• AjaContestant

    22, Brooklyn, NYThe number one queen people are talking about in Brooklyn right now, Aja’s colorful street-style and fierce makeup looks have Instagram in a frenzy… and her Drag Race competitors worried. She’s also a very high energy performer, and is likely to be the one telling you to move back, because she will kick in the face if you get too close.

  • Alexis MichelleContestant
    Alexis Michelle

    32, New York, NYNew York City’s premiere Broadway queen, Alexis Michelle is known for her singing, acting, and hourglass figure. Alexis’ love for the stage began early in life, when she saw the original production of Into The Woods. She sees drag as a natural extension of her desire to perform, and warns her competitors to watch their backs when it comes to the acting challenges.

  • Charlie HidesContestant
    Charlie Hides

    52, Boston, MACharlie is the oldest contestant to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory. An established performer who splits her time between the USA and the UK, Charlie describes her comedy as “rude, crude and socially unacceptable.” She routinely impersonates celebrities such as Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga, and recently made an appearance in the Absolutely Fabulous movie.

  • Cynthia Lee FontaineContestant
    Cynthia Lee Fontaine

    35, Austin, TXShe’s baaaaack!!!! This Miss Congeniality winner and her “cucu” made quite the impression during season 8, so it’s no surprise Mama Ru decided to give her an opportunity to return to the competition. Armed with tenacity and an infectious, lovable personality, Cynthia is determined to show everyone she went home way too early the first time. But will Miss Cucu prove worthy of her second chance?

  • EurekaContestant

    25, Johnson City, TNAsked to describe her own drag persona, Southern belle Eureka sums it up as “over-the-top, loud... and big!” Despite competing in over 100 pageants, Eureka doesn’t want to be characterized solely as a “pageant girl,” and she’s come ready to show off her many considerable talents. But the pageant system has certainly given her one trait - a fierce competitive nature.

  • Farrah MoanContestant
    Farrah Moan

    22, Las Vegas, NVThis queen comes with her own tagline - Farrah Moan: One look and your mind is blown! Inspired by old school Vegas showgirls, it’s no surprise Farrah Moan is all about rhinestones, feathers, and showing a lot of skin. Named after her seventies idol Farrah Fawcett, her gorgeous face has made this queen a hit on social media, where she has a significant following.

  • Jaymes MansfieldContestant
    Jaymes Mansfield

    26, Milwaukee, WIA campy queen from America’s Dairyland, Jaymes is inspired by Pee Wee Herman, Elvira, and of course her namesake Jayne Mansfield. Jaymes likes to think of herself as the “Swiss Army Knife” of drag - she's a singer, seamstress, actor, dancer… even a puppeteer. Can this quirky kook pull enough strings to become America’s Next Drag Superstar?

  • Kimora BlacContestant
    Kimora Blac

    27, Las Vegas, NVKimora Blac is the definition of bombshell. She is obsessed with strippers and cites Blac Chyna as “my girl.” Kimora likes to show off her body - particularly her famously enhanced butt. She’s a gambling lady and is used to winning streaks in her hometown of Las Vegas, but will her brazen personality win over RuPaul and the judges?

  • Nina Bo'Nina BrownContestant
    Nina Bo'Nina Brown

    34, Riverdale, GANina’s drag style is pure fantasy, completely unique, and difficult to pin down - one day she'll transform herself into a zombie, the next an alien. But Nina also loves to be sexy, and feature body-ody-ody - no couch is safe around her when it's time for her to pad. With such a strong aesthetic and sense of self, Nina’s sure to ruffle some feathers in the competition.

  • PeppermintContestant

    37, New York, NYSweet and sassy, Peppermint is the name on everybody’s lips in New York, where she can be found hosting and performing any given night of the week. Warm, funny and personable, Peppermint is guaranteed to charm the judges. But will fame in the Big Apple translate to the global stage of America’s Next Drag Superstar?

  • Sasha VelourContestant
    Sasha Velour

    29, Brooklyn, NYThis quirky, bald, artistic queen describes herself as “intellectual - a thinking queen.” Named after a Russian feminist thinker, Sasha grew up in an unconventional household, where dinner table conversation with her professor father was feminism, gender performance, utopias and communism. Let’s hope she doesn’t over-think the competition.

  • Shea CouleéContestant
    Shea Couleé

    27, Chicago, ILShea Couleé describes herself as “a high-class supermodel that you don’t wanna f*** with.” She cites Naomi Campbell as her strongest inspiration, and went to school for costume design. But don’t get it twisted: in Shea’s own words, “I’m not just a look queen. I’m not just a performance queen. I’m both - the total package.”

  • Trinity TaylorContestant
    Trinity Taylor

    31, Orlando, FLA plastic surgery fan and fierce performer who commands the stage, Trinity showcases her own brand of glamour drag. She has won countless crowns on the pageant circuit, even beating fellow Drag Race girl Alyssa Edwards in one. Trinity is a former Miss Pulse - the Orlando nightclub which was the scene of the deadly mass shooting in June last year - and had performed at the nightclub the week before the attack.

  • ValentinaContestant

    25, Echo Park, CAThis Latina beauty hails from East Los Angeles, where she has only been doing drag for 10 months. But with a plethora of Latin influences - from telenovelas to the Miss Universe pageant - and an exceedingly polished look, this sassy young queen is a fiery addition to the race, and plans to scorch her competition.