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The Best of Fitz William

Fitz William wants something the American Girl doll has.

Fitz William's Last Dying Wish

The Wish Granters Foundation visits Fitz William.

Fitz William Enrolls in Hogwarts

Fitz William tries to use magic to get his wish.

Dance Finale

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  1. Headed by a cast of eight fresh, up-and-coming comedic actors, The Big Gay Sketch Show features a combination of traditional and music-based sketches, pop culture parodies and recurring characters, all from a unique LGBT perspective. Check out the gay werewolf, the gay Facts of Life, All in the Family, The Honeymooners and more!

Meet the Cast

  1. - DIRECTOR. Best known for her portrayal of Marcy Rhoades D'arcy, the manic, feminist/careerist neighbor on the long running series MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN, Amanda Bearse is also a prominent spokesperson for lesbian and gay rights in the entertainment industry and a very busy director on television. Born in Winter Park, FL, Bearse came to acting through high school and community theater and later moved to New York, where she studied acting with Sanford Meisner. Her first major acting role was as Amanda Cousins on the daytime drama ALL MY CHILDREN from 1982 to 1984. Her early film appearances consisted of small roles in features such as FIRST AFFAIR (made for television) and FRIGHT NIGHT, before MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN came along in 1987. Originally, her portrayal and image were that of a perky supporting player but as the series evolved, the writing for her character did as well and her portrayal became harder, much funnier, and much edgier. Bearse also studied directing at the American Film Institute and U.S.C., and most viewers were less aware of the fact that from the middle of the series' run, she became one of the program's regular directors. During this period she emerged as a spokesperson for gay and lesbian rights, declaring her sexuality openly in October 1993 as part of National Coming Out Day and thus becoming the Human Rights Campaign first 'poster child'. After the end of the series' run of ten seasons, Bearse concentrated largely on directing and has been behind the camera for over sixteen years, helming over 100 episodes of sitcoms. Before BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW, Bearse directed multiple episodes over several seasons of MADTV.

  2. - Erica Ash was raised internationally as a child of military parents and calls Atlanta, Georgia her home. She started her career in Tokyo, Japan when she "fell into" a gig as a back up singer to a Japanese artist. Erica spent three years there modeling, singing and dancing before moving to New York to get her feet wet as an actor. She loves to travel and has lived in Germany, England, Japan and all over North America. Erica recently starred as Nala in the touring company for Disney's "The Lion King". Always in love with performance and laughter, her love of stage comedy brought her to "The Big Gay Sketch Show".

  3. - Dion Flynn is an actor, writer, and improv comic who lives and works in the NYC area. Dion holds an MFA in acting from New York University. He calls the People's Improv Theater his artistic home where he performs with "The Faculty". You've seen him lending on-screen commentary to VH1's "Best Week Ever", "Supersecret TV Formula's" and "Greatest Cheesetastic Videos". He appeared in the Fox sketch-comedy "40 Whacks" with Jimmy Fallon and is half of the tragi-comic duo Farahnakian and Flynn with Ali Farahnakian. He performed stand-up comedy in NYC and the Republic of Korea for troops in US Army, and co-founded an improv troupe. Dion has appeared in Shakespeare in the Park's "Taming of the Shrew" with Alison Janney and the Public Theater's "Hamlet" with Liev Schrieber. Dion has appeared in the indie gay film "Under Heat" starring Lee Grant and wrote, directed, and performed the solo shows: "Unboozeming the Clown" and "How I Forgave the World (...and by 'The World' I mean my mother)". He's appeared in commercials for Sprint, Virgin Mobile, McDonald's (dir. Spike Lee), Coconuts Records and Fleet Bank. Dion brings dynamic talent to ranks of "The Big Gay Sketch Show".

  4. - Julie is an accomplished stand-up comedienne, having toured with "Laughing Liberally", "Puppetry of The Penis", and starred in four solo shows. Julie has been seen on FUSE, BRAVO, AMC, PLUM TV, and HBO. See Julie do everything from saving the lasses of the Olivia Cruise, play both husband AND wife, go on an emotional rollercoaster during a lesbian speed date, and as a former First Lady Barbara Bush in "Political Project Runway".

  1. - Stephen Guarino is authentic river trash from the swamps north of Orlando where he swam with manatees and modeled briefly for JC Penney huskies. Stephen has performed improv comedy since he was 18 at SAK Comedy Lab, Florida State University, and Dad's Garage Theatre Co. of Atlanta. His proudest moment in NYC became co-creating and performing in "The Nuclear Family", a completely-improvised musical that transitioned from a downtown phenomenon into a successful Off-Broadway show and finally a Sundance Film Channel television series. Also, catch him on David E. Kelley's new FOX show "The Wedding Bells". Most importantly watch your back this spring on "The Big Gay Sketch Show" when his Ex-KGB-Ukrainian-Assassin-Chorus Girl 'Sveltana' dances up a death storm and Chad Michael dabbles in ice and glitter in Logo Life Tips.

  2. - Jonny McGovern first gained New York City notoriety with his one-man show "Dirty Stuff". As 'The Gay Pimp', an entirely original character persona, Jonny starred in the international hit music videos "Soccer Practice" & "Lookin' Cute/Feelin' Cute", recorded the popular CD "Dirty Gay Hits", appeared on Comedy Central, Vh-1 and was a correspondent for "The Ricki Lake Show". He is currently the host of iTunes #1 gay comedy podcast "Gay Pimpin' With Jonny McGovern" and his new music video "Somethin' For The Fellas (That Like The Fellas)" premieres on Logo April 1st. See more of Jonny at and watch out for him in "The Big Gay Sketch Show" playing Oscar Wilde, swashbuckling on a lesbian cruise and giving homo-hints for everyday living on Logo Life Tips.

  3. - Kate recently graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Theater, and is thrilled to have put all her work with puppets and contact improvisation to good use in "The Big Gay Sketch Show". Now she writes and performs stand-up comedy and solo shows around New York City. She'd like to be Ellen Degeneres one day, but she'd probably settle for being a member of the pop/rock trio, "Hanson." She relishes playing ugly and/or British characters, like Fitzwilliam, the little transgendered boy from Switchinghamshire. Also look out for Kate as Rachael Ray, Heidi Klum, and the cello-playing half of the folk duo "Sappho's Lips".

  4. - Nicol Paone, a New Jersey native, started her career doing Improv and NYU student films. She was in "NYC's hottest all-female improv group" (Village Voice) called "The Improvazons." Now she proudly performs regularly at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles, is an alumna of the world famous Groundlings Theater and a current member of the cutting edge sketch group, "The Deviants", with fellow "Big Gay" cast mate, Michael Serrato. She has PUNK'D a few celebs and can be seen this summer opposite Laura Kightlinger in IFC'S critically acclaimed series "The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman." Also don't miss her in the upcoming untitled Farrelly Brothers comedy starring Ben Stiller. If you miss it, she will be mad at you. Watch "The Big Gay Sketch Show" for her take on Elaine Stritch, Alice Cramden, Joe from "Facts of Life" and a Lorna Doone lover who just doesn't understand why the gays are always making her late for things! And YES, she likes Bon Jovi.

  1. - Michael Serrato grew up in Carson, California the oldest of two in a working class family. After a brief interlude in the fashion industry Michael has jumped head first into show biz. He can be seen live every week in the world famous Groundling's Sunday Company in Hollywood, Ca and plays the questionably straight art teacher in the feature film "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" opposite one of his childhood idols, Mink Stole. In "The Big Gay Sketch Show" brace yourself for the best Mrs. Garrett of The Facts of Life you've ever seen, an overbearing PFLAG mom, and a 'bear' on the loose.