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Follow the incomparable Robert Verdi as he tries to take over pop culture one product, party and outfit at a time.

Robert Wants: Shopping Mall Full Episode

Who wouldn't want to shop Robert's mall? All Robert, all of the time. Just how he likes it!

Episode 6 Preview. Robert Wants: Fountain Of Youth

Robert is forever young and is gunning for your wrinkles.

Web Extras. Housing Works Chores

Out trusty intern Fredrick has the overwhelming duty to sort through Robert's donations.

Just The Tip From Robert Verdi

Robert gives us tips about the most pressing issues of the day. Follow at your own risk!

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  1. Ep. 106 | ‘Robert Wants: Fountain of Youth’Ep. 106 | ‘Robert Wants: Fountain of Youth’

    Robert Verdi wants...his own fountain of youth! Robert and his team develop personalized age reversing surgical procedures and cosmetic products. Meanwhile, Robert plans a surprise 40th birthday party for the vice president of his company.

  2. Ep. 105 | ‘Robert Wants: Shopping Mall’Ep. 105 | ‘Robert Wants: Shopping Mall’

    Robert Verdi wants...a shopping center. Robert and his team develop stores for his Robert Verdi shopping mall featuring all his favorite items. Meanwhile, Robert donates his clothes for the Housing Works thrift stores.

  3. Ep. 104 | ‘Robert Wants: Royal Wedding’Ep. 104 | ‘Robert Wants: Royal Wedding’

    Robert Verdi wants.a royal wedding! Robert's team searches for a wealthy prince charming who will marry Robert. Robert goes on a series of dates to get back in the dating game. Meanwhile, Robert styles Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) for the famous Met Ball.

  4. Ep. 103 | ‘Robert Wants: Network’Ep. 103 | ‘Robert Wants: Network’

    Robert Verdi wants...a television network! Robert and his team meet with television executives to create the Robert Verdi channel, RVT. Guest star Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives of NYC) helps Robert develop a cooking show for his network.

  5. Ep. 102 | ‘Robert Wants: Diet Craze’Ep. 102 | ‘Robert Wants: Diet Craze’

    Robert Verdi wants... an international diet craze! Join Robert and his team as they develop negative calorie lollipops for an all-candy diet. Meanwhile, Robert styles Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) for a Pregnancy magazine photo shoot.

  6. Ep. 101 | ‘Robert Wants: Children's Character’Ep. 101 | ‘Robert Wants: Children's Character’

    Robert Verdi internationally beloved children's cartoon character! Join Robert and his team as they attempt to gain the adoration of millions of children by developing trendy merchandise items including a picture book and cereal.

Full Summary

  1. We follow the hilarious Robert Verdi and his creative team as they try to take over pop culture one party, product and outfit at a time. In each episode of the new reality comedy series Robert balances the day to day antics of his hectic creative services business with the serious pursuit of his completely insane and over the top dreams. Sick of living in the shadow of his celebrity clients, he knows he deserves more attention, more money, more fame, more free stuff, more stuff named after him, more stuff with his face on it, more stuff, more stuff, more stuff!!!

Meet the Cast

  1. His name is synonymous with style - He's a self-made machine. He's a whirlwind of opinion and pop culture. He's got his hands in everything. He's a leading lifestyle expert, celebrity stylist and television personality. He's the go-to style guru for A-listers like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Wiig, Joy Behar, Ana Ortiz and Sandra Bernhard. He's created his own mini-Verdi-empire acquiring titles along the way from Jersey boy to jewelry designer to television host to lifestyle expert to rising superstar. Verdi stands alone as the sole style expert to bridge three major categories: fashion, entertaining and home design. He's become the trendsetter's trendsetter as design denizens adore his keen eye for color, homemakers hail his quick fixes for fixer-uppers, and fashion experts seek his insider style advice. Robert Verdi is all this and more.

  2. Vice President - Raised in Greenwich, CT, Deirdre studied art history at Boston University before getting her chefs degree from Peter Kumps Culinary School. Fine tuning her culinary skills and design sensibilities by living and working throughout Europe, Dierdre made her way back to Manhattan where she both worked for the antique dealer John Rosselli and was a professional chef prior to meeting Robert. While working together at ABC Carpet and Home, Robert and Deirdre noticed their similar eye for design, both in clothing and interiors. In 2003 Deirdre began working with Robert to help build his business from a tiny desk in his apartment to the empire that it is today. Deirdre is the Sonny to Robert's Cher.

  3. Events Manager - She helps balance realistic business objectives with Robert's radical business obsessions. Originally born in Toronto Canada and raised in the deep South by English parents, Ashley once thought she was familiar with the untraditional. Soon however, Ashley graduated from Vanderbilt University and moved to NYC to attend Columbia University & pursue a career in publishing, working for startups at Conde Nast and Penguin Books until the fateful day she volunteered for a friend as handler for a Fashion Show. After a traumatic 30 mins standing in the middle of a busy NYC street to greet the host, Robert Verdi, Ashley finally accompanied him inside and as annoyance slowly morphed into admiration, she unknowingly entered the wild and wonderful world of Robert Verdi.

  4. Marketing and Communication Manager - He is always trying to keep Robert's true thoughts and opinions at bay from the public. Born and raised in Central Nebraska, Patrick knew he had bigger things to conquer. After touring North America and Europe singing and dancing, Patrick studied fine arts in the Midwest before relocating to New York City to finish his business and merchandising degree. After several years with Limited Brands and Lacoste USA, Patrick happened onto Robert's radar through a college mentor. When the second question that Robert asked in the interview was "Are you easily offended?," Patrick knew he was in for an adventure! Patrick couldn't possibly go back to a normal corporate environment ever again!




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