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Check out TeenNick's original series about L.A. teens struggling with figuring out who they are, who to love, and who they want to be.

Ep. 1 - 2, Season 1 - 'Secret Truth'

Spencer gets a surprising introduction to her new life in Los Angeles.

Ep. 3, Season 1 - 'Friends, Lovers, Brothers, And Others'

Things heat up between Aiden and Spencer at Ashley's rock show, much to Ashley's surprise and jealousy.

Ep. 4, Season 1 - 'Put Out Or Get Out'

Ashley warns Spencer that her new friend may want a little more than friendship.

Ep. 5, Season 1 - 'First Time'

Everyone finds out Clay is still a virgin and offers up their own advice, but is "helpful advice" what he really needs?

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