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  1. Ep. 011 | ‘New York City’

    Kate and Gabriel set out for the city that never sleeps to find out if the gay scene is still going strong. The site of Stonewall doesn't disappoint, proving that New York City is still the mecca for freedom of speech and expression....


  2. Ep. 009 | ‘San Francisco’

    Travel to the city of the Golden Gates, the hub of the civil rights movement. Kate and Gabriel try to take it all in as they explore one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, meeting a host of characters including a transgender rapper and a group...


  3. Ep. 007 | ‘Mykonos’

    Marc travels to Greece and is shocked to discover that it is still taboo to be out in this once freethinking society. Meanwhile Mr. Gay UK, Jarrod, is busy checking out the competition for his Greek counterpart....


  4. Ep. 010 | ‘London’

    Marc and Gabriel set out to explore Gabriel's hometown of London, city of the "Three Queens": Kylie, Madonna, and Elizabeth. Hitting every corner of the city, the boys shmooze with London's gay elite, from the likes of Big Brother star Josh rafter to succ...


  5. Ep. 001 | ‘Paris’

    Marc and Gabriel take on the city of light as they weave their way through the labyrinth of chic and cool that is gay Paris....


  6. Ep. 002 | ‘Amsterdam’

    There is no doubt that Amsterdam remains one of the most progressive and historically important gay cities on the planet. Marc and Gabriel try to find out how gay culture is evolving in the Netherlands major destination....


  7. Ep. 008 | ‘Berlin’

    Having an openly gay mayor is just one thing that helps make Berlin a city of acceptance and tolerance. Marc and Gabriel meet a slew of inspirational queer folk in the cultural mecca, including Mickey and Carrie, two out artists living in the city. But mo...


  8. Ep. 013 | ‘Sydney’

    Referred to as the one of the gayest capitals of the world, Sydney offers a plethora of artistic outlets. Marc, Gabriel and Kate meet with a gay photographer, DJ, and even a gay ballet troupe!...


  9. Ep. 012 | ‘Hong Kong’

    Join Kate and Marc as they discover the hidden treasures of Hong Kong, the diverse city where east meets west. Watch as they get the goods and the gossip on Hong Kong's dating scene and nightlife....


  10. Ep. 004 | ‘Stockholm’

    Two things should make any gay traveler to Stockholm feel very comfortable: First, Sweden has enshrined some of the world's most pro-gay legislation and social policy and second, Stockholm is the home town of ABBA....


  11. Ep. 003 | ‘Miami’

    Kate and Gabriel migrate to South Beach, Miami, the mecca of gay USA. We meet DJ-extrordinaire Tracy Young, performance artist Kiki Love and political enthusiast Michael Tronn....


  12. Ep. 005 | ‘Melbourne’

    Discover gay Melbourne, the undisputed Aussie capital of fashion, arts and sport. Marc interviews interviews Candi who started life as a boy in the USA and now lives fully transformed as a woman in Australia. Then we meet artist Ross Watson, a contemporar...


  13. Ep. 006 | ‘Los Angeles’

    What's it like to be gay in LA? Is everyone in LA in the entertainment industry? Marc and Gabriel meet a collection of locals on location around LA to try and get a feel for the world entertainment capital....


Full Summary

  1. Round Trip Ticket is a globe-trotting travel magazine series that ditches the usual sites and well-worn paths to seek out the entertaining and little-known alternatives in one international location each week. Round Trip Ticket features hosted interviews with some of the gay personalities in each destination, as well as travel tips on each location and profiles of local businesses, artists, restaurants, clubs and boutique hotels. Featured destinations include Stockholm, Hong Kong, Mykonos, Paris, Berlin, Miami and Sydney.

Meet the Cast

  1. The Host of Round Trip Ticket.

  2. Marc Savoia travels the globe showing us the current hot spots and underground secrets from the locals.

  3. Gabriel keeps everyone up-to-date in fashion and nightlife with his inherent sense of style.

  4. Kate has her finger on the pulse of music and dance clubs as one of the world's leading DJ's.