Gimme Sugar

Five hot young friends on the L.A. lesbian club scene bite off more than they can chew when they try to launch and promote their own club night.

Meet The Cast of Gimme Sugar

The women talk the L.A. lesbian party scene and the girls they go for.

Gimme Sugar Reunion

Dani Campbell asks the girls tough questions about the show.

Bonus Clips From Gimme Sugar: Veggies, Colonics & Penises!

When there's drinking involved - and there usually is - the Sugar girls get loose-lipped...

The Hotmix

One thing on your mind? Enjoy a few of the steamier scenes from the show.

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  1. With Sugar a total bust, Char has one last chance to bring her friends together.


  2. Sugar has finally arrived, but the girls' club night faces some unexpected competition...  Read Full Summary


  3. Though her mental health suffers, Alex moves forward with the girls' planned club night, and Davonee's attitude catches up with her.


  4. From outfits to dates, Sayeh doesn't quite fit in, while Alex has both men and women vying for her.


  5. The Sugar crew holds a car wash to fund its club night, and Char and Alex both have secrets to keep.


  6. As MC for the hottest lesbian club in L.A., Char juggles cheaters, flashers, closet-cases ... and a new club night?


Full Summary

  1. Five hot young friends on the L.A. lesbian club scene bite off more than they can chew when they try to launch and promote their own club night. If they succeed, they'll be the youngest female promoters in LA. The girls will fight, fall in love, break apart, and come back together as they struggle to make their dream come true in this hot new reality series.

Meet the Cast

  1. 26, Truck Stop Manager - Born in the Philippines, raised in LA. Talent manager by day, Charlene spends her Friday nights managing the hottest club in LA, Truck Stop. Her friends all call her "Switch" because she's the switchboard for all the hot young LA lesbians. If you need info or advice, "Switch" is the one to call. She has a heart of gold and a smile for all. The girls all look up to Charlene, she's the leader of the pack and what she says goes. Her dream is to take Truck Stop global so girls everywhere can party and play in an environment free of attitude or judgment.

  2. 21, Aspiring Comedian - Raised in LA. When this girl sets her sights on something, be it a girl or launching a new club night, nothing stands in her way. Alex is pursuing a career as an actress/comedian and her gift for comedy helps keep things light when when there's drama going down. Free thinking and free loving, Alex doesn't feel the need to define her sexuality, she's an equal opportunity lover and dates girls and boys.

  3. 23, Casting Associate - From Annapolis, Maryland Robin grew up in a small town and moved to LA just last year so she could join the hot lesbian club scene. Now every night's a party...whether it's hanging with three drag queens, a straight guy, or a new girl on the scene. She's witty, bold, and has a mind of her own. Robin says whatever she's thinking and even though it causes a lot of drama she's only saying what's on everyone's mind and that keeps all the girls honest. Robin is a hard-worker who doesn't take no for an answer. She is quickly moving up the ranks as a casting director, which suits her because she can smell drama a mile away.

  4. 23, Nanny by day, rock star by night - Grew up in Savannah. GeorgiaDavonee wants to be a rock star and is finally taking steps towards that goal. When it comes to the ladies Davonee's gone platinum with player status. She's known for dating the hottest girls on the scene. But Davonee can't seem to keep her dick in her pants, and she'll have to change her player ways if she's going to hang on to this one, because she's a keeper.

  1. 23, Promotional Model - Taiwan/Malaysia. Bathilda is the "Queen of the Night" and Party Flavor of both the gay and straight club scene. She's the kind of girl who would rather crawl across the top of the bar to get to the other side than walk thru the crowd like everyone else. Her friends think she needs to take it down a notch, but Bathilda loves the spotlight and the girls are always having to rein her in. She has a thing for straight girls and is always happy to satisfy their bi-curiosity. Like Davonee she has no problem getting the ladies, but can she find one to keep?

  2. 21, Insurance Broker - Brentwood, CA. Just turned 21 and freshly stamped "girl-gin," Sayeh is new to the scene. Her focus on her career to the exclusion of everything else has left her with no game and no skills to be chosen for the team. Charlene has taken her under her wing in hopes that her friends will give her some coaching and help introduce her to the LA lesbian scene.


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