• Brandon

    A 21 year old college student at NYU, this is Brandon’s first time visiting Fire Island. He’s passionate about photography and looking to take in all that the Island has to offer. Brandon is carefree and flirtatious, the two qualities to embody most in Fire Island.

  • Cheyenne

    Cheyenne is an up and coming creative designer, entrepreneur, and model that is committed to expanding the Cheyenne Parker “brand.” He boasts a huge social media following, a hot body, and a temperament that does not back down.

  • Jorge

    Leaving his boyfriend and career as a doctor in Venezuela behind, Jorge has moved to NYC to live the fun and open life he’s always wanted. Jorge is Khasan’s best friend, and is ready for a summer adventure of a lifetime. Jorge loves speaking up when things upset him, especially when it comes to protecting his friends who he considers family.

  • Justin

    Justin is an established graphic illustrator living in NYC with a big heart and a yearning to come into his own. He highly values his commitment and loyalty to his friends and hates broken promises. Justin is using this summer as a way to gain inspiration for his art and discover who he truly is.

  • Khasan

    A backup dancer to pop icons like Beyonce, Pink, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, Khasan is spending the summer in a massive beachfront summer share house in Fire Island and has invited 5 friends to join. A Los Angeles native, Khasan will be on the same coast as his long-distance boyfriend for the first time.

  • Patrick

    Originally from Georgia, Patrick is a true southern boy who is ready to let his freak flag fly, ya’ll.” He has a unique and curious personality that takes him wherever the wind blows. Patrick recently experienced a terrible breakup, which led him to his next big adventure – conquering Fire Island.