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  1. Tainted ham has killed Cole's housekeeper. Jeffery channels Erin Brockovich to avenge Justine's death against the evil ham industry.


  2. Jeffery and Cole's favorite weather lady has quit her job and the boys have a plan to get her back on television so they can skip school, drink wine and tune in.


  3. What do Jeffery & Cole what to be when they grow up? Teen moms! After stealing a baby they experience the highs and lows of being celebrity teen moms.


  4. A new exchange student steals Becky from Jeffery & Cole forcing the boys to interview for a new Becky.


  5. It's parents week at Jeffery & Coles school and the boys are excited to introduce their parents. What they don't know is that Jeffery's dad and Cole's mom have a past. And that involves sex, drugs and a class ring.


  6. When Jeffery and Cole meet Tad - the new kid in school - he threatens to not only destroy their friendship, but change the way they look at bric a brac forever.


  7. Jeffery and Cole are forced to find jobs so they can raise enough money to enter the local fishin' contest. But it's not long before their working class worlds take a dark turn for the worse.


  8. Jeffery and Cole put on a benefit to save money for Boca, plus sing alongs, tours of doors, janitors and more!...  Read Full Summary


  9. Jeffery and Cole go on a field trip to the National Museum of Calendars, plus pasta with commentary, mail time, daddy issues and more!...  Read Full Summary


  10. Jeffery and Cole decide to run for class president (separately), plus contemplating Sigourney Weaver, embarassing moms, and DISCO!...  Read Full Summary


  11. Jeffery gets hexed, plus little old ladies, fun with mom, and...What's up Jeffery's butt?...  Read Full Summary


  12. Cole's unexpected pregnancy makes him unable to perform in the show! Also, home videos and prank calling Howie Mandel!...  Read Full Summary


  13. Cole needs to find a date for the prom, plus show queens, jazz and half-time fun!...  Read Full Summary


Full Summary

  1. Internet stars Jeffery and Cole explode onto your screen with their wild webcam ride of sketches, bizarre moments, and general mayhem.