veneer, suburban life is a bubbling cauldron of potential mishaps and hijinks. It�s TV�s gayest non-gay show ever.

NewNowNext's 5 Favorite Film & TV Witches

Count down five of the best witches from film and television history.

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Full Summary

  1. Bewitched stars Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens, a beautiful witch who marries a mortal named Darrin, an advertising executive, played by Dick York in the first five seasons. In the sixth season and for the remainder of the series, Dick York is replaced by Dick Sargent. Samantha attempts to lead the life of a typical, suburban housewife, but she's continually tempted to use her witchcraft. With a twitch of her nose, she can instantly clean a kitchen, change outfits and make people appear or disappear. Darrin struggles to get ahead in business and cope with his disapproving mother-in-law. Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, schemes to eliminate Darrin from her daughter's life and refuses to call him by his real name, preferring Durwood, Dum-Dum or anything else. Gladys Kravitz, the ultimate nosy neighbor, is always peeking through her window, hoping to prove that something strange is going on at the Stephens house. Of course she's right, but she never catches any of the witches, warlocks or other colorful characters who parade in and out.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Five-time Oscar nominee Agnes Moorehead earned five Emmy nominations for her work on Bewitched. Moorehead was heard in thousands of radio broadcasts, including March of Time, Cavalcade of America and Mayor to the Town. Late in the 1940s she gave a tour de force radio performance in Sorry Wrong Number . She was a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre Players and played the great actor's mother in Citizen Kane.

  2. - Elizabeth Montgomery made her TV debut in her father's series Robert Montgomery Presents and her film debut in 1955 in The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell. While best remembered for playing Samantha in Bewitched, Montgomery refused to do Samantha's famous witch-twitch for fans after the show went off the air, and was reluctant to discuss the role. She spent the years after Bewitched playing dramatic roles that took her as far away from the good-natured Samantha as possible.

  3. - Dick Sargent was born Richard Cox on April 19 , 1930 in Carmel, California . Although best remembered as Darrin #2 on Bewitched , Sargent was a prolific actor possessed of a great range. Over the course of his career Sargent appeared in numerous motion pictures and made-for-TV movies, and also made guest appearances on TV shows from Gunsmoke to Taxi .