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The most important man in Hollywood is not in the movies...but you've definitely seen his work! Meet Rand Rusher, the surprisingly relatable injectionist to the starlets, Hollywood wives, and wanna-bes of Beverly Hills.

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'Pretty Hurts' takes you inside the dishy office of Leaf & Rusher, one of L.A.'s most celebrated authorities on skincare.

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Ebenezer Scrooge would have been a lot happier if he'd had flawless skin.

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  1. Ep. 110 | ‘Issues Hurt’Ep. 110 | ‘Issues Hurt’

    Rand and Curt have a very complicated relationship; everyone recognizes that. But when their bickering spills into the office environment clients begin taking notice.

  2. Ep. 103 | ‘Feedback Hurts’Ep. 103 | ‘Feedback Hurts’

    Curt thinks the office is having a little too much fun and institutes a comment box to get feedback about his staff. The staff doesn't take him too seriously, until the feedback starts rolling in.

  3. Ep. 109 | ‘Cleansing Hurts’Ep. 109 | ‘Cleansing Hurts’

    A client has convinced Rand to go on a liquid fast, but he's not about to do it alone. He thinks his irritable staff could benefit from the cleanse, but one by one, they each start falling off the wagon.

  4. Ep. 108 | ‘Ex-Mother-In-Laws Hurt’Ep. 108 | ‘Ex-Mother-In-Laws Hurt’

    Rand has always loved Curt's mother and when she and her identical twin sister come to Los Angeles for an event he offers to give them a little freshening up. But when a boatful of Playboy Playmates arrive at his office, Rand's overwhelming schedule begins to take a toll on himself and his clients.

  5. Ep. 106 | ‘P.R. Hurts’Ep. 106 | ‘P.R. Hurts’

    Rand's P.R. needs a bit of work, but when his staff offers to help, he finds their contributions lackluster. During the process, he sorts out what each of their strengths and weaknesses are. Who better to let them know than Mr. Fix It himself?

  6. Ep. 105 | ‘Time Hurts’Ep. 105 | ‘Time Hurts’

    Rand spends a good part of his day attempting to freeze time for his clients, but when it comes to managing his own time, well, that's a different story. He struggles to find the balance of keeping what is a social business from becoming a social hour.

  7. Ep. 107 | ‘Selling Hurts’Ep. 107 | ‘Selling Hurts’

    A shopping network invites Rand and Curt to promote their skin care line with the condition that Rand is the face of the product. To overcome his camera shyness, Rand seeks some media coaching.

  8. Ep. 104 | ‘Love Hurts’Ep. 104 | ‘Love Hurts’

    Rand announces he's getting back into the dating scene, and while Curt isn't too crazy about the idea, everyone else can't wait to set him up. But are they really helping or are they just making it even harder?

  9. Ep. 102 | ‘Birthdays Hurt’Ep. 102 | ‘Birthdays Hurt’

    It's that time of the year again and Rand is getting a year older. The office wants to throw Rand a surprise party. Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race pays a visit, determined to get bigger lips. Janice Dickinson gets the whole works.

  10. Ep. 101 | ‘Mr. Fix It’Ep. 101 | ‘Mr. Fix It’

    At Leaf & Rusher, Rand "fixes" people all day. Jeana and Kara Keough from The Real Housewives of OC pay a visit to get some "birthday lips." At a book launch party at the ultra-swanky Chateau Marmont, Rand meets up with celeb clients Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy.

Full Summary

  1. The most important man in Hollywood is not in the movies.but you've definitely seen his work! Meet Rand Rusher, the surprisingly relatable injectionist to the starlets, Hollywood wives, and wanna-bes of Beverly Hills. With his handsome, "tell me anything" charm he is part therapist, part gay best friend and part miracle-worker. When a Real Housewife brings her daughter in for "birthday lips", a drag queen asks to be made to look like an Olson twin, and a bunch of 50 year old actresses ask to look 25 again, it's just another day at the office. And Rand is just as shocked by his clients' requests as you will be. Pretty Hurts is your insider OMFG view into the ridiculous, painful and ugly truth behind maintaining beauty in Hollywood. Once you experience the extreme stop-at-nothing obsession with youth that has become standard in Beverly Hills, you'll never look at 'pretty' the same way again.

Meet the Cast

  1. - Curt Meeuwsen has over 23 years of professional experience in senior management in both the public and private sectors. In 2004 Curt became the Chief Executive Officer of Leaf & Rusher Corporation, a beauty products company located in Beverly Hills, California. In 2000 Curt founded and currently operates Curtis Development LLC. His company focuses on developing new businesses and brands within real estate, design and consumer products. Recently he has founded a new apparel business focusing on men and women's accessories.

  2. - Rand Rusher is a registered nurse with over 20 years experience in all specialties relating to surgical and dermatologic medicine. Rand spent his early career years working as a surgical nurse at the University of Southern California Norris Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Rand continued to advance his skills and joined Dr. Norman Leaf in 1999 as the lead injection specialist at the Leaf & Rusher Medical Skincare Clinic. He quickly became one of the most recognized injection specialists in the country -- ranking with top doctors in their field. In 2002 Rand joined Dr. Norman Leaf in creating Leaf & Rusher Skincare -- an advanced skincare program focused on non-acid technology with active and botanical ingredients. Rand is one of the most sought after injection and skincare consultants in the country.