Eden's World

Watch Eden Wood, the six year old pageant champ and international superstar! Sparkle, baby!

Interview with Mickie, Eden's Mom

Mickie discussing her daughter's rapid rise to fame.

Mob Wives Give Little Eden Advice

Renee Graziano and Big Ang offer up some life tips.

Eden's Sparkle Advice to NYCers

The pageant darling teaches tourists and city folk the keys to a perfect beauty pageant walk. She even bestows one lucky fella with his own tiara!

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Full Summary

  1. Logo brings you glamour, camp and drama in a pint size package as we go behind the scenes with Eden Wood, six year old pageant champ and international superstar. After retiring and hanging up her crown at the ripe old age of six, Eden decides to use her vast experience to help other young girls achieve their own pageant dreams.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Eden Wood has become the face of child pageantry and been called the Greatest Pageant Contestant of All Time. With nearly 300 crowns under her belt and earning "The World Champion" title, Eden retired from the world of glitz pageants at the ripe old age of 6. A modern day Shirley Temple and Gypsy Rose Lee, Eden and her entourage, the E-Team, are determined to build her into an international brand and superstar.

  2. - Mickie Wood is Eden's mother and the driving force behind her daughter's journey to stardom. Effortlessly shifting from pageant mom to the ultimate stage mom, Mickie is Eden's devoted mom-ager and the CEO of the E-Team, Eden's manager, publicist and stylist. Mickie may hail from small town Arkansas, but her unwavering commitment and tenacious ambitions to put Eden in the global spotlight is her life's mission.

  3. - Heather Ryan is a powerhouse in the pageant pantheon. She discovered, signed and now represents Eden as her manager. She prides herself on keeping the circling sharks at bay and preventing Eden from becoming tabloid fodder. Lately, Heather's biggest obstacle is Eden's new found publicist and E-Team member, Andrew Sullivan. Heather claims Andrew is merely on a quest to capitalize on Eden's 15 minutes of fame and is getting a free ride on her blood, sweat and tears.

  4. - Affectionately referred to as Miss Fran, Fransoly Gonzalez is Eden Wood's personal hair and make-up stylist. Fran has worked with Eden for nearly 2-1/2 years and has traveled across the country and around the globe as a member of the E-Team. Fran is a highly sought-after hair and make-up professional in the pageant industry and her artistry in hair and make-up has secured Eden Ultimate Grand Supreme titles at hundreds of national pageants.

  1. - Andrew Sullivan is Eden's 23-year old ambitious New York City publicist. His supreme confidence is matched only by his lack of experience. This self-proclaimed "King of Reality" thinks he's got what it takes to add luster to Eden's unpolished brand.


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