• Alisa SummersContestant
    Alisa Summers

    Alisa Summers is a sexy beauty queen who boasts no one can clock her drag -- her T&A would make a biological woman blush. Got it? Good, 'cuz this fishy diva is hungry for success and her quest for the Drag Race crown is just a pit stop on the way to stardom. But is the Honey Pot's queen bee ready for the big time?

  • Chad MichaelsContestant
    Chad Michaels

    Polished to perfection, California showgirl Chad Michaels has been doing drag for nineteen years. Head queen in charge of the award-winning Dreamgirls Revue, Chad's Cher impersonation is le-gen-dary. But this experienced diva will have to prove there's more to her drag than just celebrity imitation if she wants to snatch trophies in this competition.

  • Dida RitzContestant
    Dida Ritz

    The category is: cheesecake! But ain't nary a dimple on this chocolate powerhouse's legs and she's not afraid to stomp 'em across a runway. Loud and lovable, Dida Ritz is determined to win the race. But when a storm hits her path, will this pastor’s kid be able to stand the rain?

  • Jiggly CalienteContestant
    Jiggly Caliente

    The self-professed "Asian plus-size Barbie" of the N-Y-C has got swag for your nerve. And for those who think big girls can't be glamorous or sexy, Jiggly Caliente is calling your bluff. However, beneath all her BBW [Big Beautiful Woman] attitude is a queen who sometimes lacks focus. Can Jiggly make it to the finish line?

  • Kenya MichaelsContestant
    Kenya Michaels

    If Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj had a love child, the progeny would be Kenya Michaels. Barely five feet tall, this pint-sized diva is serving plenty of fish and fierceness on the runway. So what if English isn't her first language? Kenya lets her body do the talking. But will it be enough to take home the crown she so covets?

  • Lashauwn BeyondContestant
    Lashauwn Beyond

    A successful drag designer and seamstress, Lashauwn Beyond is ready for her shot in the spotlight. Equal parts goofy and shy, this baby queen doesn't take herself too seriously. But don't be fooled by her quiet nature, this diva is known as the silent killer. Avoid getting in her crosshairs at all costs.

  • Latrice RoyaleContestant
    Latrice Royale

    Warm and wise, big and beautiful, Latrice Royale is a queen for all ages. This down to earth diva has been dealt some hard knocks, but like a phoenix, she keeps rising and rising -- and nothing will stop her mission to be the first plus-size queen to win the title. But is there more to Latrice than undeniable BBW realness?

  • Madame LaQueerContestant
    Madame LaQueer

    According to Madame LaQueer, if being fierce were a crime, she'd be on death row. She's the best of the best; period, and can beat a mug like nobody else. Also known for her lip-syncing skills, this proud Puerto Rican is anxious to bring home the crown. But first, she'll have to prove she's a worthy contender.

  • MilanContestant

    Actor, singer, dancer, writer, and producer -- is there anything that Milan can't do? She's already conquered the Great White Way and this funky diva who was born to dance isn't afraid to admit she yearns for worldwide domination. But does Milan have what it takes to be the Next Drag Superstar?

  • Phi Phi O'HaraContestant
    Phi Phi O'Hara

    Beautiful, smart, and driven, Phi Phi O’Hara has a razor sharp tongue. Trust me, you don't want to get into it with her. You'll lose. Oh, and this proud pageant queen is also gunning for the crown, so you'd best get out her way. Hate on her ambition all you want, but her eye-roll is fixed firmly on the prize.

  • Sharon NeedlesContestant
    Sharon Needles

    Spook. Freak. Weirdo. Meh. You'd be dumb to put Sharon Needles in a one-size-fits-all Goth box 'cuz this steel town girl has got tricks up her witchy sleeve. Witty, funny, and irreverent, Sharon doesn't just push the buttons of drag, she rips them wide open. But will her gift of quip end up being a curse?

  • The PrincessContestant
    The Princess

    Don't be fooled – her name may be The Princess, but this mid-west native ain't no Disney chick. Tattooed, punk and proud, our princess isn't afraid to be edgy and androgynous with her drag. A "reserved extrovert," The Princess is proof still waters do run deep - but is there a superstar beneath all that calm?

  • WillamContestant

    Let's make one thing clear; Willam has worked with Oscar winners, but she's not "some bitch who has to show for a dollar in a club." Yeah, Willam's cocky swag doesn't always earn her friends, but a successful acting career and killer bod gets her plenty of acclaim. This rule breaker wants to follow in RuPaul's pumps, and she'll do anything to make it happen. Beware, kittens.