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'Noah's Arc' explores the daily lives of four African-American gay men in LA, through their relationships with friends and lovers.

Watch 'Noah's Arc' Get Shirtless

As NewNowNext so helpfully points out, no one wears clothes in this show.

Watch Now: 'My Temptation (Part 1)'

In the show's series premiere, Noah befriends a fellow writer, who wants to spend a lot of time with him but is obviously straight.

Watch Now: 'My Temptation (Part 2)'

Noah introduces his best friends Alex, Ricky and Chance to his new friend Wade.

Watch Now: 'Don't Mess With My Man'

When Noah begins neglecting his friends in favor of Wade, he tries to bring the two sides together at Sunday brunch.

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  1. When Wade's career takes a downward spiral, Noah suggests they collaborate on a project, to disastrously tense results. At the same time, Alex monopolizes everyone's time helping to set up his new business, while trying to deal with his own jealousy ove...  Read Full Summary


  2. Noah's status as a starving artist takes a turn for the worst when he gets way behind on his rent and has to sell his beloved classic car- after refusing financial help from Wade. Continuing his evolution into the perfect boyfriend, Wade decides to throw...  Read Full Summary


  3. Noah insists upon meeting Wade's straight friends, but feels uncomfortable when he discovers that Wade hasn't come out to them. Frustrated by Wade's subtle attempts to get him to "butch it up", Noah struggles to stand his ground and be true to his identi...  Read Full Summary


  4. After weeks of neglecting his friends in favor of his new man, Noah tries to bring the two sides together at Sunday brunch. But Wade's ignorance of all things gay shines through, as does his jealousy over Noah and Ricky's physical closeness. Meanwhile,...  Read Full Summary


  5. The mystery around Wade's sexuality deepens after a provocative night out with Noah. Meanwhile Alex finds a clever solution to Trey's cyber sex addiction; Ricky continues his raucous sexcapades; and Chance cheats on his and Eddie's house- with his old apa...  Read Full Summary


  6. Noah introduces his best friends Alex, Ricky and Chance to his new friend Wade, an obviously straight screenwriter. The guys note Noah's attraction to Wade and warn him against getting involved, but is there a chance Wade might be gay? Meanwhile, Ricky s...  Read Full Summary


  7. As tensions mount between Noah and Wade, a handsome stranger threatens to rip them apart. Meanwhile, Chance and Eddie take a big step; Alex misreads the signs about his relationship; and Ricky tries desperately to forget about Junito....  Read Full Summary


  8. Wade temporarily moves in with Noah, causing much more tension than Noah expected. Meanwhile, Chance's special request to his boyhood church is met with a less than enthusiastic response; Alex ignores signs that his relationship with Trey is less than rep...  Read Full Summary


  9. After the success of his first studio writing gig, Noah schemes to find a way to restore Wade's professional manhood. Meanwhile, the gang rallies around Ricky as he faces a personal crisis; Alex tries to win back Trey; and Chance makes a big decision abo...  Read Full Summary


Full Summary

  1. Logo explores the daily lives of Noah, Alex, Ricky, and Chance, four African-American gay men in Los Angeles, through their relationships with their friends and lovers. Noah believes he's finally found love in his new boyfriend, Wade, but soon realizes that he, along with his best friends, must still endure the everyday drama that comes with living in LA. From new boyfriends to strained friendships to career changes, these men persevere and live their lives with grace and wit.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Noah is a struggling screenwriter embarking on a relationship with a newly out man. A hopeless romantic, Noah wants to believe in love, but his best friends -- Alex, Ricky and Chance - constantly remind him of the pitfalls of getting involved with a gay newbie. Nevertheless, Noah is determined to make it work -- no matter what the cost. But lucky for him, his friends always have his back.

  2. - Alex, an HIV/AIDS educator and the de-facto matriarch of the group, is involved in a seemingly happy, seven-year relationship with registered nurse, Trey. Loud, opinionated and unfailingly loyal, Alex always tells it like it is. But when his stagnating relationship leads to amusing attempts by Trey to spice up their sex life, will Alex's increasingly jealous behavior dismantle their love affair?

  3. - Ricky has a very liberal attitude towards sexuality, and the funky Melrose Avenue clothing store he owns gives him plenty of opportunity to pursue his twin passions - fashion and men. Constantly shunning traditional dating conventions, Ricky prefers to let nature take its course. But beneath it all, is he yearning for something more? And after facing a serious life crisis, will he be ready to try something new? Or do old habits truly die hard?

  4. - Chance is a college professor whose prim and proper life with his new boyfriend Eddie and step-daughter Kenya is about to be seriously tested. The most conservative and supposedly rational of the group, Chance always has an intellectual explanation for everything. But after getting the family he's always wanted, can he handle the pressures of domestic bliss? And how will he cope if the fairytale he's dreamed up, turns out to be more like a nightmare?

  1. - A doting father, Eddie is drawn to Chance by their similar values and desire for a stable family unit. But Eddie has a secret that may threaten it all. Eddie's adopted daughter Kenya completes their ostensibly happy home.

  2. - On the surface, Wade is the perfect catch - handsome, hunky and hugely successful. But his uncertainty about his sexuality and reluctance to commit to Noah raise major red flags. But underneath it all, he's surprisingly sweet, caring and will do anything for Noah. But will that be enough?

  3. - Medical resident Junito captivates Ricky from the moment they meet, precisely because he is unaffected by Ricky's game. Junito refuses to play games, and is unapologetic about who he is. Ricky thinks he can handle it, but his friends aren't so sure. Will Junito be the one to finally change Ricky's wicked ways?

  4. - After seven years together, Trey still loves Alex but feels smothered by his jealousy and insecurities. Trey may have reached his breaking point, but will an oblivious Alex recognize the danger... before it's too late?

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