Is It Love Or Is It Montreal?

Boy meets boy in The City of Saints. Watch the full series here!

Episode One: "The Call"

When Montrealer Stephane meets a New Yorker named Hugh on a gay dating website, he invites him to visit Montreal.

Episode Two "On My Way"

Stephane receives a text from Hugh saying he is on his way to Montreal. Stephane immediately starts to panic in preparation for his arrival.

Episode Three "On My Way"

This is the "morning after" for the guys. Stephane shows Hugh the plateau area, Mount Royal Belvedaire and also takes the opportunity to tell him more about himself.

Episode Four: "Old Friends"

Stephane and Hugh are having a spa day at the Bota Bota. Later at a concert, the two lovers encounter Matt, Stephane's ex.

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Full Summary

  1. For Montreal based, Stephane, life seems like it couldn't get any better: He's got the looks, a bright career and a rich social life. Things would be perfect if it wasn't for his ex, Matt, who is still causing mixed feelings for the handsome architect. An unexpected visit from Hugh, a hot New Yorker Stephane met online, will send the Montrealer right back into the dating game.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Stéphane is an attractive, promising 25-year-old architect. He is at the top of his game, with a blossoming career and a rich social life. Stéphane is from a French speaking background and is very comfortable with his English, however, he still has a very sexy French accent. Until recently, Stéphane was in a long-term relationship with Matt. The two were very close and lived together but their differing personalities resulted in the relationship ending in a very dramatic fashion. Despite this, their mutual attraction for each other has caused the former lovers to occasionally hook-up. Although Stephane doesn't want to admit it, he still gets jealous when it comes to Matt and his new dates. Stéphane has never owned a car and loves to bike around the city.

  2. - Hugh is in his mid-twenties and is a successful freelance computer programmer who specializes in app development. His job offers him the opportunity to travel. Hugh has been all around the world, is adventurous and enjoys a good challenge. He has a toned, athletic figure and is very fashionable. The New Yorker really knows how to get heads turning. Hugh has been single for a while and feels like he's experienced everything that single life has to offer. Although he is not actively seeking a serious relationship, he is not opposed to the idea of meeting someone special. He has a "jump in" type of personality. This trait either gets him into trouble or helps him make wonderful discoveries.