Comedians and experts countdown the top '20 Shocking Celebrity Rants', '20 Extreme Celebrity Feuds' and more.

20 Juiciest Celebrity Scandals Of Passion

Shocking affairs, leaked photos and night vision tapes, oh my! When a celebrity gets caught in a scandal, the world plays attention.

Sexiest Nearly Naked Celebs

Sexiest Nearly Naked Celebs gives viewers a peek at some of the sexiest, most revealing and riskiest fashion choices of the hottest stars.

20 Shocking Celebrity Rants

In this one hour special, we'll take a look at 20 shocking acts of celebrity misbehavior.

20 Extreme Celebrity Feuds

Dueling Divas. Bickering Besties. Sparring Spouses. In this one hour special, we'll count down our favorite 20 celebrity slugfests.

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  1. "Scandalicious" reimagines the classic countdown show with attitude, featuring commentary from comedians, experts and tastemakers on topics that are frivolous, but addicting. You will not walk away any smarter from an episode of "Scandalicious," but you'll definitely walk away thouroughly entertained.