Tax Day with 'Roseanne'!

Check out more of the Conner family and their friends every weekend in Sitcom Therapy.

Watch Now: We're in the Money

Dan and Roseanne try to resist the temptation of spending the $500 advance Dan just received.

Watch Now: April Fool's Day

Frustration hits Dan and Roseanne when they try to fill out their tax papers.

Watch Now: Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places

Roseanne needs a loan in order to open up a restaurant.

Watch Now: Millions from Heaven

The Conner family hits it rich with a winning lottery ticket.

Roseanne Season 3, Episode 19 - 'Vegas Interruptus'

A snowstorm threatens Roseanne's trip to Vegas.

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  1. Thursday, April 24 - 9:00 AM ET/PT
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Full Summary

  1. 'Roseanne' is the story of lower class family struggling with life's essential problems: Marriage, Children, Money and Parent's in Law. A classic sitcom, the story circles around the Connor family - a family of five (DJ, Darlene, Becky, Roseanne and Dan). The household's mother, Roseanne, is being accompanied in her quest to keep the family together by her sister Jackie and various friends over the years.