Gimme Sugar: Miami

With the success of Truck Stop, Charlene takes on her biggest challenge yet.

Watch: 'Bienvenidos A Miami'

Still recovering from a break-up, Charlene is presented with an offer she can't refuse: to start Truck Stop Miami.

Watch: 'Mother Nature'

Charlene has barely unpacked her bags when she gets a surprise visit.

Watch: 'The Tough Get Tougher'

After riding the high of her first date in Miami, Charlene is crushed by a failed Truck Stop dancer audition.

Watch: 'Rock Bottom'

Charlene manages to find Truck Stop dancers she can work with and Davonee finally comes clean to her bosses that she's in Miami.

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Full Summary

  1. Gimme Sugar is going to sexy, sizzling Miami! With the success of Truck Stop, West Hollywood's hottest Friday night party for women, Charlene takes on her biggest challenge yet!

Meet the Cast

  1. Born in the Philippines, raised in LA - Charlene is the MC for Truck Stop, the hottest lesbian club in LA. Her friends call her "Switch" because she's the switchboard for all the hot young LA Lesbians. Charlene comes from a Filipino/Hawaiian/French/Spanish descent and even though she's a fiery loyal Leo, she's a hopeless romantic through and through. She's obsessed with cowboy boots ice-cold chocolate milk and any beverage over crushed ice. Make her laugh 'til her belly hurts and you'll be friends for life. Charlene believes that an honest hug and an honest smile are signs of a good soul. She enjoys passion, soft kisses, and romance and thinks a night of cheesy DVD's, pizza, beer and pajamas is AMAZING! Charlene is NEVER afraid to cry, and believes nobody should be, as feelings are beautiful and tears of life are priceless. Conversations where time disappears keep her smiling for days and wanting more.

  2. Born in Laos, Grew up in Savannah, Georgia - Truck Stop VIP Hostess / Aspiring Musician. Davonee works the door at Truck Stop where she carries a clipboard and runs around making sure everyone is having a good time. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a musician and her style is electro pop / rock with a twist of hip-hop. Davonee came out to her parents when she was 13 and has never dated boys or even kissed one. She HAS kissed a lot of girls though - - and made them cry. At 13, Davonee dated her first girlfriend who was a cheerleader and the Principal's daughter. Recently, Davonee put her player-ways aside and found herself in a serious relationship with a girl she loves very much. Davonee also has a love for chocolate covered marshmallows and sometimes loves to cover her girlfriend with chocolate covered marshmallows and then eat both of them up!!! (wink, wink). Davonee is most proud of her ability to blow spit bubbles and catch flies with her bare hands! LOVE HER OR HATE HER, she will ALWAYS tell you how it is, like it or not. LA-GON! (Goodbye in Laotian)

  3. Writer and Journalism Student - Born in Jacksonville, raised all over the East Coast and in Toronto. Upon first meeting her you have the urge to stick her in your pocket. Within five minutes you realize she's a firecracker and too hot to handle. Passionate, opinionated, driven, outspoken and creative, Hilary is the perfect example of the fact that good things come in small packages. Fashion forward, she feels clothes reflect her mood that day and uses her wardrobe as a channel for self-expression. Goal oriented and incredibly single, she has chosen her career over love but wouldn't mind a good woman in her life one day. Always pushing to do better, Hilary wants to take her writing and VLOG-ing to the next level; Don't Feed the Lesbians is only the beginning of what she's doing. Don't mistake this little nugget for an uptight prude though, when she's not hard at work Hilary loves to let loose and shake her ass on the dance floor...she claims it's the Jamaican in her!

  4. Born in Uptown New York City - Hair Artist and; Extension Specialist. Jazmin can never make up her mind, and is so amazed and consumed by the human brain that she wonders if she will ever be happy with just one girl. She enjoys strong and bold femme's (like Gina Gershon). Jazmin never fails to say when she's wrong, and is always willing to grow, and she places family above and over anything and everything. The most important people in her life are her mom, sister, and father. For fun, Jazmin likes to break-dance, freestyle hip-hop, read books about natural cures and spirituality, hang with friends/lovers, and do hair!! She lives for animal rights, is a proud vegetarian for 4 years now, and is slowly releasing the dairy to become a vegan. Jazmin plans to live way past 150 years, and her biggest goal in life is to one day be perfect.

  1. Born in Venezuela, raised in Clearwater, FL - Fashion Designer. Gaby graduated from fashion school in '07 and has been developing her own clothing line called "GAG On This", a fun alternative collection for people who aren't afraid of expressing themselves through clothing. An only child, Gaby keeps her REAL friends very close to her heart and treats them like siblings. Her mom is the most important person in her life and her best friend. If and when Gaby has time to step away from work, she loves to go on walks on the beach -- morning, noon, and night. Gaby loves to people watch on Lincoln Road and see all of the chaos that passes her by. At home, she loves to grab some fabric, sit on the floor with some scissors, and start creating - - it's what she does best.

  2. Born and Raised in Bogota, Colombia - Photography Student, Belly Dancer, and Fashion Aficionado. Since Maisi moved to Miami at 15 she has worked in the fashion industry for a living and now lives, eats and breathes fashion. It does not get more lipstick than this! Maisi is a free spirit, sweet as sugar but can get feisty in a hot minute - so don't get on her bad side. Maisi is a Public Relations major and photography minor. This out and proud aspiring actress will do whatever it takes to show another side of lesbians, the sexiest side yet. Maisi does not like to be caught up in the drama but sometimes trying to fix things among her friends brings her more drama than she ever asked for. Maisi considers her strengths to be belly dancing, photography and shopping. She loves Jesus, her girlfriend Bruk, her mother and her pup Chino. And if you need to know where to go or what to do she is the one to call.

  3. Born and Raised in Miami, FL - Model and; Drag King. Angel is the type of girl that everyone wants to be with; sweet, fun-loving, and the hottest drag king you've ever seen. Although she was born butch - Angel recently decided to embrace her femme look, and it's working out quite well for her. She has never had a problem pulling women, but she has had a problem pulling the right one. After a string of unfortunate relationships, Angel has finally found someone sweeter than her (if possible). Bonnie, Angel's new girlfriend is fresh out of the straight scene, and getting acquainted with the lesbian scene hasn't come easily for her.

  4. Born and Raised in Miami - Club Promoter and Student. Omar is a very friendly, outgoing person who generally enjoys all the beauty life has to offer. He surrounds himself with an eclectic group of friends who he cherishes deeply. Omar tries to stay in tune with himself, both physically and mentally with an end result of becoming a well-rounded individual. Although he is young, he considers himself driven with a strong ambitious need to succeed. He is a free-spirited person who has zero tolerance for drama and childish behavior. He greatly enjoys traveling and learning from different cultures throughout the world. Omar has taken on the grueling task of becoming a promoter and working with some of the best DJ's in the world. He's also a student at FIU, majoring in International Business and Marketing. In his spare time, he loves to travel the world and meet new people.