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Full Episode: The F Word

Mr. O'Neill tells his students to try something they are certain to fail at, in order to achieve personal growth.

Full Episode: Legends Of The Mall

Is Lawndale a pretty little suburb, or an unholy nexus of evil haunted by the tortured denizens of the Beyond?

Full Episode: Of Human Bonding

When Helen has to cancel out of a business junket with Jake, guess who is coerced into taking her place?

Full Episode: Antisocial Climbers

While on a hill trek, Daria's class gets caught in an unexpected snowstorm.

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Full Summary

  1. This fully animated 30 minute program is a spin off from Beavis and Butt-head. The character of Daria originated on that show. Daria Morgendorfferr is well known to fans of "Beavis and Butt-head" as the sardonic, "smart kid" who hung around the boys because she found their stupidity entertaining. In "Daria," the series, she has moved to a new town, Lawndale, with her stressed-out, career-fixated parents, Helen and Jake, and her relentlessly cute and popular younger sister, Quinn. Daria and Quinn attend the enormous, "progressive" Lawndale High School, where the other students and faculty regard Daria with a mixture of curiosity, confusion, casual scorn, and-every now and then--respect.