Exes & Ohs

Jennifer, Sam, Chris, Kris, and Crutch live there lesbian lives like everyone else but you just can't seem to get enough.

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Full Summary

  1. In the second season of Exes & Ohs, Jen continues her search for Ms. Right but realizes that she has a whole new set of obstacles in her way. With jealous exes, new romances and even a sex tape - Jen just might find love in the most unexpected of places. Meanwhile, Kris and Chris prepare for a new addition to their family while trying to deal with the stresses of everyday life. With new relationships developing and old ones evolving the women are left with one question: What now?

Meet the Cast

  1. - Jennifer is looking for Ms. Right. Unfortunately, she's looking in all the wrong places. The poster child for the "Why Do Annoying Things Happen To Good People" association, Jennifer is a recently dumped smart, single, struggling documentary filmmaker with a vivid fantasy life who's just starting to dip her toe back into the dating pool.

  2. - Devin is a wise cracking bisexual barista and the newest addition to the group of friends. She often ends up using her genius computer skills to bail them out of various predicaments.

  3. - Sam is a sexy, commitment phobic bartender who, in stark, yinyang contrast to her repressed best friend Jennifer (don't tell Jen we said "repressed"), is only looking for Ms. Right Now. Yes, she's a flirt; and no, she has no problem using her looks to get what she wants.

  4. - Chris is the first lesbian to come out, and get out, of her small Ohio town. She has a big infectious laugh and is the life of any party. She's also practical, responsible, and doesn't back down from a fight, except when it's with her long term partner Kris, who has Chris wrapped around her pretty finger. Kris is the tad more feminine side of Chris. She has a sly giggle, an intoxicating smile, and is not ditzy, just operating on a much simpler logic than the rest of us.

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