Be Good Johnny Weir

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Full Episode: Back on Top

Johnny�s success in Japan has left him feeling fierce, fabulous and frisky.

Full Episode: Big in Japan

The pressure is on as Johnny prepares for competition in Japan.

Full Episode: Putting the Johnny in Johnny

Johnny searches for that special "spark" that makes his routine unique.

Full Episode: Johnny on the Rocks

After recovering from a lengthy illness, Johnny is pushed to the extremes and must work overtime to compete in the U.S. nationals.

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  1. Ep. 113 | ‘Episode 13’

    Mandy is a modern dancer with relentless energy, rampant acne and a raccoon puppet for a friend. In spite of being an attractive woman, her skin and her uncontainable anxieties cause her to feel like a "troll," and cause her to physically flee encounters...


  2. Ep. 112 | ‘Episode 12’

    All Marc wants is a little romance. Instead, he has a lot of issues. Because of a strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing, and an intestinal illness that lasted well into adulthood, 30-year old Marc has only been out for five years, and has still never been i...


  3. Ep. 117 | ‘Episode 17’

    Robert thinks the best way to find the perfect man is to be one. He's tall, good-looking and successful, but he's also the kind of guy who'd wear a shower cap to protect his hair. This uptight behavior makes him seem so unapproachable that he's had a ha...


  4. Ep. 116 | ‘Episode 16’

    Verushka may no longer be in Texas, but there's still a lot of Texas in Verushka. Unfortunately, ranch-flavored pick-up lines about "love connections" don't seem to work on women in New York. If she's ever going to find a little lady, she'll have to rei...


  5. Ep. 115 | ‘Episode 15’

    James hasn't had a successful date since he moved to New York six months ago, even though he's a talented singer, funny and ... cuddly. Clearly, his romantic life is suffering because he's unhappy with his weight, but also the fact that his singing caree...


  6. Ep. 114 | ‘Episode 14’

    Jenni says that she's ready for love, but nobody seems ready for Jenni. Maybe that's because she has no boundaries and a bad habit of talking about sex or the least sexy things possible - like her diseased feet. Jenni's two teenage daughters agree that...


Full Summary

  1. This original series follows a group of people who have trouble with dating and attracting potential partners. The host guides these people in their journey to find romantic and emotional fulfillment through a dramatic transformation of their people skills as well as their physical appearance. Through interactions with the host and the helping hands they encounter along the way, each of the people is offered genuine insight into both their flaws and strengths and gains the chance to use what they learn on their dates.

Meet the Cast

  1. Jenni is a brassy and sassy lesbian Mom who is searching for a strong woman. She is like a bull in a china shop and has had a difficult time finding Ms. Right.

  2. Mandy is a dancer who has major anxiety issues that she feels have made dating life difficult for her.

  3. Marc is a sympathetic character who feels that his teens and 20s were robbed from him due to a long illness. He is now better and looking for love.

  4. Once a budding musician, a career failure lead James to overeating and poor self-esteem. These issues have plagued his dating life.

  1. Uptight and very set in his conservative style, Robert learns to loosen up in order to find a date.

  2. A big talker, but when it comes to women, Verushka doesn't always say the right things to score a date.