• John GiddingExpert
    John Gidding

    Architecture wizard John Gidding knows how to turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. He serves as Secret Guide’s design expert, and reminds us all: “everything around you can be made fabulous very simply.”

  • Rob YounkersExpert
    Rob Younkers

    Fashion guru Rob Younkers is Secret Guide’s fashion and style expert, and he is here to help you push the envelope in all that you wear. A Parson’s fashion designer and professor, Rob is sure to give you tips and tricks with a little bit of Tim Gunn as his influence.

  • Theodore LeafExpert
    Theodore Leaf

    Self-proclaimed transformation addict Theodore Leaf may have grown up working in a bridal store, but his expertise lies far behind weddings and white dresses. He acts as Secret Guide’s entertainment expert and is sure to bring his inner Martha Stewart to the party...but of course with much better hair!