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Get your daily dose of just what the doctor ordered all Saturday long on LogoTV!

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'The Golden Girls' are calling LogoTV home.

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'Roseanne' is now on LogoTV.com.

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'Will and Grace' are on LogoTV.

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'The Girlie Show' Gang (aka 30 Rock) is now on LogoTV.com!

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  1. This is just what the doctor ordered. Get your daily dose of sitcom therapy with the legendary shows that still have us gagging. Whether you're desperate for a heavy session of laughs or just want to relieve some pent-up stress, Logo's Sitcom Therapy takes comedy beyond comfort food. We've got the characters you love, the comedy you need, and all the crazy you can handle. Featuring Will & Grace, Roseanne, The Golden Girls, Ab Fab, Living Single and more!